Thursday, May 24, 2012

If it Ain't One Thing...

... it's another.
Isn't that what they always say?

Can you guess what we've been doing?

Well, my poor Sambo caught a horrible virus and is still running fever. He's back asleep now (after waking up at 5am burning hot!) so I'm trying to play catch up. I have a lot of other posts to do later.
The night before last, Sam cried out in the night several times, but you know me, Mother of the Year, I never went to check on him because he was never hysterical and always calmed back down; and I never heard him coughing or gagging... but when I went to wake him up yesterday morning there was vomit all over his bed, all in his hair, ya know, just what you want to wake up to... and he was so lethargic he could barely sit up in the tub. I got him washed and set up in the recliner and he was just wimpy the whole morning. 

Finally around lunch he had been drinking fluids little by little and even ate a few crackers and some apple and I thought we were over it; I went to put in a load of towels in the dryer and start another load; then I walked back into the den to check on him, and when I saw him, his lips were blue, the color had drained from his face, and his head was slumped over but his eyes were open. My first thought was that he had choked on something -  I jerked him up and started screaming "Sam! Sam!" and basically shaking him, patting his back, etc, trying to get him to 'wake up' and respond; he was breathing but his eyes were just glassed over; finally he came around but his speech was slurred and he was just groggy and out of it; that was seriously the scariest moment I've had as a parent to date. I thought I was going to have to call 9-11. I grabbed his cup and just cradled him on the floor and started making him drink nonstop, meanwhile calling my friend Jamie to bring the gatorade she had offered earlier, and I was crying so hard; it had just been an overwhelming day already. Wendy came soon after that with more gatorade and a large diet coke for me (thank you Lord!) and I put Sam back in his seat and just made him drink as much as he could. He was EXHAUSTED, so I was trying to watch him and make sure he was responsive, all the while trying to let him rest, which was hard to do. 

I noticed at one point he had a poopy diaper so I took him to the bathroom to change him (this was around 1:30pm) and the vomiting started again; and he threw up for almost 10 minutes straight. All over me, my hair, my shirt, the floor, the rugs, the vanity... everywhere. So I stripped him down, back to the tub we went... and then poopy explosion in the tub... ahhhhhhghgh! I'm sure you all heard me screaming at that point. That is also the point where I called Chad and said, "COME HOME NOW" and hung up. And this was ALSO the point where my friend Sara came and dropped off ANOTHER large diet coke at my front door. (I have the best friends, yes I know.)

Finally I got him bathed (in my bathtub of course) and settled back down in the recliner, where he napped until around 4:30pm; I gave him fluids by syringe in his sleep; he'd wake up a little bit to drink and then go right back to sleep. Chad came home around 3pm and I just broke down and cried. I had not even put the straws in my cokes yet and they had been sitting on my counter for a few hours; and I had not had one bite to eat all day long. Needless to say, I was exhausted - physically, mentally, emotionally.

Thankfully by last night he was feeling better; Daddy brought home some prizes and little buddy played for a while and was acting like a normal toddler again, attitude and all (and he got away with it, too!) He went to bed in his bed and woke up at 5am with a fever again but hopefully (please, please, please, Lord!) we are on the upswing and the nasty bug has left his system. 

Please pray for my little Sambo. And PLEASE pray that none of us catch this virus. 

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Emma Kate at One Month

I know I'll say this every month: It's going too fast.
Emma Kate, you are one month old already. 

If I had to guess, you weigh around 11 pounds or so. You're a fantastic eater so you may even weigh more. You've grown out of most of the newborn clothes and have transitioned into the 0-3 month stuff, and can even wear some 6 month bubbles. You're still in size 1 diapers and you STILL have your umbilical cord. So you've yet to experience the joy and relaxation of a nice warm tub bath.

You have started SMILING on purpose just this week! You still don't do it all the time but when you're in the right mood and we talk to you, you'll give us the sweetest little grins. 

You have your fair share of fussy-mad-nothingsgoingmyway faces too.
"Pleeeaaaasseee don't ever put me down!!!"

You are still nursing just fine - eating on average about every 3 hours during the day and still going 4 hours at night between feedings. 
You have started spitting up just a tiny bit but don't seem bothered by it.

You have a rough time settling yourself down when you are sleepy. 
You cry and spit out your paci a lot.
When you are held, you do just fine, but if we lay you down you have a fit. :)
We spend most mornings like this:

I think you were a little spoiled on your first trip to the Compound last weekend, because you basically were held the entire weekend. Needless to say, we're having to bring you back to reality a bit. Trust me, if Mama could hold you all day, she would. I'm thankful the Moby wrap allows me to do that, but you also need to learn how to be content if you're in the swing, bassinet, crib, etc, so we're having to balance the two. It's a difficult thing to do!

You started sleeping in your crib this week and have done just fine. You are napping in your crib too, on your stomach, which seems to be the way you like to sleep. I am still putting you on your back at night and so far you haven't fussed too much. It's usually during the evening when you're more discontent.

Like I mentioned before, you had your first trip to the Compound last weekend, and you did just fine.
You've been yard-sale-ing with your mama TWICE, which has to be some kind of record for a one-month-old baby. I have a feeling there will be many junkin trips in our future; your sister can't wait to teach you how to find a good deal in someone's front yard. :)

You seem to love being outside in the evenings, so we sit on the porch a lot when Daddy gets home.

I've also found that you like to stare out the windows, so we'll turn you around in the bassinet sometimes and let you look at the outside world. 

While at the Compound you met your great-grandparents, Bubba and Lanie, for the first time.

You also met your Uncle Chris, your big cousins Katie and Brooks, and your aunties Amy B and Meredith, as well as several other people at Mimi and Poppa's church. You wore a day gown that was smocked by Granny Carolyn. And sported the mohawk, of course.
You looked a lot like your aunt Betsy when she was a baby.

That was your first trip to church and also the first day you really smiled while you were awake. You sat in Mimi's lap and just grinned and grinned. Sweetest thing ever.

You still love the ceiling fan. You love being swaddled with your arms out.
And you love your swing! It's been a lifesaver during your fussy times this week.

Emma Kate, we are so very thankful for your life. You are precious to all of us and 
we thank God for you every day. 

Here are few out-takes from her one month pictures:

Her onesie sticker is from an Etsy shop called Watch Me Grow!  I actually won an entire set of them on a blog giveaway and I love love love them. They peel on and off easily so I can re-use the onesie if I need to. They have some really cute designs so be sure to check them out. 

Happy One Month, Emma Kate!

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Break a Leg. Literally.

Well, most of you have heard by now, I'm sure, but our lives just got a little more interesting.
I mean, I have a newborn. I need some additional excitement and some stress in my life, right? Right.

Wednesday started out as a typical day... breakfast, play time, etc.
After lunch I decided I'd let the kids come in my bedroom and watch TV while I showered. I put Mary Ella and Sam on my bed and turned on Disney and then went to get the baby from the den. Well, I never imagined Sam would try to get down from my bed; and usually big sister will call me if he even attempts to crawl on the bed. But big sister decided she needed a drink and got up to walk to the kitchen. I was only gone about 30 seconds but it was long enough for Sam to decide he was going to follow Mary Ella. He attempted to get down from the bed himself and ended up landing on his left leg the wrong way; he was coming down the same way he gets off the couch, which is the right way, thank God (feet first, sliding backward on his stomach), but I guess he just didn't realize that my bed is just a weeee bit higher off the ground than the couch. He was sitting upright on my bedroom floor when I came in and wimpering but not crying much; I thought he'd probably landed on his bottom. 

So I put the baby down and sat down to comfort him and then stood him up, and when he tried to bear weight on his left leg, it just buckled underneath him and he fell back down! 
I was like, "Oh. no. Please, no."
He stood up to try again. Same thing.
But you can't really tell a toddler not to keep trying, so he kept on and on and after a few times he was actually able to weight bear and walk on it. But I still felt uneasy about it so I called the pediatrician,
who suggested we come have it x-rayed later that afternoon.

So I called Chad, told him to go ahead and put in my nomination for Mother of the Year,
and then to meet me at the pediatrician's office so he could sit with the girls while Sam and I ran in to get it checked out. At this point, Sam hasn't cried once since he fell, hasn't acted like he hurt at all, and was walking with pretty much no problems; I did notice he still looked a little unsteady, but wasn't sure if that was just Sam or if his foot was hurt. 
They did an x-ray and the pediatrician noticed something odd about the tibia bone (which is the larger bone in your lower leg) but he couldn't tell if it was broken, so he set us up with an orthopedic appointment for Thursday morning at 7:15am.

Sam walked all night, played like his normal self, never even winced in pain.
So I was really thinking we'd go to the ortho doc, he'd tell us to watch him, etc, and we'd be on our merry way. Not the case, unfortunately.
Dr. E came in and told us Sam did have what they call a 'toddler fracture' and that he would need to wear a cast for it to heal properly. And that it would be the kind of cast that would not allow him to walk. Hahahahahahahahahaha. I really did laugh out loud. I'm sure the doctor thought I was nuts.
But I was really just laughing because, you know, of COURSE that would happen to me.
Cause a newborn ain't enough stress, right? Now I have a toddler who is not allowed to toddle.

They escorted us back to the 'casting' room where our new buddy Sam (the cast dude) gave us Dum Dums and put the cast on Sambo's leg. Sam never cried, never seemed scared, and I was so thankful. 
Especially since I was alone and had all 3 kids in tow. 
They were super nice and let us pick our color and gave us the instructions on how to take care of Sambo. They told us not to let him walk if at all possible and that he would probably get it taken off in 2-3 weeks, hopefully just 2 weeks! 

Anyway, here's some pictures...

I always wanted a cast when I was little. 
I'm a little jealous of Sambo. 
And I think he knows it. :)

After the appointment we took Mary Ella to school and Sam spent lots of time on the couch and in the high chair on Thursday. I tried to find activities to keep him busy. He was a little stinker though and kept trying to crawl off the couch. 

The cast never even phased him. 
There was one point in the car after picking Mary Ella up when he held it up and said, "Off!"
but he hasn't fussed a bit since then. 

At first I was afraid to put him down, scared he'd try to stand up and then fall and break the other leg. Ya know, cause that would be my luck.
But he adapted pretty well and was scootin' and crawlin' with ease by the end of the night.

He was in a pretty good mood too, despite having a 20-lb leg.

He randomly asked for Mary Ella's boy doll, Henry, before nap time and bed time, which I thought was funny because he really doesn't ever pay attention to her baby dolls.
 He wanted to sleep with a buddy I guess. A buddy with hair.

Little did I know, that 'buddy' would become an inseparable sidekick for the rest of the weekend. He would say "beebee" (baby) every time we went anywhere. 
So I decided to break Henry's leg too.
And give him a cast made from a napkin and some blue painter's tape. 
The two boys rode like this the entire way to Florence on Friday.

I know you probably think I'm nuts for going on a trip the day after my son breaks his leg, but I figured that would at least give us 3 hours during Friday AND Sunday where he would be contained (in his car seat) and we wouldn't have to worry about him. So we went on our trip as planned. And I'm so glad we did. Sam had a blast and of course we did too. I had lots of help and Mom ended up bringing home tons of learning activities from school to keep him occupied.

Sam and Gracie working on their fine motor skills.

We were actually able to get a picture of all 5 great-grandchildren!
And we'll have another baby to add to this picture in 3 weeks or less!

Jack, Sam, Mary Ella, Emma Kate, Addie Jane and Gracie
(don't you just love some good ol' southern names??)

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sambo and Toy Story

I've mentioned before that Sam is IN LOVE with Toy Story.

So in love, in fact, that I've completely changed my mind on his birthday party theme and decided to go all out Toy Story. We were going to do a farm/barnyard theme up at the Compound, so it won't be too terribly different... some bandanas, cow print, boots and hats for Woody, and then we'll have to throw Buzz Lightyear in there somehow too since he's Sam's favorite character of all (he chants "Buthhhzz! Buthhzz!" - that's BUZZ with a lisp, people - when he wants to watch the movie.)

One day we were sitting in the den and he pointed to the ceiling fan and kept saying, "A Cawwwhhh" and I had no idea what he was saying until we watched Toy Story for the 83rd time that day and during the Pizza Planet scene with the little green aliens in the claw machine, the aliens said, "The claaawwww" and Sam once again pointed to the fan and repeated it... so hilarious. So now our ceiling fan has been affectionately deemed "the claw."

Anywho, back to party planning... I ordered his invitations on Etsy and they are soooo cute. I'll keep you updated on the party planning but if you're interested just go to my Pinterest "Party Planning" board and there ya go, cause you know all my ideas will be straight from Pinterest, amen.

And to get you super duper excited, here's a video of Sam and how super duper excited he gets when he sees that I'm about to turn on his favorite movie. (We have it on DVR so when he sees the icon pull up he knows it's coming.) You'll see he has a screaming fit and then follows that with "BUTHH!!! BUTHZZ!" while pointing at the television. It's like my friend Jamie says, that movie must have some subliminal messages! My kid is addicted.

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Emma Kate at 3 Weeks

 Emma Kate, you are 3 weeks old.

You are becoming more and more alert every day.
You have more 'awake' time now, although you still sleep a LOT.
Sometimes your Mama is jealous of all the sleep you get.

Speaking of sleep, you can sleep almost anywhere during the day --
on your boppy lounger, in your bassinet, in the pack n play, on the concrete driveway... 
but at night, you are most comfortable on my bed. You will fall right asleep the minute I lay you on my bed. I think we're going to have to put you in your crib soon. :)

You seem to have a hard time settling yourself down when you are super tired.
The paci won't stay in your mouth and you get frustrated at that. 

You had a 2-week check up this past week and you are a big healthy baby.
You weighed 10 pounds, 1 ounce and had already grown an inch since you were born.

You are still eating every 2.5-3 hours during the day and usually go 4 hours at night.

You're wearing NB/0-3 month clothes depending on the brand and size 1 diapers.
You belly button cord is still hanging on tight.

You prefer your arms to be free instead of swaddled and you sleep with your arms up by your head; 
I think you must've been like this in the womb.

You are learning to deal with the noise that comes with having an extremely loud brother and sister.
It doesn't really seem to phase you at all.

You will stare at the ceiling fan forever. I think you are even following it with your eyes a little bit.

This past week you met your cousin Ashley for the first time and you enjoyed your first trip to the outlets malls and to Bass Pro Shop and a restaurant. You were a good baby on our outings. 

You love getting bathed and having your hair washed.

 You must have some seriously intense dreams, because I can always hear you making noise when you are in a deep sleep. I was finally able to video you sleeping this week and making some of your crazy sounds... this is so sweet and you sound so girly...

Baby girl, you are such a blessing to our family and we fall more in love with you every day.
We love you, sweet Emma Kate.

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