Wednesday, February 29, 2012

33 Week Appointment

Today was my 33 week appointment with Dr. H.
Since Dr. H has changed his satellite clinic day to Wednesdays, I am now forced to take my kids, since they do not go to school on Wednesdays. Therefore, a stop at the BP gas station for Blow Pops was absolutely necessary. Lest we leave the entire office staff with souvenir migraines. :)

The suckers worked wonders. Until Dr. H leaned me back onto the table to listen to baby's heart beat. 
Sam had a complete come-apart, like someone was about to kill me. Luckily it only lasted a second. 
My boy is protective over his mama! That's for sure.

The appointment went as well as it could go.
Baby girl was a wild child. 
Her heart rate was 165!
I had not gained any weight since the last appointment 3 weeks ago. I'm sure that'll be the last time that happens.
I am measuring right on time at 33 weeks.
I go back in 2 weeks for another check up and the dreaded strep B test. Awesome.

I did have a couple questions at this week's appointment. 

1. If I'm measuring on time, can I still have a HUGE baby? 
Answer: YES.

2. Will I have any more ultrasounds or NST tests like I had with my last 2 pregnancies, 
since I don't have gestational diabetes and since I'm not measuring ahead? 
Answer: NO.

3. Can I please, please, please have the baby during my 38th week? 
Answer: NO.

I begged. I tried. But to no avail. And apparently there is a reason...

Since I was pregnant with Sambo, I had always heard that you had to be 39 weeks for a scheduled c-section and I asked the doc today if this was the law or a hospital policy; he said it has something to do with some kind of 'medical peer review committee' at the hospital that looks at everyone's files with narrowed, picky eyes. And unless there is a medical reason why your c-section should be moved up, then you HAVE to be 39 weeks, 0 days at minimum. Mary Ella was born at 38 weeks (a scheduled c-section) because she was 8.5 pounds at my 36-week ultrasound! (She was 9 lbs 8 oz at birth). Sam only measured 6.5 pounds at the 36 week appointment, and was 8 pounds 2 ounces at birth (born at 39 weeks.) Dr. H said he could put me on the schedule today for a 38 week c-section but that once this committee looked at my chart and realized there was no medical reason, they would call me and say, "Due to blah blah blah, your c-section has been moved to this day..." So it's not a law but it is a new medical policy that all hospitals are adopting.
(I just share that in case any of you were wondering the same thing. Thought it was interesting.)

So the remainder of this pregnancy will be fairly boring (in a good way!) compared to my last two, Lord willing! With both Mary Ella and Sam, I spent the last 6 weeks of pregnancy going every.single.week for a non stress test (which takes an hour), followed by an ultrasound, followed by an appointment. Which was, like, half a day's worth of stuff. And since those tests can't be done at the satellite office 5 minutes from my house, I had to make the trek all the way downtown to the hospital every week. It'll be nice not to have that drive and those weekly visits/tests. I'll still go weekly after my 35-week appointment but only to the satellite office. Praise the Lord.

Anyhow, Dr. H said he'd go ahead and fill out the paper work for my c-section, so hopefully I'll hear from them in the next week or so and have an exact date and time! Woo hoo! 
Baby girl will already share a birthday week with her daddy and it's possible they will share a birthday, depending on the date they give me (Chad's is April 13th; she'll be here on or after April 9th.)

I am thankful to God for the sweet miracle of being able to be pregnant with little complications and to be able to feel this baby girl move and flip and tumble inside me. Such a sweet and precious blessing. I definitely do not want to take it for granted. I appreciate your prayers for a healthy rest-of-the-pregnancy, an easy transition and a healthy baby!

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Baby #3: Boy or Girl?

**I apologize for the camera phone pictures! Agh! 
I need to get back to taking real pictures at some point in my life.

So, since Mary Ella spilled the beans to my parents and since Chad and I had both let it slip (sometimes by accident, sometimes on purpose) to various friends and family members, we decided we'd tell Chad's parents before they found out by accident! I wanted to do the cute balloon release but there really isn't a wide open space for that at our house so we went with cupcakes.

We had told Mary Ella what we were doing and although she's known baby's gender for months now, I think this was almost like finding out all over again for her. She kept saying, "Now MeMama, if our cupcakes are BLUE in the middle it means I'm having a boy, if they are pink in the middle it means we are having a girl!" She thorougly enjoyed letting everyone know the 'rules' and giving instructions on what to do. Here is Grandaddy after biting in to his cupcake (sorry for the poor quality)

And here's the Mary Ella sequence along with what she said with each bite...

"Well, nothin yet. Gotta keep on eatin."

"I don't think mine has pink OR blue."

"If mine has green in it I bet that means we're havin a Grinch baby."

"Uh oh... I know what color mine is..."

"Look Daddy!"

 We're having a...

Another precious little girl is coming our way (in about 7 weeks - eek!)
So I'm once again bringing out the tiny bows and pink gowns and such. I would've been fine with either, obviously, but now that I've had almost 5 months knowing, I couldn't be happier.
I'm especially happy that I get to re-use all of Mary Ella's clothes, some of which were my own.
And happy that she will have a sister; I know what a treasure that is and I think she and Mary Ella will be best buds... eventually.  :)  
Sam is super thrilled that he does not have to share a room.
And that he can be mama's only boy forever and ever and ever. Right buddy?

We've got our hospital shirts (and baby sister's gown) ready to go and
we are all super excited to welcome another little lady into this mix.
Lord help us if she's anything like her sister. Ha...
I'm already praying that she won't be tender headed if she has Mary Ella's hair. Ah, the daily battle... 
which is another post in and of itself. :)

Aren't the shirts cute? They are from an Etsy store called RockPaperSisters based here in Birmingham.

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CrockPot Pork Tenderloin.

I made this recipe last night and it was delicious so I thought I'd share. I wanted to do pork tenderloin in the crock pot but didn't want to use a BBQ sauce recipe. This recipe was the one that popped up first on AllRecipes and the reviews were great so I went with it. It turned out to be one of my favorites!

CrockPot Pork Tenderloin

1 2-lb pork tenderloin (I used the 2-pack from Sam's)
1 packet Lipton Onion soup mix (have to admit I laughed out loud when I saw this ingredient because of the game meat conversation I overheard in the waiting room a couple weeks ago)
1 cup water
3/4 cup red wine (I used Cupcake brand, a cabernet sauvignon)
3 tbsp minced garlic
3 tbsp soy sauce

(I always season meat beforehand, even if the recipe doesn't call for it; so I did put a little onion powder and garlic salt and pepper on my tenderloins before doing any of this, but I'm sure you could go without that step considering the soup mix and garlic and soy has plenty of seasoning.)
Put pork tenderloin in crock pot. Cover with water, soy sauce and wine. Then pour the onion soup mix in followed by the minced garlic, keeping as much garlic as possible on top of the tenderloins. Cover and cook on low for 4 hours. (This was more than plenty of time for my tenderloins to cook. And make sure you use the 'juice' as a sauce for when you are serving it!)

We served it with crunchy green beans and mashed potatoes and rolls.
Oh, and some cute little cupcakes that just happened to reveal the gender of our sweet new baby...
That part I will share later this afternoon so check back then.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Wow... I went to upload a few pictures for an 'update post' and realized I have, like, almost zero. Guess life's been a little busy! But a quick update for anyone who cares...

-After our Valentines Day/vomit fest we took it easy for a couple days; Mary Ella actually ended up running fever the next day so I guess she did have a little bug (and it wasn't all due to a cookie binge.) She was well by Wednesday night and Thursday I kept her out of school just to be safe.

-I worked the Giggles & Grace consignment sale at Asbury UMC again this year and I will tell you, it's totally worth it to work the sale and get in early. I actually signed up to work 8 hours, which lets you in at 5pm (before anyone else) and there were STILL about 100 people who got to go in at 5pm so you can imagine things were crazy! I had memorized my 'list' of things I needed and then when everyone rushed inside I kinda panicked and forgot everything. I knew I'd do that. But I still managed to get some stuff when I allowed myself to calm down. Bought a video monitor for $30, a mesh 5-foot baby gate/barrier to use at our playroom entrance for $5, one of those cool grass-looking bottle drying racks for $4, and I did find pink Keens for Mary Ella and 3 pairs of shoes for Sambo - brown sandals, navy sandals and lime green Crocs. Oh, and tons of clothes. And probably every Kissy Kissy newborn - 12m outfit that was at the sale. I love that brand but absolutely canNOT afford it at retail price. The fabric is just perfect for babies, especially newborns, because it is lightweight and stays cool even when you have them swaddled in a blanket. I also bought the kids all of their summer PJs. Consignment sales are great for that kind of stuff (now, I wouldn't buy pajamas at just any consignment sale. But G&G is super picky on what they take and I trust there will be no bed bug problems.) I also found Mary Ella a Cinderella dress and she wore it for 2 days straight.

 Found this for Sambo...

And I found Mary Ella 4 one-piece romper outfits that totally own me. I love a one-piece.

-I did not find any Aiden & Anais blankets (well, there were some blank ones in an off brand but I didn't know if they would hold up the same way) and I did not find a Moby Wrap, although there were SEVERAL different kinds of slings/carriers available. Thankfully, a sweet friend hooked me up with a Moby on Saturday and so now I'm set!  I learned how to use it through YouTube and I put Sam in it that night and I'm pretty sure he thinks it's the greatest thing ever in life. He just laid his head on my shoulder and started sucking away at that thumb of his. Bless. I LOVE that Moby already.

-On Saturday we went to Elon's 2nd birthday party and ate pizza and cupcakes and cookie cake and then went to my friend Laura's baby shower. Laura's husband Ryan graduated high school with Chad and then they both went to Samford together. Laura has 2 boys, Brandon who is 10 and Hunter who is Sam's age. She is due with her first baby girl, Allyson Grace, in less than a month. Sadly, Laura's dad was killed in a four-wheeling accident on Monday afternoon so this has been a sad week. My heart breaks for her and although the timing is never good in situations like these, I'm sure it's been especially difficult with her being 9 months pregnant. Please pray for her and her family when you get a chance.

-We were also able to celebrate my friend Leslie on Saturday night who is getting married in May. The high school girls and I had a mini-reunion at a beautiful home in Highland Lakes on Saturday night for an engagement party honoring Leslie and Shane. We always look forward to getting together and this was a perfect way to spend a rainy Saturday night. The guys came too and it was a fun date night for Chad and me.

-My PARENTS were here all weekend! They arrived Friday night and stayed through Monday. It was super awesome having them here because they help so much with the kiddos and cleaning and everything else! Unfortunately as soon as they got here, Mary Ella let the cat out of the bag regarding the gender of baby #3! So now my parents know - ha! And we are planning on telling Chad's parents on Thursday night and then I guess we'll just let everyone else know. (There are several people who know already and have found out through different ways - Mary Ella, catching me in the wrong aisle at consignment, FB auctions where my posts show up on the news feed, etc.) so I figure OH WELL! WE tried! And we only have 7 weeks left so I think we've done a good job keeping it from the family this long.

Just a few more pictures...

Mom brought Mary Ella an iPad from her school to play with for the weekend. Since it's used at school, it was stocked full of fun apps for her to enjoy. I think her favorite will always be the Easy Bake Oven app. Might be mine, too. Same concept but no mess!

While we were shopping around Saturday, I bought a Pop Phone. Totally unnecessary purchase. 
I found it at Learning Express (the toy store) and it is basically an old-timey phone receiver that you can plug into your iPhone and it supposedly reduces the radiation or whatever comes out of cell phones. But of course I didn't buy it for that reason. I bought it so that I could pull it out of my purse in a store when my phone rings and get crazy looks from every other customer. We laughed our heads off using this the rest of the day. They come in all kinds of bright colors and they are around $30.

-Thank you for all your sweet comments and emails regarding Sambo walking! We're excited for him and although he still prefers to crawl, he has taken up to about 6 steps on his own before sitting down so he's definitely making progress. Of course, with Sam' personality, it has to be HIS idea and on HIS time. As in, we can't tell him what to do. We kind of just have to catch him doing it. Here's a quick video of about 4 steps he took while Mom and Dad were here.

He has also learned to sing opera-style. We are oh so proud.

Hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend (if you had one) and have a great rest of the week!

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day Love.

Last night I gave the kids an early Valentine treat after bath time - character PJ's. 
(I'm not a 'character' person, obviously. But sometimes you just do what you know will make them the most excited. And it didn't hurt that they were $5 at the Walmart.) 
Sam just kept pointing to his legs and saying "Chooo chooo!!!!" 
Then he'd pretend to count them... which consists of him pointing to one at a time and going back and forth saying "two" and "eight." Ha! 

And yes, I cut Sam's hair. We're going for the 'bowl' cut. 
I want it to be longer and thicker and still in a the bowl shape like so many cute little boys I know; I just love this cut on little baby boys. So precious.
He is obviously super excited about his hair. 

This morning we ate breakfast then got ready to head to school.

I cut Mary Ella's toast and strawberries into heart shapes and for the first time ever she ate ALL of her breakfast. Maybe I should exercise my knife skills more often.

As for our Valentines...

Mary Ella and I started making her Valentines early last week, since I knew she was going to be out of town for a few days. We chose robots, of course, and the idea is from Pinterest, of course. They are mini candy bars wrapped in scrapbook paper and then we added arms, legs, and a robot head, complete with googly eyes and glittery robot shoes. (All supplies were from Hobby Lobby and Target.) And I am glad we got a head start, because these little robots took FOREVER to make. It was worth it of course, and I'm so glad I let her do most of the work because they truly look hand made and some of their faces are so funny because of where she placed the eyes and mouth. I just let her do her thing. 

Since Sam is in a class with much younger kiddos (I put him in a younger class at the beginning of the school year since he was a little behind and would get intimidated if other children crawled/walked around him), I knew that candy was probably out of the question and some of them are truly babies and do not even eat real food yet. But all babies, at some point, grow fond of bubbles, so when I saw these at Walmart I knew exactly what I was going to make. And they turned out pretty cute!

Here's a closeup...

The card opens up and here is what you find on the inside...

We baked some sweet treats for our teachers and packed them into red paper bags tied up with string.
The black hearts are cut out of chalkboard contact paper (which I found on Amazon) and then I wrote the teachers' names in chalk.

Here they are in the carpool line... (no, Sam did not go barefoot.)

We had Mary Ella's class party at school, complete with ice cream sundaes for a special treat.

I found the cutest little plastic ice cream bowls at WalMart for $1 each. They hold right at one large scoop of ice cream so we'll definitely be using these again for future parties.

And here are the monkeys after school. 
Had to give Sam a cookie so he'd cooperate.

I ended up breaking the cookie in half for them to eat because Mary Ella was asking for one too. 
I didn't want them to have too much sugar right before afternoon naptime. 

Wellllll... that little plan kinda backfired. 
The kids went to sleep and I decided I'd lay down on the couch for a 'few minutes' which turned into a longer nap, as usual. When I woke up, Mary Ella was already awake. I walked into the kitchen and noticed the EMPTY cookie container on the counter. Now, when we got home from school there were at LEAST 10 cookies left in the container. AT LEAST. And likely more than that. 
I immediately asked her where they were and she gave me her signature look of "Uhhhh...," knowing that she was in big time trouble. She admitted to eating them and was sent to her room.

So we went on about our afternoon; Sam woke up, I did some cleaning, and then Chad came home.
With donuts. Heart shaped donuts. Oh yes he did.

We ate dinner and then Mary Ella went through each Valentine she'd received at school and proudly showed off her V-day crafts to Daddy and Sambo.

She received loads of candy at school but we didn't let her eat any of it since she was in trouble for eating all the cookies. In fact, she didn't even get to sample a donut. 
But she really didn't seem to mind all that much.

Then we all exchanged small gifts... cards and little happies.
I bought Chad a new spring polo shirt and a Starbucks gift card and he totally broke the rules and bought me a nice gift, which we never do, for any occasion... this massaging seat topper from Brookstone. 
My back has been seriously hurting lately, so much that I was in tears one night this weekend. 
The combination of being pregnant and having no other choice but to pick up Sam throughout the day (to put him in the car, in the crib, carry him downstairs, put him in his highchair, etc) has really taken its toll! I guess Chad was tired of my complaining - ha! - so this was his gift to me. 
It made me feel so much better just sitting on it for a few minutes.
Now I need to go buy him something more substantial, I guess.  :)

Finally we put the kiddos to bed and just as we were getting into bed ourselves, we heard a panicked scream come from Mary Ella's room. Chad rushed in to find this:

Yep. That would be pink vomit. 
All. over. the. floor.

And it looks like a lot of it in the picture, but trust me, there was more to come.
All. night. long.

Luckily she's become a pro at aiming into the garbage can so she was able to manage with only a little bit of help from Mom and Dad. I slept on the couch and she slept in the recliner on top of a bunch of blankets and beach towels. 

And I think she's learned her lesson in regards to secret binges on sugar cookies.

And that, my friends, was how we spent our Valentines day! :)

And finally, to avoid ending with vomit talk, I'll post this old video. This is Mary Ella at Sam's age a couple years ago. Chad brought her a bag of Valentine goodies and we were letting her open them. It's hilarious because she keeps saying, "Oh goodness" every time she takes something new out of the bag. 
It still makes me laugh.

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