Monday, June 3, 2013

Sam's 3rd Birthday

Can't believe it's been 3 years since I met this little man. One of the greatest days ever (and by far my easiest birth and recovery!) Now he is 3 and he continues to melt my heart every day. There is nothing like the love between a mama and her boy. 

This year we kept it simple with a robot party. I'd decided on this theme several months ago so I collected a few things along the way, but most of it I had on hand because of his bedroom.
I also opted to go the store-bought cupcake route - something I've never done before but oh well, gotta start sometime right? In all honesty, I never planned to have his party at the compound; but school ended and summer began and before I knew it, we were camped out at Mimi and Poppa's and ended up staying about 10 days, and, well, a compound party was the easiest and best decision ever. 

Sam went with me to Sam's Club and picked out the blue cupcakes (they had Spongebob toppers on them, which I removed.) We added the robot toppers and liners (from a TJ Maxx kit) and Sambo was happy to help. He may have licked a few along the way. 

 His actual birthday was on Sunday and this is the best picture I could get of the two of us. This is after church. Love this little stinker. 

Funny story: We had decorated for the party at my grandmother's house the day before, and on Sunday morning when he came into the family room at my parents' house, he looked around and said, "Mama... my birthday's missing!" It was pitiful. I think he thought it was going to be like Christmas morning and he would walk into a room full of party stuff and presents. Bless him, it was so sweet. 

After church we walked over to my grandparents' house for the usual Sunday lunch. Here's the party decor we had set up the day before:

 For those interested: Birthday banner, plates, napkins and striped straws from Target; robot cut-outs from Dollar Tree; the tablecloth is fabric my mom found somewhere; all toy robots from thrift store. Letters and #3 cut out of chevron scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby.

Nothing better than an ice cold bottle of Coca-Cola classic.

After lunch we opened presents. Sam really racked up on his gifts from the family. He opened a Buzz Lightyear spaceship first (from his aunts and cousins) followed by what ended up being his favorite gift of all - a set of tools and a tool belt, from my grandparents.

 He was so excited about the tools and immediately wanted me to open the box and help him put on his belt. Here he is showing it to grandaddy and grandmother. This was pretty much the end of his interest in opening gifts because nothing measured up to having these tools. :)

But he did receive a Mickey Mouse chair, lots of bubbles, some t-shirts, some Monsters Inc goodies, and a few trucks and cars and a motorcycle. Thank you everyone!

This was his last gift, from us...

A little Buzz Lightyear 4-wheeler...

... which he decided he wanted to fix instead of ride. So back to the tools he went.

I tried to get his picture and he decided my camera needed fixing too; plastic hammer on lens = awesome. Not. Luckily he didn't hit it too hard.

Next it was time for cake and cokes! Notice tool belt and hammer still in hand! Maybe I should've thrown a tool-themed party??

A quick picture with mama and the hammer. Excuse my lack of makeup.

While Sam was probably hammering away at his cupcake, little sis took over his ride and quickly learned how to hold the button down to make it go. I will have to post a video of this soon. It was too funny.

We took his cupcake outside for him to eat and this boy didn't say a word while he was chowing down on his cake. This is picture overload but I just couldn't help but soak it all up as he was savoring every last bite. I love having these pictures. Makes my heart smile.

See more of our parties and birthday celebrations here.

A few things about Sam at age 3...
  • He weighs around 30 pounds and has grown several inches since Christmas. Wears 3/4T shirts and 2T shorts.
  • Sports a big boy haircut now, although I do miss his bowl cut sometimes
  • Loves music and loves to sing; always sings in a high pitched soprano voice. Too funny.
  • Loves classic movies like Mary Poppins, Sound of Music, Bed Knobs and Broomsticks
  • Frequently asks about Disney World and still talks about our trip
  • Tender, sensitive heart... the slightest thing will send him into pitiful crying. 
  • Because of his tender heart he rarely requires more than a stern look for discipline. He hates knowing he made someone unhappy or sad.
  • Always quick to comfort anyone who is upset.
  • Loves hugs and kisses and will still rock with Mama. Loves having his back and arms scratched.
  • Still has the sweetest dimple on his left cheek.
  • Graduated from Early Intervention last month and he did not qualify for any further services when he was tested by the school system, so that was good news. We are still going to outpatient OT (on our own) every Tuesday to work on upper body strength. He is running a little bit now and we are working on jumping and climbing. 
  • Loves both his sisters. Gets his feelings hurt by both but usually because he is too sensitive to stand up for himself when they take something away or have something that belongs to him. :)
  • Obsessed with ladybugs (or bugs in general), blowing bubbles, playing in the water and swimming, swinging, Wreck it Ralph, tools, and suckers.
  • Not so obsessed with potty training. 
  • Sucks his thumb. Still loves hair. Weirdness.
  • For a couple months straight after Christmas he was eating me out of house and home. Major growth spurt! In two months time he grew out of most of the clothes that fit him just prior to Christmas.
  • We've worked hard on learning colors the past few weeks; he knew all of the colors before (as in, could name them) but when it came to telling me what color something was, he would look up and say "Ummmm BLUE?" without even looking at the object I was talking about... it was so funny. But now he knows all of them and can tell you without a problem. 
  • Thanks to big sis he is counting to 13 with no help at all and then can get to 20 with just a little prompting. :)
  • Takes roll every morning when he gets out of bed; "Mama, where's Emma Kate? Emma Kate's missing! I go wake her up!" He has to know where everyone is at all times.
  • Gets up during the night sometimes; he will come in my room and ask me if he can have some "bweh-fust." (breakfast.) I'll ask him what he wants and he'll say, "Ummm... maybe... spaghetti?" It is so sweet and hilarious. 
  • He gets so excited at the smallest things like telling him he can have a snack or go outside to play. He'll scream, "Woo HOOOO!!!!" or "Woo hooo, baby!" 
  • Like to color and draw. Working on circles, lines and rainbows right now for OT.
  • Finished his year in the young 2's class at preschool and will be in the 2yr old/older 2's class next year (he's on track to start K5 when he's 6 years old since he has a June birthday, which is why he will be in the 2's next year.) He will have another wonderful teacher, Miss Jo, and we are so excited about it. He has loved all his teachers every year and usually mentions all of them (still) in his prayers. It was fun seeing him make friends this year and be able to name them and interact with them; I am glad he will be with them again next year.
  • Pronounces his R's and L's like W's ... (i.e. Mary Ella is "Mewwy Ewwa") and I love it.
  • Beginning to like Spider Man and take interest in playing ball; has a tee ball set and likes to hit the ball with his bat. Daddy loves this of course. 
  • Is a tried and true Mama's boy and I hope he stays that way forever and ever. :)
I love you, sweet Sam, and that will never ever change!
The Lord knew just what he was doing when he created you for our family. You are perfect in every way and we wouldn't change anything about you. I love you to the moon and back, to infinity and beyond, forever and ever...  Love, Mommy

Thanks for keeping up with us, friends. I clearly have a lot to catch up on - I only posted once last month! Will try to get to it soon!

blessed signature


CLCook said...

Several items in your list of Sam traits (at the end) CRACK. ME. UP. Motherhood to those three looks like a barrel of laughs!

Jamie Grizzle said...

Love it all! I swear Asher and Sam could be best buds. They have so much in common. I love reading all about that little guy. He is just precious!
Oh and my dad called the other night to tell me that he bought that exact same 4-wheeler for Asher. We are heading to Ohio in a few days and I can't wait to see him ride around on it. Maybe Sam and Asher can ride together when we get back!

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