Monday, October 28, 2013

Disney Dream 2013: Day 1 of Our Cruise!

On Sunday morning we woke up bright and early and enjoyed the hot breakfast buffet, picnic-style. 

I mentioned before that the hotel offers a "Stay and Cruise" deal where they offer a shuttle to the cruise boat terminal. Jamie called ahead of time and we were told the first shuttle did not leave until 11am. So we were planning on just hanging out that morning until around 10:30am then going down to the cruise "waiting room" where everyone gathers to wait on shuttles. Chad went to get his breakfast around 9am and went to the front desk to make sure we were squared away with our hotel bill and the front desk guy asked Chad if we were there for a cruise, and Chad said yes and that we were waiting on the shuttle; well the guy told Chad we were listed to ride on the 12:30pm shuttle. I don't know how they organize people or where you even sign up for which shuttle you are on so I will have to find out about all that. But the good news is that this guy told us if we could be downstairs in 30 minutes that he could probably get us on an earlier shuttle! So Chad called me and so I literally THREW everything into bags and threw my hair in a bun and got dressed and frantically tried to get downstairs with all our suitcases and my little ones. I was just praying that I had everything with me because we were so rushed. And I was thankful I'd taken a shower the night before. :)

Anyway, we ended up on a shuttle around 9:30 that morning and headed straight to the terminal, which was about a 3-4 minute drive. The kids loved the bus and loved seeing all the ships in the distance. Once we arrived we were the second ones in line at the outside gates of the terminal. It was H.O.T. so dress accordingly. Oh, and speaking of dressing accordingly, you'll need to wear your swimsuits and sunscreen onto the ship, (or at least carry it on with you), because once the shuttle drops you off at the terminal, they take your checked luggage and you won't see it again until later in the afternoon once you are in your stateroom. So we all had on our swimsuits underneath our clothes and had already applied sunscreen. Which is why we are all looking a little rough. And HOT and oily. 

So we waited outside for about 25-30 minutes in 100 degree heat, but at least we were second in line. Once they opened the gates we had to present our passports to get inside the terminal. Then it was time to get into the air-conditioning! Hallelujah!

We walked through security, which was similar to airport security, and then up some escalators to the main part of the terminal. Mary Ella took the stairs and beat us to the top! I love this picture of her.

In the middle of the terminal they have a model of the Disney Magic. One side is the outside of the ship and the other side shows the inside. As usual, the Disney crew members were more than willing to help us get a quick family photo.

We headed to the check-in desk and went straight to a counter with no waiting. Here, they asked for all passports as well as our kids' birth certificates. (Kids under 16 do not need a passport to sail on a closed-loop cruise, UNLESS you foresee needing to fly back mid-cruise. Then you would need a passport for them. We took the risk and opted not to spend the money. They do need birth certificates.) 

As we were checking in, the crew member suddenly started acting a bit strange and called a few other crew members over to his desk and pointed at his screen. I seriously thought we were about to be arrested for an unpaid parking ticket or that maybe Chad had been flagged as a terrorist. 

But, much to our surprise, we were greeted by a sweet crew member named Mary Ellen who told us that our family had been randomly selected as the 
Disney Cruise FAMILY OF THE DAY! 
We were like, "WHAAA???" We had no idea what that meant but she was more than happy to tell us all the perks and take us straight to our reserved table which was right by the double doors that lead to the ship (right next to the big Mickey-ears doorway that you see in the pics.)

Sure enough, there was a table reserved just for us with colors and coloring sheets for the kids. We sat down and Mary Ellen took our big kids over to the kids desk and went ahead and got their wrist bands for kids club. We had pre-registered them online so this process was pretty easy.
Once we had everyone checked in, Mary Ellen stayed with us the entire time and told us who would be coming out and that we'd be first to get our pictures with the characters and first to board the ship too! We were super excited and couldn't really believe it. I was so glad though, because once we were inside the terminal, that place started filling up quickly!

Soon we were greeted by Pluto and Goofy (and it is apparently pretty rare for these 2 characters to be at the terminal together, from what Mary Ellen said.) 

We got pictures with both then headed back to our table. They took underneath the Mickey doorway and announced our family to the entire terminal and everyone inside clapped for us.

Then when we boarded the ship and walked into the atrium, another crew member announced us again and crew members clapped for us. This was a fun memory! They actually announced every family that walked into the ship that day. Disney makes you feel so special. I love that.

The atrium of the ship is absolutely gorgeous. From the grand chandelier to the sweeping staircase to the bronze Donald Duck statue in the middle, all of the DIsney details are spectacular, as we expected.

I was most excited to see that my favorite holiday, HALLOWEEEEEN, had taken over our boat as well! Mickey pumpkins donned the balconies and there was even a spooky looking Halloween tree right there in the atrium! I was beyond thrilled to see all the decorations.

We knew we wanted to be first to the pools so we headed straight up to Deck 11 where we were handed towels and greeted by more crew members. We claimed some sun chairs and the kids went straight for the water. 

Note: Swim diapers are NOT allowed in the cruise ship pools, but there is an amazing splash pad called Nemo's Reef for babies in swim diapers (and bigger kids are welcome to play in there as well. I think the age group was 8 and under but I'm not positive!) 

Sam had literally JUST been potty trained and had been wearing underwear for only 2 weeks before we cruised. He did fine when he was with us and went in the pools with no problem. But while he was in the Kids Club we just let him wear a pull-up just in case of accidents.

We loved the Mickey pool and spent most of our days onboard at this pool. The deeper part you see in the pictures is only a couple feet deep so this one was perfect for my kids. We took their puddle jumper floaties with us but there was an endless supply of rubber life jackets onboard as well. I just took mine because the kids were used to them. I also took the little nylon drawstring bags you see Mary Ella holding in the picture. These are a couple bucks at Hobby Lobby and were perfect for the kids to carry their sunscreen, floaties and sunglasses in every day so that we weren't loaded down with a huge bag. There's also another pool right underneath the big screen that has a 5-foot deep section surrounded by a 1-ft deep sitting area. 

There are 2 watersides: the famous AquaDuck, which is a 'water coaster' where you ride a raft through a clear tube around the perimeter of the ship, and then the yellow slide which is for age 4 and up (kids only). This one is single riders only and no rafts. Just a kiddie slide. They don't allow you to wear floaties on it though so Mary Ella wouldn't ride it.

After swimming for a while we went and grabbed lunch at Cabana's, which is the buffet directly behind the pools. I'd only been on one other cruise, and the lunch buffet was your typical cruise lunch: hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken fingers,etc. This lunch buffet was INCREDIBLE. Here's my plate:

Go ahead and judge.
Boiled shrimp, steak, lamb chops, cheesy mashed potatoes…. the list goes on.
And it was like this every day, and each day they had a few new selections. 
Here's my 2 cents on the lunch buffet:
It was seriously my favorite lunch all week. But pretty much everything was delicious. They had a killer salad bar and some amazing Asian stir fry's every single day. And an entire buffet full of desserts.
They even had "desserts" at breakfast. Think Donut Bar, people.

After swimming for a while the kids dried off and we headed down to the Kids Club to check everything out. By this time it was about 12:45pm and more people were onboard and filling up the pool areas. On the first day of your cruise, the Kids Club has an "open house" where parents can go in with the kids and hang out, take pictures, etc. Once the Open House is over they don't allow parents to take pictures back there, so get your photos while you can. (There are a couple more Open Houses during the cruise, but this one is the longest.)

Little Sister was even able to visit during open house. She loved the magical dance floor.

The kids LOVED this area. It is technically called the "Oceaneer Club" and is for kids aged 3-12. There is another club down the hall called the "Oceaneer Lab" where they do more hands-on activities like cooking, science experiments and stuff like that, but my kids stayed in the club. Sam would ask to go to "Andy's Room" or the "Kids Cwub" all week long.

The main area has this colored dance floor, and then there are a few rooms right off of this room with different themes...

Andy's Toy Story room, 

Pixie Hollow room with computer games,

Monster's Inc. Scare Floor,

A submarine room with more computers,

and there was also a lunch/dinner room with tables and chairs. They serve meals here too so my kids ate here a number of times on the trip.

After checking out the Oceaneer Club we headed to the "It's A Small World" nursery where Emma Kate would be spending some time. 

This is a much quieter children's area and I love the theme.Perfect for little ones. She walked right in and started playing with the toys while we talked to the counselors and confirmed our pre-registered time slots. The nursery is not included in the cost of your cruise, but only costs $6/hour. You can pre-register for around 12-16 hours 75 days out from your cruise on Disney's website. Then once you are onboard you can add more time or change your times around. We had no trouble adding and changing hours once onboard. The counselors in here are so sweet too! They were the same all week.

The staterooms were ready at 1:30pm so we headed to check our room then. Because we are a family of 5, we could not have an inside stateroom (which are only for families of 4.) We had to have an outside one (and didn't complain!) For this particular cruise we actually had a verandah which was nice for drying out wet bathing suits and floaties. We didn't do much sitting or reading out there but I'm sure if our cruise had been longer we would have been able to relax outside on the balcony a bit more! 
If you do only have a family of 4, I've heard that the inside staterooms with the magical port holes are FANTASTIC! The "port holes" are actually LCD screens which display a view from the front of the boat; and some of the classic Disney characters "swim" by on the screen too!

The photo above is the is the back half of the room; the front half contained a queen size bed and a split bathroom - one bathroom had a tub/shower combo and sink vanity. The other had a toilet and another sink vanity. There was a curtain in the middle of the room that could separate the two areas. And there is also an additional twin-size murphy bed on the left past the couch. If we had 3 older kids we would've utilized this as well, but we used a pack-n-play for Emma Kate (also furnished by Disney.)

We napped in the room until around 4:30pm and then headed to the Sail Away Deck Party on Deck 11! Mickey and the gang and several crew members put on quite the show as the ship prepared to set sail. 

And then, we were OFF!

We saw a few dolphins as we were leaving port. The water was beautiful!

We got some soft serve at the Eye Scream ice cream station and sat at a table on the deck while we sailed into the ocean. We had already gotten dressed for dinner so this was our pre-dinner snack!

On our way to dinner we ran into Captain Mickey! Every evening before our dinner there were always characters in the atrium (which is decks 3, 4 and 5. The balconies on decks 4 and 5 overlook the main floor and you can see everything from these floors.)

Our dinner that night was at the Royal Palace restaurant, one of the 3 restaurants in the dinner rotation on the ship. You will eat at each of them, and one of them you will visit twice. The Royal Palace was a French menu and this was the beginning of our amazing dinners that week! 
On each menu there is usually a Starter section, a soup/salad section and an entree section. Then there is a separate menu for desserts. You are more than welcome to order more than one appetizer or dessert - as many as you want! 
We had a main server and an assistant server on this cruise; Gideon was from Indonesia and Amania (in the picture on the right) was our main server and was from Jamaica. She made menu recommendations to us every night and all of her suggestions were some of my very favorites! The service was beyond exceptional. After the first night, they always had our drinks waiting for us when we arrived for dinner. They wouldn't even allow us to cut up our kids' food - they did everything for us! One night I ate shrimp that was butterflied and grilled; the shells were still on the outside and Amania refused to let me peel them off. She used a fork and knife and had those things de-shelled in no time. If they kids wanted ketchup, they'd squeeze ketchup onto their place in the shape of Mickey Mouse. If the kids didn't like something, they'd get them something else (and same with the adults.) They were truly exceptional.
There are 2 dinner seatings on the cruise - 5:45 and 8:15pm. We had the early seating and I thought this was better for our kids. One advantage, though, of the 8:15pm seating is that crew members will come and get your kids and take them to the kids club after they finish their dinner. 

For my appetizer that night I had Escargot. You can't go on a cruise and not try the snails, right? 

 I did not get a soup that night but I had the lobster mac n cheese and it was delicious as well. For dessert I had a trio of some of their offerings: a mango cheesecake, an amaretto creme brûlée and a peanut butter mousse. All were fantastic. 

The kids menu was your typical kids fare : mac n cheese, spaghetti, burgers, chicken fingers, etc. They also offered the kids appetizers, which were usually salads, fruit or soup. Desserts were Mickey Bars or ice cream sundaes. The waiters were very particular about kids' allergies and made sure to double-check before serving them any food. Gage has a milk sensitivity and only drinks Almond Milk and they even brought him almond milk with no problem! 

After dinner we dropped the kids off in the kids club and walked around the ship for a while. Then at 8:30pm we watched the first show of our cruise: 
The Golden Mickeys! 

This was an awards-like show that celebrated Disney characters and presented awards in certain categories like heroism, adventure and romance. Before the show starts one of the crew members asks some of the kids questions on the microphone and those kids get to be part of the show! (So sit close to the front and on an aisle seat if you can!) As the ceremony is about to begin, the Master of Ceremonies "fails" to appear (this is all part of the show), leaving a shy backstage manager to host the show. She is hesitant and nervous at the beginning and tries desperately to get out of it, but throughout the evening she learns that anything is possible and dreams can come true when you put your heart into something and take a risk! 

This show featured the characters and songs from Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Toy Story, Mulan, Pocahontas, 101 Dalmatians, Lady and the Tramp, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, The Hunchback and of course the classic Disney characters. I particularly loved the Ariel section because the actress was attached to cords and actually looked like she was swimming. 

Snow White is the first segment and at the end of it, the kids that were chosen are dressed as the dwarves and march onto the stage holding hands with Snow White and Dopey during the "Hi-Ho!" song. So cute!
My kids probably would have LOVED this show but they were extremely restless at dinner (dinners are LONG), so we immediately took them to the kids club and turned them loose! It was the right decision for that night, for sure.) The good thing is that all the shows also come on your room TV, so we were able to watch it later with them. (Though this is not the same experience by any means.)

After the show we picked up the kids (which included major TEARS from Sambo!) and we headed back to our room and the kids were excited to see that a magical bunk bed had appeared. 

Our room steward, Elias, was so great. We were greeted each night by a new towel animal and while we were at dinner he made our magic bunk beds appear. The top bunk has a starry sky above it and Peter Pan and the gang are outlined in the stars. 

The kids played around in the room for a little bit. Emma Kate was asleep (she had fallen asleep in the show actually.) Chad stayed in the room with her and the big kids and I went to "The Nightmare Before Christmas Sing and Scream" in the theater. 

This was a 4D interactive screening of the classic Tim Burton movie; all the songs were closed captioned so most of the audience could sing along. We wore 3D glasses and ate popcorn during the show. 

There were also lots of special effects like fog, snow, bubbles and at the very end an explosion of Jack Skellington tissue-paper confetti erupted from the ceiling, leaving the entire theater covered! 

And to top that off, the REAL Jack Skellington and Sally appeared on stage and then signed autographs and posed for pics afterwards! 

The kids loved the show but Sambo was a little skeptical of Jack up close so we took a picture from afar instead of waiting in line to see him (it was after midnight at this point.) These characters are very rare and usually only appear at Mickey's Not-So-Scary-Halloween party, where lines to see them can reach over an hour long, so I was glad we were able to see them on the cruise! This was a fun memory for us for sure. 

We FINALLY headed to the room after a fun-filled first cruise day. Needless to say we didn't have much trouble at all falling asleep that night!
Up next: Disney Dream Cruise Day 2!

See all things Disney here!

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Jenny Fine said...

Wow! That was just one day? I'm exhausted just reading about it. What an incredible trip!!!

Lauren said...

Looks like so much fun!! But, yes, I am so tired. I need your energy! Can't wait to see day 2!!

Kristy said...

This post and these pictures make me so happy. The pure joy that y'all captured... You have some lucky kiddos!

{Amanda} said...

I kept reading and thinking, "this is like her whole trip, right?" And so crazy that this was all in ONE day! Thanks for sharing your Disney Dream story and for the tips- one can dream!

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