Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lately... and a few things I'm currently loving.

Random post... cause we're still busy as ever. We are going nonstop this summer! Between trips to the compound and birthday parties and hosting family and friends at our house, we have not slowed down one bit. It's all great though and we're having a blast. Just a quick post on some things I'm loving...

Lowe's. Me + Lowe's = dangerous. I love a project. And I love spray paint. So when I got the chance to get out alone the other night, I went straight to Lowe's. I had some things I needed and when I got back out to the parking lot I realized I'd been driving the kiddie buggy around the entire trip... with no kids. Ummm cue the sad music. You know you're a mama when... Anyway, it was funny stuff. No wonder people were looking at me weird. Those things are almost impossible to maneuver so I'm sure I was huffing and puffing and probably saying ugly words the entire time I was in the store. Oh well. 

I'm re-doing my kitchen. Again. Yes I painted it a few weeks ago on a whim. At 11pm. Yes it was a mistake. I even bought curtains and such and painted a painting. Ya know, cause when I get on a roll it's impossible to stop. It looked like this... (sorry for the poor lighting)

and now, though we're still in the works, it looks like this:

Yeah, the yellow really wasn't working for me. Back to neutral. I ended up giving the painting and curtains to my aunt. 

I do love the chalkboard. It was a piece of art from Old Time Pottery - $9.88 to be exact, and with some spray paint it became a huge chalkboard. 

Speaking of chalkboards, I'm slightly obsessed.
Made this gem for my daddy's Bama room:

And then I went junkin in my grandmother's garage and found these frames. I used the chalkboard spray paint to turn them into mini chalkboards for little messages around the house.

I have only used the chalkboard spray paint so far (not the brush-on type) but I love it. I'd recommend wearing gloves as it tends to get on your hands when you spray it (more so than regular spray paint.) I use the Krylon brand and you can get it at WalMart and Hobby Lobby.

Back to the kitchen... I'm also working on a table. 
We have an antique pub table right now that seats four. It was Chad's table before we were married. We LOVE it, but it needs to go elsewhere for now instead of being used as our kitchen table because our kids are messy and gross. We do have a small red Ikea table for them to sit at, but we like to do dinner together at the 'big table' as much as possible. So we're gonna move the antique one to another spot and use this one that I found on the Walmart website:

This whole set was like super el cheapo, so I won't feel terrible if when the kids ruin it in a couple years. (I actually only bought the bench and table; I found some similar chairs at Old Time Pottery that made it even cheaper.) It seats 6 comfortably and has a solid surface top (no cracks for crumbs to seep into!) so hopefully it'll be easier to wipe down and less of a headache altogether. I love the antique white on the base and legs of the table and bench; I don't so much love the white wash birch-looking wood on the table top. So my plan is to make it look like this:

Love this idea, which I first saw on Pinterest. It's a dark walnut stain on the top of the table and bench, and solid colored chairs (still trying to decide the color I want my chairs.) So far I've finished the bench and I am super pleased with the result. It involved a lot of sanding and staining and light headedness (thank you oil-based polyurethane) but overall I am happy with it and can't wait to finish this project. I'll keep you posted and of course give you the play-by-play in an upcoming post.

I'm also still obsessed with large black and white photos.
They are engineer prints from Staples/Office Depot and they are soooo cheap. I love seeing these big pictures of my sweet kiddos faces when I walk into a room.
And since they're so inexpensive you don't feel bad when you need a new photo to take it's place.
This 16x20 was $1.69. Yep. And this frame is straight from the thrift store.
This was my mom's birthday gift. Well, part of it. Gotta spend more than $1.69 on Mimi. I have a feeling it was one of her favorites, though. :)

I liked hers so much I forked out some change (literally) and had my Staples dude print me out another copy. It's hanging in my kitchen. Love seeing it when I walk in.

Other things I'm loving right now:

Chick-fil-A cookies. Um, total home run. Does Chick-fil-A do ANYTHING wrong?? Seriously.
These are so yummy. I bought half a dozen thinking they'd be the size of an oreo and I could easily take down 4 or 5 or 6. Oh no, they are more like the size of a personal pan pizza (well, maybe I'm exaggerating) and they are delish. And they're packaged up so cute too. These would make a great 'happy' for a neighbor or someone you knew that needed a pick-me-up. 
Or me.
I won't turn them down.

 This fabric.
It's my new kitchen fabric. 
I love it.

Cute chevron earring studs.
Found these on Etsy of course and ordered them for my stylish cousins Annsley and Courtney.
I think they're super cute.

And last but CERTAINLY not least, my niece, Gracie.
She had to get glasses a couple weeks ago and if she wasn't already the cutest baby ever, 
she certainly is now. I mean, seriously. Pink frames. Have you ever in your life?
She and her Daddy definitely look more alike now! 
I love her so!

 Alrighty folks, thanks for reading! Have a blessed week!

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Candy said...

I SO may be about to copy you! Our table seats 4 and we have 5 people in our family! Have been searching and searching for a new table with no luck because I'm cheap! I already had the table you are going for and chairs pinned---love them! PlEASE post an update when you finish the table and chairs, would love to see! LOVE your blog! :)

jessica said...

You crack me up! I love that you walked around Lowe's with that clunky kid's driving buggy. I can just picture you pushing that thing around now! Hilarious! Thanks for the laugh. Laughing with you, of course...never at you. ;)

Katie said...

That is hilarious about the buggy!! I love all your new re-dos and ideas. Don't know how you do it! I am definitely gonna have to get some of those Staples prints! Those are awesome!

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