Wednesday, January 23, 2013


The title is very appropriate considering we get snow about once a year (at most) here in Alabama.
And believe me, at the sight of the first flurry falling from the sky, we Alabamians are immediately sent into a frantic frenzy because we are no doubt going to starve and freeze and forget how to drive... it is actually quite funny. Hide your bread, hide your eggs... and apparently we hide our driving skills.

I say this all in fun, really. I love snow; we had a few 'major snows' (as in, 4+ inches) when I was little  and so I always get excited. Especially now that I have kids of my own and I get to watch them experience something they don't get to see very often. I love the way it makes the neighborhood look so peaceful and quiet and I love making snowmen and having snowball fights and making angels in the half inch blanket of white. I love hot baths and hot chocolate and warm fires after being out in the barely-32-degree temps and I love looking back on the photographs I keep of the once-a-year snow days.

This year I really wasn't expecting to get any snow, which always makes it better. I had planned to drive to Florence immediately after I picked the kids up from school; Chad called me while I was in the school building and said, "Ummm have you looked outside?"
And I was like, "Yes. Same thing all day. Light flurries but nothing is sticking. We're good."
"Wellll... downtown it's a blizzard."
"Ok. Well we're fine."
I was picking up the kids at that point and by the time I had gotten out to my car it was really coming down. And within about 5 minutes we went from having zero snow on the ground to at least a couple inches. And of course people were driving like bats out of you-know-where. So I decided I'd stay at home one more night and put off seeing my nephew until the next day.

So we drove home and I let the kids play for a while before it melted (like, an hour later.)

And here are some of my favorite snow pictures from past years...

(Mary Ella, 9 months old) See a video here.
And I love that EK is wearing this same coat. 

Mary Ella, 20 months

(Mary Ella 2.5, Sam 8 months)

I hope everyone else had fun while it lasted! I'm officially ready for spring now. :)

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