Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Not-So-New-Years-Day Brunch

That would be the chalkboard that I worked oh-so-hard on a couple days before the new year began. I'd decided to start the year off right: a yummy brunch with some sweet friends and their kids. 
I was so excited, too. 
Excited about the menu. 
Excited about setting my tables and eating on pretty dishes (instead of paper plates.) 
Excited about taking a shower and putting on makeup for something other than church. 
I made everything in advance, minus the grits, so that all I'd have to do was pop them in the oven.

Well, a certain little munchkin decided she wanted to start off the year in the emergency room, courtesy of some wheezing and an oxygen level of 88% upon arrival, so needless to say I didn't get to pull off my brunch plans. Well, not on New Year's Day, at least. 
Instead Chad and the kids ate the French toast yesterday (while Emma Kate and I caught up on sleep after being up all night the night before) and tonight we made pancakes and baked the hashbrown and sausage casserole. We ate in the dining room since it was all nice and pretty. Emma Kate tasted her first pancakes and orange juice, a well deserved treat after being such a trooper through the ER visit.
She's much better today, although still coughing and wheezing. I'm ready for SPRING. So ready.

This casserole really is soooo good. The recipe is from here. I use a pound of Jimmy Dean sausage (cooked and drained) instead of the ham that the recipe suggests. It can be put together the night before and baked the next day, too, which is always a good thing if you are entertaining. 

Little Bit loved the pancakes.

The orange juice?

Not so much.

Sam insisted that Rapunzel come to dinner. Don't ask.

I put the pancakes on this Arthur Court mini cake stand; keeps them hot and steamy. Just run the cake stand under hot water for a couple minutes to get it really hot, then pile on the cakes and cover.

Always a fan of pictures.

Check out this tongue. Determined to pick up those pancake crumbs.

And she has made a new friend. Who gladly accepts any and all leftovers.

Happy New Year, everyone!

I will have a 9 month update coming soon. *sniff sniff*
She's discovering a whole new world now that she's a moving baby. :)

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