Friday, August 31, 2012

If you like it then you shoulda put a bow on it...

Yall know I love a good hair bow.

From the moment my girls come out of the womb they get a hair bow stuck to their heads with glue.
Ok, not glue. 
Toothpaste. Or Karo. Or butt paste. 
Or whatever I happen to have in the diaper bag that day. 
I don't have the pleasure of having babies with tons of beautiful hair like all of you. :)
So I have to do what I can, people.
My girls love their toothpaste bows.

back to the point of this post...
Even if you have baldy babies like me, there will come a day when your girls WILL get enough hair to wear regular clip-in bows. And yes we celebrate that day around here with a big party, complete with putting the biggest bow we can find in that tiny lock of hair. Thankyouverymuch.

Exhibit A: 
Mary Ella at her first birthday party:

Clearly still bald. But hey, if the hair will hold it, slap a bow on it. 
(Now, looking back, I agree that this was probably overboard. I'm really not a fan of bows/hair accessories so big that you can't focus on a child's sweet face. And I'm reallllly not a fan of hair accessories so big that your child looks like they could topple over at any given moment. So there.)

And by the way, who would've ever thought that by 2 years old she would be sporting a wild and uncontrollable head of curls??

AGH! I digress!

My point was to say that if you need super awesome hair bows for a great price,
please visit Bergie Bows on FaceBook. LIKE her page to see updates. 
Clara can make any bow, any color, any size, with any kind of clip that you want. She also makes the cheerleader bows that have the hanging ribbon. AND if you have a specific outfit, she can create a bow to match your outfit. The bows start at $1.25 each and most of the big ones I bought for Mary Ella were only $3.00 each. Which is about 50% off the price they charge me at the stores. This is even cheaper than the bows from the ladies at consignment. 
She also does bow parties so if you live in the area and want to host, let her know. She will bring her entire inventory (literally, thousands of bows) and all your friends can come and shop. 

Thanks so much, Bergie Bows!

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