Tuesday, September 18, 2012

5 Months

Emma Kate, you are 5 months old. That's not fair. So stop growing, please, ok?

 And let's start with the most important stat/accomplishment: you can now wear a clip-in hair bow.
Cue the music, I know. And cue the largerthanlife bow for the tinybitofhair baby.
Here ya go:

Thank you Lord for her hair. Amen.
Ok, moving on...

You had your 4-month checkup a couple weeks ago (late) and you weigh 17 pounds, 9 ounces.
Right up there in the 95th percentile. Get em, girl.

You got a couple shots at this visit and didn't like it one bit. I don't see tears like this often, so I took a picture. Bless your sweet little angel heart. This made me sad.

You are 27 1/4 inches long I believe. (97th percentile)
I can't remember your head circumference but the doc said you had the head of a 13-month old.
We love your chunky fluffy little self.
And I wish I could be half as cute with my chunky thighs as you are. :)

You are wearing mostly 9-12-18 month clothing and size 3 diapers. Oh, and 2T bathing suits. Yep. I've had to buy you a couple of bathing suits because we are going the beach in a couple weeks.  You will more than likely not fit into ANY of Mary Ella's fall clothes because you are so much longer already. That's ok though. We will shop til we drop at the consignment sales, girlfriend. Oh yes we will.

(By the way, this is the best time ever to buy bathing suits! If your kids need them for next year, stock up now! I'm talking $1.00 at WalMart and $2.99-4.99 at Old Navy, people.)

You LOVE your mama and daddy. You light up when you see Daddy come home. You also love being with me, to the point that when I'm not present you become a little fussy. We've tried to leave you  with family or even just with Daddy and you are not happy when I'm not around. You also will not take a bottle from anyone but me, which is a teensy weensy bit stressful, I won't lie. But we will get through it.

You will suck a paci for a few minutes though, when you are tired. This is progress.
You've also started sucking your fingers and thumb at times. So let's move on to bottles, please.

You make this face a lot:

Your Grandaddy calls it 'the unbridled tongue' face. You are constantly sticking your tongue to the side and out of your mouth. We definitely thing it's a teething thing.

Speaking of teething, you are drooling a TON and biting on everything.

You can roll over both ways. This has made tummy time almost nonexistent now because the minute we put you on your tummy, you roll straight to your back and you grin at us as if to say, "Nice try! No thanks!" But for some reason, when you are in your crib, you will roll from your back to your tummy and then get 'stuck' and start crying like you can't figure out how to get back over. Sometimes you fall asleep like this; sometimes we have to come flip you back over.
You are trying to sit up. You do fairly well sitting on your changing pad; but you are always interested in something and get excited and tump over after a few seconds. Yeah, I said 'tump.' That's a word here in Alabama.
You work really hard, though, and when you are focusing on sitting, your big toes stand straight up. It is so funny. I actually got a few pictures of this.

You still don't mind your car seat, and you like to sit in Mary Ella's seat and play while we wait on her at gymnastics.

You are still sleeping through the night in your crib.
You no longer sleep on the boppy lounger - woo hoo!
You do love to have your fluffy pig cuddled next to your face and you use the paci to get to sleep too.
You roll every which way in your bed and I never know which direction you'll be facing in the mornings. You sleep in your sleep sack most nights.

You love your feet and you can now pull them to your mouth fairly easily.

You also love the TV remote. It is a strange obsession but you smile and laugh at it and talk to it.
You also recently appeared in an ad for your dad's company.

Just kidding. I made this. But I'm thinking of pitching it to the executives. :)

You had your first cold symptoms this past month; a little bit of nasal congestion, but a horrible cough and your voice went away for a couple days. You had the faintest little cry and were so hoarse. I am fairly sure it was from all the drool going down into your chest. We mixed up some hot water and put it in our nebulizer a couple times and the humidified air seemed to help you. 

Big sis and her friend Aniston also tried to entertain you while you weren't feeling so great.

You have tried a few solid baby foods - peas, apples, carrots, sweet potatoes, prunes and bananas I think - and so far you seem to like carrots and sweet potatoes the best. You were definitely not a fan of the prunes. You would rather have sucked on your toes. And you did.

We are supposed to be trying solids twice a day but most of the time it's more like once every 3-4 days. Promise I'm not trying to starve you, but you don't seem to care anyway.

You were introduced to the the swing, the exersaucer and the johnny jumper this past month and you absolutely love all three.

Baby girl, you are a sweet angel baby. We love you so much!
We'd have 5 more babies if we were guaranteed they would all have your disposition! :)
Thank you, Father for another month with precious Emma Kate. Such a blessing.

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Carly said...

She is just too precious and those eyes.. oh my! Beautiful children.. I have a question about the nebulizer and you using hot water.. I have a 3 month old who just has a horrendous cold and of course there isnt anything we can give her for it.. we have a nebulizer that we use for my 18 month old with albuterol when she gets a cold. was wondering if we could do the water thing for my 3 month old? Just asking since you and your hubby are both in the medical industry.. :)

Haley said...

Carly , I replied using my mail app. Let me know if you get it!

jessica said...

Haley, she is just beautiful! Love all the updates, and love that you used the word "tump". Yes. Making me proud to be an Alabamian!

Lauren said...

She is gorgeous Haley!! Thank God He blessed you with a easy 3rd baby :)

Melodie said...

All of your children are beautiful but I love seeing pics of this sweet baby. She is so stinking cute! Congrats on the bows! It's a big step...we know!

Twice as Nice said...

Could she get any cuter? Do you think she will have curly hair like her sister? I updated her picture in my shop.

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