Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentines Day 2014

Well, it snowed an entire 0.2 inches in our neighborhood so we were OUT.OF.SCHOOL for the ENTIRE.WEEK. That is, until Friday. Which happened to be the day of the school parties. The day all the little crafties and snacks were due.
Thank the good Lord I had sent the classroom letter out the week before so everyone knew what to bring. And being room mom, I've learned that it's easiest for me to delegate all of the food to the other mamas and I just handle the decor and paper products. I usually have quite a few things that I bring from home so it's easier if I don't also have a dish to make or a nugget tray to pick up. This system proved to work well on this day as well.
We kicked off our Valentines Day with scratch-made red velvet waffles before school. Ummm, just kidding. We ate these the night before, and they weren't made from scratch; they were made from a box of red velvet pancake mix that I purchased at World Market. I added chocolate chips and they were delish. Anytime we have pancakes we also eat this sausage & hashbrown casserole - sooo yummy.

And luckily, since we'd already experienced a snowed-in week at the end of January, I had put off laundry in order to take care of the ever-important Valentines. I had a coupon from both Tiny Prints and Shutterfly, so I used those and ordered Sam and Emma Kate some Valentines. (Since they both needed less than 10 Valentines, I was able to order the minimum amount and with my coupons these barely cost $20 for all of them.) I've never had Valentines printed like this before but I love how they turned out. 

Emma Kate's - sweet and simple. I bought a sucker bouquet at Target for $2 and tied one sucker to each little card. The Valentines are only 2x3" so I loved the tiny size.

When I saw these super hero Valentines on Shutterfly's site I knew I had the perfect picture of Sambo to go on them. I love this picture of him in his blue coat with his glasses. I also found the heart-shaped superhero themed suckers in the Target seasonal section. They were a little more - $2 a piece, but since he only needed 6 total I bought them. They worked perfectly with the cards.

And Mary Ella wanted Frozen Valentines but when we looked the first time, we couldn't find Disney Frozen ones so we just made our own on PicMonkey (they did have them the next time we went to Target but we'd already made these, so oh well.) We paired them with some turquoise rock candy suckers from Etsy.

Little Miss didn't go to school on the day of the parties, but she dressed the part! My littlest Valentine.

And for all your room mommies out there, let me tell you - the easiest way to dress up your school parties is to just bring your decorations from home. Heck, I even took my kitchen chalkboard right off the wall. I mean, I put too much effort into my chalk art for it not to be on display, right? ;)

We ate a few snacks, but the real treat for this party was the ice cream and toppings bar! We let the kids do their own toppings and they had a blast. We had everything from pink heart-shaped marshmallows to sprinkles to chocolate chips and conversation heart candies. I used my ice cream dishes from Home Goods.

We do all our kindergarten class parties in the activity room because the classroom gets a little crowded with all the kids and parents. I brought some simple glass vases, some fake gerber daisies (also from home), and rolled out some $1 pink wrapping paper as our table runner. Sprinkled some conversation hearts on the table and our decor was done! The plates, napkins and ice cream bowls are from Target.

Little sister was more than happy to join in on the ice cream fun.

And here's my Valentine from Mary Ella: 

And I can't mention Valentines Day without telling you about the little princess I was finally able to meet that night. Gracie Lynn Bradford was born on the 12th and I finally got to see her Friday night! She's absolutely amazing. You can read more about her here! I can't wait to watch her grow up.

Happy Valentines Day to you and yours!
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