Friday, January 31, 2014


I'm trying to blog from my phone so who knows if this will work! I'll fill in details later but these pictures will give you an idea into the last few days... 

Saturday, January 25, 2014


I'm late on posting this, but we lost my grandaddy Bubba (my dad's dad) in January. He was diagnosed with liver cancer in 2011 and the doctors told him then that even with treatment he would likely not live through another year. He went through a few radiation treatments in Birmingham and then chemo, and about a year later decided the treatments weren't really worth the way it was making him feel. After he got off chemo, hospice took over and their nurses came to check on him every week. He felt much better and was able to play golf and go to church and do everyday things for a couple years before he got sick again. 
When we celebrated Christmas this past year, I could tell he wasn't feeling great. He hugged me at one point and told me he knew that it would be his last Christmas. He cried and it broke my heart. What do you say? I told him to just stay strong and try to stay positive. I've heard that people in these situations know when their time is almost up, and for some reason, even though he had said these same words before at previous holiday get-togethers, I knew this time that he meant it. He just knew. He passed away peacefully at home 3 weeks later. 
We will miss him so much. He always made everyone laugh. Always had a joke to tell or a funny comment. The main thing I will remember about him is that he was there for everything. Before he got sick, he never missed any event any of us were involved in - piano recitals, soccer games, golf tournaments, band programs, graduations, birthday celebrations - he was always there. He even helped me move into my dorm my freshman year and then into 3 new apartments for the following three years while I lived in Tuscaloosa. Then helped me make the transition to my Birmingham apartment as well. He was there for Mary Ella and Sam's births and was so proud of his great grandchildren. I'm so thankful he was able to meet 3 more great-grandchildren after Sam and M.E... definitely a blessing we didn't think would be a possibility with the grim prognosis. 
Here are just a few of my favorite photos... 

This was taken at Thanksgiving in 2011, the year he was diagnosed. It was an emotional Thanksgiving, as we thought it would be his last. So thankful it wasn't!

At my brother's wedding rehearsal in 2009

Easter 2010

At the hospital when Sam was born - seeing Sam's photo for the first time on Dad's phone. 
LOVE this picture.

Both times he came to the hospital after I'd had my kids, instead of going straight to the baby like most everyone else, Bubba would come straight over to me to make sure I was ok. 

Classic Bubba - being a goofball

I'm so blessed to have 2 awesome grandaddies. Can't say enough.

4th of July Compound fish fry - 2010

And this was the last picture I have of him, at Christmas this past year. He and Lanie bought each of my kids new rain boots and some mini M&Ms. So glad I have this picture of him and Emma Kate.

This was my first grandparent to pass away and I'm thankful to have had him as long as I did.
His funeral service was very sweet and my dad did an awesome job telling funny stories and making it happy, as Bubba would have wanted it. I'm so thankful to everyone who called, brought food, sent messages, and helped take care of our kids while we were taking care of arrangements and helping my grandmother. It really means the world to us.

We will miss you, Bubba!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday, Owen!

A year ago yesterday, it was cold and snowing! The kids were dismissed from school early and by the time we got back home it was coming down hard and sticking to the ground. I knew then that we wouldn't make it up to Florence that day like we'd planned, so I held out for these first few precious pictures of my brand new nephew...

I was able to take a few more pictures of the perfect little nugget the day after he came home from the hospital.

He's the sweetest, most lovable and huggable baby boy... Love him to pieces! His smile is a mile wide and his teeth are the cutest ever. And his big baby blues will make your heart melt.

 He LOVES watching Elmo and will just start cackling anytime he sees him on the television, so my sister planned an Elmo 1st Birthday party. She did such an amazing job with all of the decorations so I have to brag on her and post some pictures. She chose an aqua and red theme and created his invitation on PicMonkey.

Amy's Cakes in Killen made the perfect cake, complete with a fondant Elmo. My aunt Amanda and her girls did the Elmo cupcakes using piped red icing, store-bought eyeballs (Walmart or Hobby Lobby), orange jelly bean noses and half-Oreo mouths. We found this idea on Pinterest of course.

I just love him!

Sweet cousins sitting in the birthday boy's new chair.

I have more photos on my real camera that I'm going to try to add later! His smash cake photos were so stinkin cute! Love you Owen! So happy to have another precious nephew!

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