Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Kicking Off Summer at the Compound

We spent Memorial Day weekend up at the Compound... and it turned into a 10-day stay for me and the kids! I just couldn't bring myself to leave. We were having way too much fun and it was so relaxing. I didn't want to go home to laundry and dishes and routine, so we camped out at Mimi and Poppa's for the entire week and then the next weekend.

My sister has a sweet new puppy - a Boston terrier/pug mix named Gabby. She's so tiny.

Mary Ella puppy-sat for Betsy one afternoon and she never let Gabby out of her sight.

Someone gave Mary Ella a flip phone with lip gloss, or 'lip floss' as Mary Ella calls it, inside.
You would think you'd have given her $100. She loves stuff like that.

On Sunday night (the day before Memorial Day) we were invited to Turtle Point by my friend Ashley and her precious mama, aka Nana Joan. We swam and ate a ton of food and the kids enjoyed watching all the boats on the lake. We also met baby Olivia for the first time!

Sam, Brooke and Mary Ella

Watching the boats out the window

The girls' enjoyed some tractor time with Grandaddy one day.

And the rest of our days were mostly spent at the pool with the fam. Please take note of the cutest baby boy ever in life, my nephew Owen. This was his first pool day and of course he was a complete angel.

My aunt Kristi introduced Emma Kate to the mini Bluebell dipped cone, and this was the first of about 13 that she consumed during our stay.

On Memorial Day evening we had a GIRLS NIGHT! This never happens. Ever.
My cousin Katie, my sister and mom and my 2 aunts and I went to Ricatoni's for dinner and then to Target! We were sans kids and it was so nice, even if just for a couple hours.

Katie, Kristi and Amanda

Betsy, Mom and myself

The next day we went back to the pool.

Seriously. Please look at this froggy baby.

 Addie Jane came to stay a couple days and it was soooo fun for Mary Ella! They had a blast.

Sam spent his mornings in the yard, either swinging or jumping on the trampoline or running around.

I preferred swinging on the front porch with baby girl.

My parents went on a little road trip across the country while we stayed at their house. They drove all the way to Minnesota and back in 4 days to deliver some friends' dogs to them. They had an awesome trip and were able to see the Twins play twice, which pretty much made my dad's year.

We skipped the pool on Wednesday and were back at it on Thursday.
Once again, world's cutest nephew:

I was so proud of Sam for the progress he made in just one week! He went from being basically a buoy (ha!) to being able to kick and propel himself in the water (with his floaty on of course). He loved swimming with his cousins.

And the pack n play provided for the best kind of sleep in the shade.

We dined on the finest foods, including fruit and Bagel Bites and hot dogs, oh yes.

And one day I came in to find Mary Ella had gotten herself a snack - again, it doesn't get much finer than a Diet Mountain Dew and a HUGE cup of Cheez-Its. (This girl is something else.)

We went to Spring Park one day too, and Emma Kate rode on the carousel for the first time.

They also have a small kiddie roller coaster and of course Sam was in heaven. I did NOT ride this.

Thankfully Ann Marie was willing to get jerked around and endure Sam's crying fits when it was time to get off the ride. :)

There's also a Sno-Cone stand in the park and EK loved it.

That evening we just hung out at Mimi and Poppa's. The kids played in the water table and Emma Kate mowed the lawn.

After her hard work she needed a refreshment. Diet Coke hit the spot.

We hung out with this chunk of sweetness all week long and I was so glad to get to see him almost every day.

And this chunk of sweetness made me laugh every day.

Little golden babies.

And he sucks his thumb which is extra precious.

One night my cousins and sisters and I re-organized my mom's sewing room for her. We also had a contest to see who could gain 5 pounds the fastest. I will not say who won.

A few pics of the sewing room.

And on Friday, I took my kids to Trowbridges and to the Children's Museum. I can't believe I'd never taken them to the museum before! They loved it!

That afternoon while they were napping I decided to do some work in the newly organized sweat shop.
(Dresses from Old Navy and I added the chevron patch with anchor; boys shorts from Old Navy.)

That night we went to eat Mexican at Rosie's with Amanda and her crew. Chad met us there (he drove in from Florence again to spend the weekend).

The kids were excited to get balloons.

My parents returned late Friday night, and on Saturday morning I went fishing for a couple hours with Chad and Lucy on my dad's boat. We didn't catch anything. :(

And on Sunday, we went to church and then headed to Grandmother's for Sunday lunch and Sam's birthday party, which you can read about here.

 Although we didn't plan to stay as long as we did, it ended up being the best decision ever. I came back more relaxed and ready to get back into the summer routine.
Needless to say, the kids were worn slap out when we left on Sunday evening.

I hope everyone is having a great summer so far!

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