Monday, July 8, 2013

Favorite Things & a Favorite Things Partay

A few favorites so far this summer...

Mason jars and fresh flowers (Target has these blue vintage-style jars!)

I picked up this little crate at Marshall's recently; it was an ugly mauve/fuchsia color so I gave it a paint job with acrylic yellow and some gel stain. It had 5 little compartments perfect for mason jars.

 These shoes from TJ Maxx. Or just TJ Maxx in general.

My Silhouette machine. My sister-in-law and I have been personalizing everything we own. It's getting quite out of hand, but it's just too much fun. Here are few things we've done:

I'm also slightly obsessed with the anchor trend right now.
Love this hipster from Old Navy - wouldn't it be cute monogrammed?

I bought this necklace for $10! 

Even Chad loves anchors. Check out his socks.
Just kidding. He actually bought these at the suggestion of my SIL to make me laugh. And I did.

 And a couple weeks ago, the gals at the Compound hosted a 

It was on a Tuesday night and me and Keri Lynn (aforementioned SIL) were both able to go and we had the BEST time. If you've ever considered hosting a Favorite THings party, DO IT. 
My aunt Kristi hosted the party at her house; everyone brought a finger food to share; we ate tons of delicious dips, a pretzel/chocolate chip/buttery gooey brownie, mini fruit pizzas, chocolate chex, Chick fil a nuggets, and the best part... home made cherry limeades with NUGGET ICE. 
It doesn't get much better than nugget ice. Unless you break out an ice cold Diet Coke. Amen.

Anyway, everyone brought a finger food to share, and then we also each brought 5 gifts; the gifts were to be 5 of the same item, $6-$10 each. So everyone brought 5 of their favorite things, and everyone left with 5 new things! It was such a fun night. 
We ate first and talked for a while then headed upstairs for the gift exchange.

Before the gift giving, we'd each written our name down 5 times on little pieces of paper, and put them into a bucket. Then one person at a time stood up and presented their favorite thing, told why it was their favorite or explained the gift if needed, and then that person drew 5 names out of the bucket. Each person whose name was drawn took home that particular gift!
(If you have a smaller party, say 8 or less people, you can also do it where everyone just brings as many gifts as there are guests, and everyone leaves with that many gifts. We did it this way because we had around 15 people so this was easier and less expensive too.)
Every time someone's name was drawn for a gift, we all cheered and clapped and yelled like we were on The Price is Right. And the funny thing is, we were all dead serious. It was so fun and exciting. We laughed so hard and we just had the best time. Not to mention the gifts were AWESOME!

 Here are just a few of the things I received...

Bath & Body goodies, Mrs. Meyer's dish soap, Christy Nockels CD, Baby Lips lip gloss, Emi Jay hair ties, travel jewelry box, earrings, and I also got some Starbucks frappucinos. Other items were cute notepads, pens, cupcake liners, Crossword books, Bath & Body lip gloss, and I brought the plastic anchor cups (from above) and we personalized them after the party with the Silhouette.

 My aunt had us all a big gift bag to pack up our items before we left.

This was such a fun night and a great escape from the laundry and the dishes! Not to mention we all left with some serious loot, which made this party extra special. I want to host one soon myself!

 If you have any Favorite Things you'd like to share, please do!
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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Glasses for Sam.

A couple months ago I took Sam to get his eyes checked; I hadn't noticed anything out of the ordinary; I mainly did it because of his general low muscle tone and to basically cross my T's and dot my I's, so to speak. We saw a pediatric optometrist here in town; she was very thorough in her exam and Sam passed with flying colors.

Then about 2 weeks ago I randomly noticed his left eye crossing to the center, ever so slightly.
At first I thought my mind was playing tricks on me, so I let it go. But then a few days later I noticed it again, and then my mom noticed as well, without me even telling her about it. It seemed to get worse and more frequent as the days went by, and I was able to get some pictures on my phone.

Exhibit A: Week 1 (ever so slight crossing of that left eye)

Exhibit B: Week 2 (much more pronounced here)

 I decided to make another appointment.  I felt sort of crazy going in again and still felt like the doctor might not even notice it. Luckily she did, and she told me it was completely normal for this condition to pop up literally overnight. She performed another exam and this time she found that Sam has what is called strabismus, which is essentially a muscle problem within the eye that causes him to over-focus and thus he is a little bit farsighted. She told me that I could either wait a month or so to see if it corrected itself, or we could go ahead and treat it now with glasses. I asked her what she would do with her own child, and she told me that because of Sam's low muscle tone, she really didn't think this would resolve on it's own, and could in fact get worse. She recommended treating him now so that hopefully it won't get any worse and so that we can possibly avoid patching, eye drops, etc. So that is our goal right now.

Sam was so good at his appointment and he talked to everyone in the waiting room.
"I go see doctor. She check my eyes."
Then when we came out, "I gettin gwasses!" with his little lisp. Everyone was cracking up.

Of course he was happy to pick out 83 pairs of frames to try on, and with each and every one he had a comment, "Dees are cute."  "Dees too big."  "I wike dees."  "Mommy, wook at me!"

We finally decided on a pair of metal frames. 
Is this not the cutest thing ever? 

Unfortunately the lady called me back the next day and said those frames had been discontinued, so she is ordering a few similar sets for us to come in and look at. Hopefully we can show them to everyone soon.
I can't believe my boy will be in glasses! I'm glad we were able to catch it early though, and thankful for a thorough doctor who took the time to check him out again!

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Friday, July 5, 2013

Meet Mack

We have a new addition to the family, for those (few) who don't know yet.
His name is Mack and he's a black and white boxer puppy (same breed as our Lucy girl.)

We decided to get another dog so Lucy would have a companion and so eventually we can leave both dogs in Birmingham when we travel back and forth to the Compound (home of 43 dogs.) Lucy LOVES the Compound - so much, in fact, that when we come back to Birmingham she will lay around and mope for days, sometimes not eating a bite until she's practically starved herself skinny. I wanted her to have a reason to be happy to be at home (and let's face it, walking a dog while trying to keep up with a 5, 3, and 1 year old on their respective bike, trike and wagon just ain't happening.) So I'll admit it was sort of so Lucy would get some extra exercise too without having to be walked up the street every day. And so far it's worked! In fact Lucy doesn't quite get a break unless we put Mackster in his crate. They play and wrestle and roll around all day long. Lucy wasn't too sure of him at first and growled a few times, but once he realized his 'place' he quickly learned what he could and couldn't do to his new big sister. He's doing ok with potty training and I'm hoping having Lucy going out will help him learn. We went ahead and rolled up the rugs in the house and gated the hallways leading to the carpeted areas, so hopefully that will help too. We've certainly enjoyed our first few weeks with this little dude.
Here are some pictures from the last couple weeks.

Riding home in the car after we bought him.

I stopped at a rest area on the way back; I actually stopped at this very same rest area and ate at this same picnic table after picking up Lucy 6 years ago, a couple months after we were married. I can't believe I've got 3 kids in tow now. :)

Mack LOVES the kids' PB chairs. He has taken up residence in Emma Kate's and she's none too happy about it.

First attempt at walking 3 kids and 2 canines. It felt more like a parade. :)

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