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Monday, May 5, 2014

Meet my Friend.

So, if you follow me on Instagram you've been seeing a lot of this girl. There's only a handful of people in my life who I would describe as my InstaFriends; that is, you meet them one minute and then you are instantly friends the next minute. Period. There's no real "getting-to-know you" section of your friendship; you just feel like they've been there the whole time. 
Anyway, that is this girl in a nutshell. One day maybe I will get to all the really freakishly weird only-God-could-have-orchestrated-this details. (Like how our husbands grew up a few houses down from each other, same street and all. We swear they are childhood besties and just have horrible amnesia.)
But today I'm just gonna give you the story.
Complete with a timeline, some e-cards and #hashtags. Because we're fun like that.

She sent me a friend request on FB. We had lots of mutual friends {who just so  happened to be normal people, which doesn't happen often} so I accepted. She also started following me on IG. #stalkeralert

Meanwhile...Misty goes undercover.
{Cue James Bond theme song}

3.16.14 thru 4.1.14 
My new "friend" stalked me on social media, then found my blog and convinced herself that I was a Mormon craft-a-holic. Yes, you read that correctly. #closebutnotquiteright #assumptionsareawesome

I saw her on stage at church; she sang a solo and her song choice was a not-widely-known-but-long-time-favorite song of mine. She rocked it. (But I didn't know that the girl on stage was the girl from FB/Instagram. Didn't make the connection. #friendfail) She continued to stalk. 

She officially introduced herself in person at choir practice. (But I STILL didn't realize she was the girl from FB/Instagram. Partly because I'm bad with names. And mostly because she changes her hair a lot. So there. #stalkersdothat ) 

Later that night I did make the connection when she commented on one of my photos, and we started talking via FB message. #becausewhoneedstexting #welcometo1999 #FBisthenewAOLinstantmessenger

They were only Facebook messages but I felt like we were talking in person, and people around me probably thought I had an imaginary friend by the way I was curled up in the fetal position from laughing so hard. 
Y'all, this girl is SO funny.

She invited me to her house for a "coffee and kiddos" date. 

There was plenty of shared happiness that day, but no shared coffee. In fact, she didn't even offer me any coffee. 

But we did exchange PHONE NUMBERS!!!! #welcometo2014

She invited Mary Ella and me to come along on her girls' beach trip the first weekend in May. (At this point I had known her in 'real life' for a little over a week.) I asked her if I should get myself microchipped. #stalkerturnedkidnapper ?

And we DID have fun! But more on that soon!

The rest of the story is pretty much full of sunshine and unicorns. She's the best stalker-turned-wherehaveyoubeenallmylife friend, that's for sure. 

In all seriousness, I am so blessed to call this girl my friend. In one minute she is making me laugh so hard it hurts, and in the next minute she is speaking truth into my life. She is an answered prayer in so many ways and she is such an encourager for me as a wife and mommy. She gives me honest advice, whether it's wearing a certain pair of earrings or telling me to apologize to my husband. #truth (She's full of wisdom because she's #older and all.) 

And if you're still reading, know that I'm #sorrynotsorry for writing this post. She deserves way more, but a big loud blog shout-out will have to do for now. 


God is so good. 

Friday, May 2, 2014

Once You Go White.

Just a quick look at how white changes a room.
(P.S. This update is over a year old, but just wanted to show what a difference it made!)

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