Friday, August 24, 2012

pictures with my real camera.

Now that you've picked yourself up off the floor after reading the title of this post, I shall continue.

I. actually. took. pictures. of. my. baby. with. my. real. camera.
Like, not the camera on my iPhone. 
My for real, look-thru-the-hole-and-push-the-button camera.

I decided since little miss is sitting so well in her Bumbo seat that I'd try to get some pictures of her this afternoon. 
With my other two kids, planning 'photo shoots' was an ordeal. 
Not with the golden child. Oh no. 
You tell her you want pictures, she says "Ok mom. no problem. I'll even smile and make the cutest faces ever." And in about 10 minutes, I have about 25+ photos to choose from. Ahh, bliss.

I love third babies. I need another third baby. 
Ok maybe not. 

Enjoy these photos of my littlest little.

And then, just when I was finishing up, here comes brother asking to get up on the bench with Emma Kate. I was thinking, "Ok let's see how long this lasts." I sat him up there and told him to kiss her. His kisses involve leaning in and making a smacking noise, so he never really 'kisses' her, but I thought it was sweet how he closed his eyes and leaned in... makes my heart melt!
He really is a sweet brother. God love him.

Kiss your babies today. 
They are only little for so long. 

(emma kate's 4 month update is below.)

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