Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sam's Robot Room!

It has taken me a while to get to this post, even though Sam's room has been completed for a month or so now. But I'm so excited to show it to you. Sam now has an official "big boy" room - I guess? - even though I still hesitate to call it that. But since he is out of his crib now I guess I have no choice, right? And would you believe this is the only room in the entire house that was painted this EXACT color shortly after we moved in (with no kids) and has STAYED this color ever since? Go me. (The color is Disney's Blue Balloon; and Home Depot can mix it for you even though they technically no longer carry the Disney paint. Walmart does have a Disney line of paint but I think they've changed the names of some of these colors.) So anyway, the walls stayed the same as did our basic color scheme of black, white, and primary colors. The picture to the right is what you'll see as you are walking in. I'm considering re-hanging his nursery curtains instead of the Ikea pendant ones, just to bring in more of the black and white scheme, but haven't decided yet.
And here is the rest of the room!

This was his old changing table (well, Mary Ella's actually) that we now use as just a dresser. I painted the knobs red. The canvases above the dresser used to spell out his name. I just painted over the letters with the royal blue paint and then added some robots (also painted.) They remind me of Johnny 5; if you've ever seen the movie "Short Circuit" you can appreciate that. Love that movie.

Here's his itty bitty bed. It's perfect for him. The bed was a $25 Craigslist find; it was light colored wood. I primed it with Zinsser primer (water based) and then painted it with a latex royal blue paint from Home Depot (can't remember exact color but I will add it if I can find the can.)

His friend Gage agrees that big boys beds are the bomb diggity. Here they are giving each other knuckles, or a 'boom' as Sam calls it.

Aren't they so cute??

I love this little corner of the room. I also plan on removing those tissue puffs.

And here you can see the doors that go to their bathroom and back to the hall. And another red shelf (shelves are all from the unfinished wood section at Hobby Lobby; just painted them with regular ol' acrylic paint.)

These robot drawings are by my nephew Brooks (in 2011) and Sambo.

Of course I drew Sam's and then helped him color it.

My awesome friend Tesney knew my obsession with robots and found these on clearance at her local Target after Christmas. They are technically Christmas ornaments but I felt like they would work in the room. And who doesn't love a robot bunting?

On the shelf are just a few keepsake items (i.e. breakables) and a few more robot friends.

And speaking of robot friends, I found every single robot you see in this room at a thrift store.

This is definitely one of my favorite pieces. I saw this print on Etsy in pastel colors (I guess for a nursery) and decided to recreate it using our color scheme. I love it because these are things we say with Sam and of course I love the Buzz Lightyear reference from Toy Story.

A few more robot friends on the shelves.

This red shelf with the ball feet is from Ikea and I love it.

I love how all the bedding worked together too.
I get a lot of questions about the green striped quilt. It was actually $10 at Christmas Tree Shops. A lucky find on a lucky day. It's a twin size I think so I just fold it up to fit his little bed.

Yellow fabric and the personalized robot pillow are both from Etsy.

The striped sheet is from Ikea and the fitted robot sheet is from Etsy.

His little table.

Thanks for waiting so long for this reveal! Sam loves his room and wants to show everyone when they stop by!
Hope I didn't overload you with robots. I'm usually not a huge theme person but something about these little guys just gets me. They are all so different and cute. And since our daddy works for a robotics company we are kinda partial to them. :)

 This completes the tour!

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Weekend Plans

We're at the Compound for the next couple days.
Hope everyone has a great weekend! 

As you can see, the kids are devastated.

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Emma Kate at One Year

Still can't believe this baby girl is a year old! She's such a blessing - sweet and sassy and everything in between. She's lived up to her nickname of being the "golden child" for the most part, although she's learned to throw quite the fit and can hold her own next to her brother and sister. :)

Poor Sam - stuck between two girls, one is the boss and one is his little buddy... his buddy who likes to aggravate and poke him and frequently takes his toys (on purpose?)... he is so sensitive and laid back, he just puts up with it for the most part - or cries. Bless him. Here's Emma Kate poking Sam's nipples and belly button one day while he was watching Toy Story. I was laughing so hard.

She's definitely an ever curious little thing and I have to keep her in my sight at all times. 
She'll steal your snack or drink in an instant and she's constantly on the go and exploring all corners of the house.

Exhibit A:

She loves babies and she will love on them and hug them. She also loves this plush Woody that I keep on Sam's bed and she'll crawl into his room and get it.

I sat and watched her play with her babies one day while the big kids were at school. It was so funny and sweet. So neat how they pick up on things at such a young age, like giving a doll a bottle. 

She kept handing it to her...

... then she'd sit back on her knees and just watch, like she was waiting on the doll to grab it.

... and when the doll wouldn't go for it, she'd just try a sip or two herself. Drink it, girl.

She wants to be wherever brother and sister are at all times.

She loves riding in her big girl car seat.

One day I looked back and she had her arms up. And she kept them up for the whole ride home. Maybe she is practicing for her next trip to Disney World. I promise I don't drive like a maniac.

She's had a few rides in sister's jeep and we are thankful she survived.
I'm already worried about their teenage years.

 She plays really well with Sam. He is so good to her (when she's not poking him or taking his toys away!) and they love climbing on mattresses and pillows and squealing.

They are also the two that are most cooperative for pictures, and well, anything these days.

She loves her daddy.

She has beautiful pink gums. She did have one tooth actually pop through last week. Finally!

 This was on her birthday - we went out for Mexican.

And then we went to Sam's.

She loves the shopping cart as long as it is moving. If it stops she begins screaming like she has been kidnapped. I kid you not.

Loves climbing onto her chair.

 She loves the Fisher Price Little People figurines and she has the Disney princess ones as well as a few more we've accumulated. Mimi and Poppa bought her this princess castle for her birthday, and she will sit and play with it forever. Mary Ella's old doll house is also one of her favorites. She just sits and moves the people around and then moves them again.

LOVES being outside and getting dirty and/or wet. I can't wait to see her at the pool this summer.

Never met a powdered donut she didn't like.

Loves Baby Einstein and will sit like this for a straight half hour if it's playing.

A few more tidbits...
  • Wearing size 3 diapers, mostly 12-18 month clothes.
  • She's thinner and more petite than my other two were at this age
  • Weighs around 19.5 pounds
  • Crawling everywhere, pulling up and cruising. She'll stand by herself for several seconds but no steps yet. She will just squat back down and crawl. 
  • One tooth on the bottom left side 
  • Loves all food - favorites are probably bananas, blueberries, cheese, Puffs and Goldfish
  • Stopped nursing at 11 months and pretty much went straight to whole milk; takes 3-4 5oz bottles a day. And will probably stay on the bottles until kindergarten because I gotta have a baby forever. Also loves Almond Milk, drinkable yogurt, and chocolate almond milk... and anything she can get her hands on!  :)
  • Still sleeping through the night in her crib; sleeps with silky blanket and paci and will NOT go to sleep without both. Usually naps twice a day.
  • In the mornings and after nap she will reach for me and then immediately grab her paci and throw it back in her crib. The girl's got an arm, too.
  • A few words here and there: Bye-Bye, Nigh-Nigh (night night), Bah-Bah (bottle), Mama, Dada, Tide (after we say Rolllll), and no-no; she will also call Mary Ella and say "Ehhh-yuhhh" sometimes.
  • Waves bye-bye when we're leaving or when she's going to bed; blows kisses by sticking her thumb in her mouth and then pulling it out
  • Major separation anxiety. Church nursery, gym child care, etc. are her worst nightmare right now.
  • Won't let me put her down if we have people over to our house or if we are in a crowd. She'll pick her feet up and arch her back if I try to set her on the ground.
  • LOVES my Dad and will reach for him over anyone in the room.
  • Loves our Kindermusik CD and will do some of the actions like clapping, rocking, etc.
  • Loves bath time and is far too brave in the water.
  • Constantly putting stuff in her mouth but luckily hasn't ever choked or swallowed anything too dangerous; it's like she knows she's not supposed to eat it so she just puts it in her cheek and keeps it there. Things I've found: marble, dog food, paper, beads, and a quarter. Awesome.
  • She points (with her whole hand, not one finger yet) to what she wants or where she wants to go and says "Ughhhh" at the same time to get my attention. She'll lean and point and strain until I go towards what she wants.
  • I really think she is going to be the most coordinated/athletic out of all our kids. Maybe we'll have a little gymnast or ballerina. 
Here are my favorite pictures from every month of the last year, starting with her newborn picture in the top left and going around clockwise. Happy 1st birthday, Emma Kate!

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