Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Summer in Pictures

This is what I like to call PHOTO OVERLOAD. 
I believe there are no less than 55 photos in this post, people. 
Equalling the longest post ever in the history of blog posts ever.
So sorry.
This is basically a recap of our summer. 
I'll give you a caption for each photo but I probably won't have time to go into much detail. So enjoy!

Mary Ella in her boots

Sambo at Pink Berry (yogurt place) rocking his Converse

My little space ranger 

"I'm number ONE!" 
(He's actually showing you that he's TWO by holding up a ONE on each hand.)

Celebrating Mimi's birthday at Flip Burger


Compound fun

Boat rides on land are the best. Please wear your safety goggles and your over head light.

Our newest addition, "Pony."

Painted toast (milk and food coloring!)

Worn out after a long day

Puzzle time

Swinging on the patio

Zoo! They look too big here.

"Mom, take my picture doing my 'ginastics' pose."

Hot day at the park

His all time favorite thing to do ever.

Did I tell yall that the town next to us won the Purina Dream Dog Park thanks to a contest?
Now we have an amazing dog park complete with a splash pad. It is really awesome.

Typical day with Mary Ella

She loves her piggy; not so much the paci.

This lasted about 5 seconds.

Eating on some old school lunch trays. Those are courtesy of a junkin trip to Roebuck Parkway.

Playdoh fun

Bumbo girl

These next few are from the pool

Rainy Friday night

More park fun with Lucy

Seriously. That face. 

Yogurt. On the floor.

Splash Adventure with the cousins!

Naps on Mama's bed


He LOVES Mexican food!

We have 2 tree frogs that seem to love our patio.

Another favorite of Sambo

Well, I'm sure there are many more I could add, but those are my favorites!
Hope everyone else had a great summer.
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Kristy said...

Fun-filled summer with your cutie pie kids. Love all these pictures.

jessica said...

great picture post! emma kate is beautiful! looks like your kiddos had a wonderful summer!

Erin said...

Oh the cuteness in that post about made me fall over :). Thank you for sharing some of your sweet summertime moments! Such sweet sweet faces!

Ashley B said...

Too Cute!! Looks like y'all had a fun summer. I can't believe it is coming to an end. Do you think about next summer and what you will do with 3 mobile kids ? :)

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