Monday, June 2, 2014

Sam's 4th Birthday Breakfast

This is a tradition I started last year with Mary Ella's 5th birthday. I love for them to have surprises waiting when they wake up in the morning. And getting to have a little "just us" celebration with them before (or after, in this case) the 'official' party. 

Since Sam is all into little things, I put a few of his favorite 'littles' on our store bought cupcakes.

 A few more little surprises on the table - suckers, marbles, bouncy ball, a couple of Star Wars Angry Bird figurines and 2 books.

And of course, a sprinkle donut.

My 4-year old was happy as could be to wake up to his surprises. "Is dat fuh me?"
Why yes, buddy, it is for you.
"This is da best day EVAH!"

And for the record, he told everyone he met that it was his birthday. For about a week. :)

We spent the day at vacation bible school at church, followed by a lunch of his choice - "McDonald's with that huge playground" - with a few friends.

That night he opened his gifts - a Mario Brothers blanket and a real talking, moving Wall-E robot. I picked this fellow up on one of my junkin trips at an antique store. He is so cool. The shop owner had him marked at $60 and I talked him down to $35. Sam loves him and carries him around the house.

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