Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Emma Kate at 7 Months

So, so, so behind on her updates. 
My chunky monkey will turn 8 months next week. Boo hoo. 

Here's what she's up to...

-Weighs 18-19 pounds and is 28 inches long.

-Wearing 12-18 month clothes, size 3 diapers, and lots of cute winter hats and frilly socks. 
-Nursing 4-5 times a day and eating baby food once or twice a day.
(During her 6th month, not a fan of baby food at all. Ever. I literally would have to pry her mouth open so I pretty much gave up and only tried once or twice a week. She clearly is not hurting in the calorie department. Then, out of the blue, she just started to like it. A little at a time. Now she will eat it pretty regularly as long as it's something she likes.)
-Eating the mixed veggie/fruit combos most of the time rather than just a single item; doesn't like the green veggies by themselves, but will gobble down the spinach/kale/apple combos and such.

She's also been known to eat corn cobs, 

raw-egg-containing cake batter straight off the beaters, 

and 44-oz sweet teas from Zaxby's.

-Will take a Nuk bottle and a Nuk paci, but you can forget the other brands.

-Happy all day long until she gets sleepy. Then she's ready for bed.
-Sleeps with a paci and a silky blanket or taggie; loves any silky texture. During bath time she plays with the tags on the washcloths instead of the toys.

-Sleeps with rear end high in the air (on her tummy.) Unless she is in my bed. Then she sleeps like this:

-Usually naps twice a day - morning and afternoon - when we are home. Cat naps if we're out and about. Which is often.
-Has been found sitting straight up in her crib twice after napping. 
-Easily gets on all fours from sitting and from laying on her tummy and rocks back and forth.
-Grabs crib rail and pulls up to her knees. And bites the rail.

-Still no teeth. Mama is thankful. Drooling a lot and chewing on everything including fingers.
-Rides in the shopping carts and loves it.

-Takes baths in the kitchen sink or in the big tub with her siblings. Loves both.

-Trying to wave 'bye-bye" and we're pretty sure she's a genius because as you can see in this video she can clearly say "bye-bye" as well. So there.

-Pat-a-cake-ing and loving the patty cake song. Goes crazy when I sing it.
(Excuse my corny and annoying voice in this video. And this is not your traditional "pattycake" song; it's one from a CD we own which is why it sounds different.)

-LOVES Mary Ella and bounces and moves her arms like crazy and squeals when she comes into the room.
-Falls asleep instantly on her Daddy. It's the sweetest.

-Hair is growing! Still loving the hairbows. (Mary Ella was still in toothpaste bows at this age.)

-Had her first sledding adventure at the Compound a couple weeks ago. Yes I said sledding. More on that a little later.
-Is an expert at tolerating albuterol breathing treatments via the trusty nebulizer. 

-Hyper, hyper, hyper following albuterol treatments. Wild child. Cannot settle down. It's hilarious.
You can see videos on my YouTube page if you don't believe me. 

-Loves weekly trips to Hobby Lobby with her mama.
-Loves to swing on pretty days.

Happiest child in the mornings. Love seeing this face each day.

Emma Kate, we thank our Father for allowing us to be your parents. You are the sweetest most lovable baby and we can't imagine life without you. I love your gummy grins and chunky thighs and your morning grins and the way you light up with excitement when you see your Daddy or siblings. I can't wait to get through winter and be done with these terrible colds so that you can actually go an entire week without a breathing treatment; your first fall/winter has been a hard one on you but you've handled it like a champ. We'd never know you were sick, most of the time. Praying the new year will bring you some healthy months so your little lungs can get a break! You are such a precious and sweet little girl and we love you so, so much.

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A said...

"Hair is growing! Still loving the hairbows. (Mary Ella was still in toothpaste bows at this age.)"

Does this statement terrify you? :) I LOVE it! I dreamed last night that I had a little girl that looked just like Mary Ella, curls and all. I should be so lucky!

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