Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fall Party, Halloween, Turning 30, and my Funny Kids.

Hello there, my name is Haley and I used to be a blogger.

If you can't already tell, October is always our busiest time of year. Between the beach trip, family birthdays, trips to the Compound, football and all the other fun fall activities we try to squeeze in, blogging takes a back seat. And I'm okay with that - I'm busy being a mama and that's most important anyway. My kids are too accident prone for me to be worried about my blog. We break legs around here when mama's not supervising, ya know. :)  No really, we do.

Anywho, I will try to catch up on what we've been doing, because I want to record it so that I can have it in our memory book. I'll probably go backwards. So...

Mary Ella's fall party was today. She was so excited.
(Our neighbor Abbie brought us a bag of clothes she'd outgrown last night, and in the bag were these leggings, boots and the orange tutu. Mary Ella insisted on wearing all 3.)

Here she is with a couple friends as they filed into the classroom. I can still remember being in elementary school and coming back to the class after our afternoon activities and the room being all decorated by the mommas. So fun. And it never gets old to see their sweet faces. 

Yes their classroom is the cutest ever.  So fun and cheery.
Mrs. Staci is top notch and she loves these kids like they are her own children. 
That's her in the dalmatian costume. All the teachers were dalmatians!

Her husband, Mr. Todd, even showed up as none other than Vanilla Ice.
It took all I had not to break out into some killer dance moves.

 I love little backpacks and cubby holes. Makes me want to teach.

Painting pumpkins!

Emma Kate met a 'real princess' and was fascinated with her dress.

Mary Ella and Super Maci

M.E. and Mrs. Staci

I am not the room mother this year but I did volunteer to send in a $5 bill (yay me), which turned into "Hey I'll make cupcakes too," which turned into "Hey I'll make goodies for each classmate too," which turned into "Hey and why not make muffins for all the teachers," which turned into my kitchen looking like THIS at the end of last night:

And that's only one half. :)

Mary Ella helped me with the cupcakes - just a white cake mix and a container of plain vanilla frosting; and I added a tablespoon of pumpkin flavored cream cheese spread to the frosting (I was afraid to go overboard with pumpkin flavor; some kids don't like it.) They were actually really good.

The cupcake liners and toppers are from TJ Maxx.

 We made our pumpkin cream cheese muffins for the teachers and included a recipe.
You should make them for yourself because they are delicious and zero calorie.
that last part is a lie.

I just wrapped them in cellophane bags and then put them in bigger gift bags with some tissue paper so they wouldn't get crumbled.

For her sweet friends, we came up with this totally awesome original idea to make these skeletons. First I made home made marshmallows using home-churned butter from our cow out back and sugar from our sugar cane that we had imported from Central America; then I ground some flour from our wheat that we harvested last month and made a pretzel dough and let it rest for 48 hours, kneading every 2 hours for 2 days around the clock, and made some home made mini pretzels that I then dipped in our white chocolate which I made from our cocoa beans that we grew out back in our organic garden and placed it all on a stick (hand carved from some trees in our backyard) and then onto a crispy rice cake that I of course made from scratch as well.

Or not.

You know, like everything else you see on this blog. 
And all of the ingredients are store-bought and contain LOADS of preservatives. AGHHHHH!
How's that for a spooky treat?

I did change up the wording on our tag a bit, and I like mine better, thankyouverymuch.

The party was fun and I'm already looking forward to the next one.
(For the record, I really do enjoy making goodies for teachers and kids. I think it's because I have a lot of my mom in me, and she always did stuff like this for us.)

I have been trying to use my real camera a little more since we got back from the beach.
I snapped this picture this afternoon.

This little punkin is the sweetest of all. I'm serious. She's the happiest baby ever.
No you cannot have her.

I turned 30 last week. I dreaded it, but it actually turned out to be one of the best birthdays yet.
We had a weekend-long celebration with our families.

Here I am with my favorite kids.

These next few pictures were taken at the compound a couple weekends ago. We went to Punkin Day at Mars Hill (my high school) and spent time with our cousins.
I was also able to take some pictures there with my real camera. GO ME.

Eating out with my parents the night before the Mizzou - Alabama beatdown game.

M.E., Charlie and Sam before Punkin Day.

 Emma Kate met Sarah Taylor at Punkin Day and clearly they should both be models. 

I should be a model too because all I ate at Punkin Day is zero calorie snacks.
Like these.

No wonder my baby is chunky.

Our sweet little Emily joined us for Punkin Day too. She's hilarious and I love her!

A few more...

These next few are from early October. We stopped at Durbin Farms on our way back from the beach. We let the kids pick a pumpkin. Clearly in early October it was still warm enough for shorts. 

This itty bitty thing was a weee bit excited about her first punkin.

Sam kept kissing his pumpkin and begging everyone else to kiss it, too.

Why yes, she cheeses for the camera. #goldenchild

And finally, let's cut to the chase: HALLOWEEEEEN!
My kids went as this famous trio:

Bert, Penguin, and Mary Poppins

I saw this pin last year and thought to myself, "I am SO doing that." I originally thought I'd do it next year when EK is walking but when I introduced them to the movie in August they quickly became obsessed with it. Sam begs to watch it every day and Mary Ella had memorized all the songs within a week, so I knew that I needed to go ahead and do it this year. And I'm so glad I did. They looked so cute. Practically perfect in every way.
More on their costumes later. :)

I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL OCTOBER!
Thanks for hanging with me while I took a longer-than-normal hiatus.
And Geneva, Donna, Jennifer and Janet K... would yall please tell my mom I posted this! Thanks!

Enjoy a few more pictures...

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