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Halloween 2013 and Semi-HomeMade Peter Pan Costumes

If you've been reading for a while, you know that I'm all about a semi-homemade Halloween costume. My mom was the queen of the halloween costume back in the day, and I was always amazed at what she would come up with every year for us to wear for our trick-or-treating adventures. Of course there weren't too many store-bought options back then that weren't scary or too generic (cat, pumpkin, ghost, etc.) Now you can get just about any character or costume that you want! I love deciding what my littles will be each year and going on the hunt for the costumes or supplies to make them; and I love the challenge of putting together the costumes myself (using my handy dandy glue gun most of the time).

Here's a look at some years' past...
2010: Mary Ella the Donut and Sambo the Donut Hole
(Both constructed entirely out of felt, using a glue gun.)

I didn't do this on purpose, but 2011 started our Disney Halloween costume streak.
Here they are as Cruella de Vil and the poor little dalmatian.

And last year. Ahh, my favorite year of all. Mary Poppins, Bert and the penguin.
(Of course this idea came from this blog; but I didn't sew the costumes like she did; they are all hand made with a trusty glue gun and some thrift store supplies. And EK's came from TJ Maxx. I just added the hair bows.)

This year we are going as another Disney trio: Peter Pan, Wendy Darling and Tinkerbell.

With our cruise hosting a Halloween themed party and since my kids love the movie, this was an easy choice and one that both Sam and Mary Ella were thrilled with, so I planned early so that we could take the costumes on our trip and then use them again for trick-or-treating.

I intended to make Mary Ella's costume using thrift store materials, but when my friend showed me her daughter's Alice in Wonderland dress from a costume website, I knew it would work perfectly. It came with a white apron, being Alice's dress, but when the apron is removed it becomes the perfect Wendy dress. I did add the blue satin ribbon around the waist and of course tied another in her hair.

For Sam's Peter Pan costume, I started with this outfit from Old Navy. It was $16 for both the skinny jeans and the long sleeved thermal shirt (the jeans are actually girls' jeans.)
Sam was super happy with this outfit as you can see.

And do not try this at home, but while he was wearing the outfit I just took out my scissors and starting cutting. I cut a zigzag pattern at the bottom of the shirt as well as on the sleeves, to make jagged edges.
I saved the fabric from the sleeves so that I could use it for the Peter Pan collar.
Once I added one of Chad's belts Sam realized who he was supposed to be and was once again a smiling boy.

Here's a closeup of the neckline, which I cut into a V shape.

And these are the pieces left over from the sleeves. I basically laid them down on the V-neck part of the shirt and then just cut them at an angle to look like a collar.

Then I hot glued them down!

For the belt, I used my favorite costume material of all: felt.
I use the 8.5x11 sheets of felt that you can get at any craft store. It's cheaper to buy it this way if you are doing something small like an accessory; otherwise you have to go to the fabric section and buy it by the yard. Since I only had the sheet of brown, I cut two strips to make a long-enough belt. 

I also cut out two pieces in a pocket shape and hot glued them together (all except for the top, where the pocket opening would be) to make a holster for his dagger.

 Then I glued the hoster pocket onto the belt, which also covered up my seam where the two pieces met.

I'll just use a safety pin to fasten the belt when he wears the costume. 
No need for any fancy buckle or anything! You could actually even hot glue the belt to your shirt if you wanted. 

For the dagger, I cut out 2 pieces in the shape of the handle (I Googled "Peter Pan Dagger" to see what it looked like exactly.) I knew I wanted it to be a little stiff, and I was fresh out of batting to stuff it with, so I pulled out one of the 37 tiny kitchen spatulas that I have (why??) and placed it down on the piece of yellow felt. Then I glued the other piece of yellow on top.

I cut the point of the knife out of white and did the same at the top.

Here they are together!

Make sure you check the width and length of your holster before you cut the knife part, so that it will fit down in there just right. I'm really pleased with how this turned out, and of course Sam loves it.

As for Tinkerbell, I started off with just a lime green onesie (came from Target baby section) and her Christmas PJ bottoms from last year. You could use green leggings or tights too.

I cut the red cuffs off the bottom of the pants and then hot glued some green felt "leaves" around the bottom. I used 2 different color greens but you could do whatever.

I cut more leaves for the collar and hot glued them around the neckline. Then I cut out some bigger leaves and made a skirt of sorts, simply by gluing them straight to the onesie around the waist section.

The wings are also entirely made of felt. The white felt was from the bolt (in fabric section.) I just cut out 2 pieces in the shape of the wings an added some colored felt for embellishment. Then I hot glued the wings straight to the back of the onesie. I'm telling you, a glue gun can do almost anything.  :)

We added a pink headband and my little pixie was ready to go!

Here's the whole gang:

(**And you'll notice I had to re-do Sam's original shirt; it was ruined on the cruise. So I basically made him a shirt out of felt. I googled "DIY Peter Pan Costume" and there were plenty of tutorials! Oh, and you can also find plenty of Peter Pan HAT tutorials there too.)

The kids had such a fun time trick-or-treating. It's probably the one time of year that I am thankful that I live on a street where the houses are super close together. We can knock out about 50 houses in an hour. Which equals about 250 mini KitKats for Mama. Which equals candy bar hoarding happiness.

And I'm pretty sure Emma Kate was able to sample every flavor of DumDum ever made.

Sam and Gage (aka Mickey Mouse!)

Family pics (took these a little late so we took them ourselves.)

I love these littles and I'm so thankful for another fun year of trick-or-treating with them.

Glorious bronze sun tan pictured above is courtesy of the island of Castaway Cay. Ahhhhh.
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Disney Dream Day 5: Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

As I mentioned in my last post, we decided about a month before our cruise to stay the night in Disney World the day we got back, instead of getting off the ship at 8am and then driving the 9-10 hours home. So after leaving Port Canaveral we drove straight to our resort for the night, the All Star Music Resort. This is a value resort and we scored a pool-view preferred room for the lowest rate since we were late bookers. Although check-in technically wasn't until 3pm, our room was ready around 10 or 11 and we were able to go ahead and get checked in, which was great! 
(And by the way, even if your room isn't ready early, if you are booked for that night at a resort, they will hold your bags for you and allow you to eat, use the pools, etc. At least that is what I was told!) 
Here's the view from our room. The pool was awesome! And the kiddie pool was perfect for my kids.

We quickly changed into our swimming gear and went for a dip.

We were closest to the Goofy pool but there is a piano-shaped pool with an Ariel statue too, which was a short walk down the path, and Chad took the older two to get their pictures made with Ariel, Flounder and Sebastian. (I think statues are just about as exciting as the real thing!)

We grabbed a to-go lunch in the hotel's cafe and took it back to the room, where we ate, got baths and then NAPPED! All 5 of us napped blissfully from about 1pm to 5pm. It was the BEST sleep. I guess I was more worn out from the cruise than I thought. Then it was time to get up and head to the Magic Kingdom for Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party! The party was open from 7pm to midnight for ticket-holders only. This is a separate (and cheaper!) ticket than a regular park ticket. I found out later that they actually let people in for the party at 4pm; I didn't really read that much or prepare that much for this party because I knew we had gotten our fill as far as character experiences go, so we were really just going to ride the rides and see the sights.
The kids wore their Hallo-Minnie and FrankenMickey shirts that I made for the cruise and we donned our Magic Bands and off we went! 

It's no secret that I love all things fall and Halloween (not the scary parts but just the pumpkins, trick or treating, fun costumes, endless mini Kit-Kats, etc.) so I was beyond excited to see all the fall decorations. Disney never disappoints, no matter the season. Even the entry gates were decked out!

This was our first time driving to the park and it was a breeze. The trolley carts were running non-stop and the parking areas are marked by different characters. My kids were thrilled to find out we were in the "Villains" section and our villain was Evil Emperor Zurg from Toy Story. :)

Ready to go!

One thing I didn't think about last time we went to Disney was the fact that it wasn't quite daylight savings time back in February. This go 'round we were able to see the prettiest evening sky over the Magic Kingdom, which made our time there even more magical. It was gorgeous! Our view on the Dumbo ride was spectacular. 

Not sure what's going on with Mary Ella's face here, but oh well. 

Flying high on Dumbo

Little Miss was less than a year old on our last trip so it was so much fun to watch her this time. She sat in most of the kiddie rides by herself and pointed at everything.

Since most of the people there were obviously there to see characters and/or trick-or-treat, we flew through ride after ride after ride with no lines whatsoever. I'm talking not even a 2 minute wait on anything, with the exception of the Haunted Mansion, obviously due to the Halloween-loving crowd. We waited a whole 20 minutes for that one. :)

Here's a photo to show you just how vacant the rides were. If you've been to Disney you know that normally even the carousel is full of people. We were practically alone.

We even walked right onto Ariel's Voyage Under the Sea, which I'm pretty sure we waited for-EV-er for on our February trip (they weren't offering Fast Passes for this on the days we were there.)
And speaking of Fast Passes, they don't offer them at this party. Obviously because they aren't needed.

The Haunted Mansion was extra spooky and they even had a ghost lady out on the front lawn entertaining those waiting in line. I think she was supposed to be the wife of the man who lived in the mansion? See, I did no research. But someone will know the answer. 

After riding our way through Fantasyland and new Fantasyland we headed to Frontier Land. We were walking down the path and heard music blaring from inside the lodge next to Pecos Bill's so we went inside to see what was going on, and lo and behold it was Woody and Jessie dancing! We were so surprised by this and of course the kids were so happy to not have to stand in line. There were maybe 10 or so other kids on the dance floor and that's it. Woody attempted to dance with all my kids and they were all 3 sort of shy, but we did get some cute pictures. He came up and played Peek-a-Boo with Emma Kate and had her laughing. Then Jessie came up to her later and kept touching her nose and to this day whenever EK sees Jessie or a picture of her, she'll say, "Jessie got my nose!" It was sweet.
This was a huge bonus for us because on the cruise there weren't any Pixar characters. 

We watched the Mickey's Boo-To-You Parade right in front of the castle and I didn't get any good pictures with the weird lights and all. After the parade it was 11pm and we headed to Tomorrow Land. Chad rode Space Mountain and then we found another dance party right outside. This time it was Mike and Sully from Monsters, Inc. We let the kids say hello and then headed to the Buzz Lightyear ride.

Our last "character" greeting of the night was Evil Emperor Zurg (a statue.)
My kids love being able to get in the "cage" with him.

As usual, the staff members were so friendly and handed out candy and stickers left and right.

And for some reason the Asian crowd had a fixation with Emma Kate. I had tons of Asian tourists (non English speaking) come up and look at her, try to make her laugh, etc. I never really figured this out. I was able to get a picture right before we left. 

Best family picture we could get in front of the castle. The parade is going on behind us.

The kids were such troopers for staying up until midnight for our final "hoorah."
Little Miss was dead asleep before we could even board our trolley to the parking lot. 

We had the best time and I would highly recommend checking out the Not-So-Scary Halloween Party if you are planning a trip for September or October! Loads of fun! 
And this (finally) concludes our Disney Dream Vacation!
See ya real soon!

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