Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Zoo Day

On Monday we went to the zoo; we had not been since early fall and the high was supposed to be in the 60's, so off we went! 

Here's a shot of them sitting on the same bench back in October. I never realized Emma Kate was a cabbage patch doll until looking at this picture.

The kids were able to feed the giraffes; to my surprise, Sam had no fear.

It turned out to be a really pretty day. I was super proud of Sambo because he walked the entire time we were there; normally he tires out after an hour or so but he was a champ.

We were literally the only ones on the train. It was a wee bit awkward. The conductor didn't even talk to us over the speaker; I guess he felt weird too. At one point during the ride Mary Ella asked when the train man was going to tell us about the bald eagles - ha! - she's practically memorized the script.

We had such a good day and I was glad to be able to get out and enjoy some sunshine! Now it is freezing - of course - but I'm hoping the sunshine will be back to stay very soon.

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