Friday, August 31, 2012

If you like it then you shoulda put a bow on it...

Yall know I love a good hair bow.

From the moment my girls come out of the womb they get a hair bow stuck to their heads with glue.
Ok, not glue. 
Toothpaste. Or Karo. Or butt paste. 
Or whatever I happen to have in the diaper bag that day. 
I don't have the pleasure of having babies with tons of beautiful hair like all of you. :)
So I have to do what I can, people.
My girls love their toothpaste bows.

back to the point of this post...
Even if you have baldy babies like me, there will come a day when your girls WILL get enough hair to wear regular clip-in bows. And yes we celebrate that day around here with a big party, complete with putting the biggest bow we can find in that tiny lock of hair. Thankyouverymuch.

Exhibit A: 
Mary Ella at her first birthday party:

Clearly still bald. But hey, if the hair will hold it, slap a bow on it. 
(Now, looking back, I agree that this was probably overboard. I'm really not a fan of bows/hair accessories so big that you can't focus on a child's sweet face. And I'm reallllly not a fan of hair accessories so big that your child looks like they could topple over at any given moment. So there.)

And by the way, who would've ever thought that by 2 years old she would be sporting a wild and uncontrollable head of curls??

AGH! I digress!

My point was to say that if you need super awesome hair bows for a great price,
please visit Bergie Bows on FaceBook. LIKE her page to see updates. 
Clara can make any bow, any color, any size, with any kind of clip that you want. She also makes the cheerleader bows that have the hanging ribbon. AND if you have a specific outfit, she can create a bow to match your outfit. The bows start at $1.25 each and most of the big ones I bought for Mary Ella were only $3.00 each. Which is about 50% off the price they charge me at the stores. This is even cheaper than the bows from the ladies at consignment. 
She also does bow parties so if you live in the area and want to host, let her know. She will bring her entire inventory (literally, thousands of bows) and all your friends can come and shop. 

Thanks so much, Bergie Bows!

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Sam

Snapped a few pics of my big boy after church today.
These are edited with PicMonkey.

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Family Binder

Recently, I had a brilliant idea.

I was sick and tired of all the clutter and paper and stuff-I-needed-to-keep/file/mail on my kitchen counter. It was literally like a sea of papers. Not trash. Important papers.

So I had an idea. A binder. A thick binder with dividers and categories to house all of my papers.
Oh, and it could also house my meal plans and lists and to-do's and stuff.
I'm a genius, I thought. This is gonna be huge.
Then I got on Pinterest and realized that apparently about 3,411 other moms thought of the 
about a year before I did.
But that didn't stop me from making my own. 
In fact, it just made me wanna make mine better. 
I'm joking, of course. Kind of.

In all seriousness, I really did have a mess going on.
I managed to find one picture I had taken, and this really doesn't justify the mess. This was taken on a good day. A realllly good day. Usually you can't see the countertop.

Bills, school forms/newsletters, insurance stuff, Sam's PT review papers, auto stuff, etc.
And with life, you just never know what's gonna happen. If something were to happen to me, I honestly don't know if my husband would know when to take Emma Kate back to the doctor... or whether or not the water bill had been paid, or when to show up for Mary Ella's programs at school. You know, it's just nice to have all this information in one place. 
And so far, this has been such a great way to keep it all organized and keep my counter almost clutter-free. Now the clutter is made up of the usual: Cheez-its and sippy cups and crayola products.
But no more paper mess!

Here's what I did...
Bought me a 2-inch binder at Target; the kind with the clear plastic on front so you can add your own cover. Then I made myself a cover on PicMonkey.

In the very front, I stuck some post-its, a check book and a few envelopes, a sharpie and my handy dandy 3-hole punch. The 3-hole punch is a must. I would also recommend a pencil bag; the kind that has 3 holes and can be put directly into your binder. You'll also want to go ahead and satisfy that OCD part of you that wants the 12-pack of colored fine point pens that will make your life's schedule ohsofantastically color-coded. Go ahead, buy your pens.

I bought 2 packs of dividers with pockets. I labeled them with the categories I needed most.

You can do whatever categories work for you, but here are mine in order:

Holds a cute monthly calendar with all of our planned activities and birthdays, special events, etc.
I found a cute printable monthly calendar on Pinterest.
This category also holds weekly planning sheets which I bought at this Etsy shop.
This helps me stay organized. 

This is really just a folder/divider, but you could also put your budget or a checklist in this section.
We only have about 3 bills that we actually write checks for, the rest are automatically debited, so 
I didn't need a checklist. I keep my checkbook, my stamps and a few envelopes in this divider, as well as any bills that have come in that week, and then I pay whatever I need to pay at the end of the week.

Meal Plan
Grocery lists, needs, meal plans, recipe ideas, etc.
I am still searching for a meal plan/grocery list combination printable that I like. Open to suggestions!
I'd like one where I can list out the meals and list out the ingredients I need by category.

Running list of daily/weekly cleaning that needs to be done.
Sometimes I use this, most of the time I'm too busy to even check it. 

Mary Ella, Sam, Emma Kate
I created separate sections for each of the kids to house their information (height, weight, medical info, etc... you know, the things your husband doesn't know but YOU know, haha), as well as their latest check-up sheets from the doctor, their blue forms, their school calendars and newsletters, etc.

Basically a long running list of things that need to be done.
I also use the divider pocket for business cards of people who've done work for us and also have a list on paper of all their names, companies and phone numbers. 
This printable is from this Etsy shop and she has tons more that are all really cute. 

All those insurance forms you get after doctors appointments. We have tons of them.
I'm going to try to file them at the end of each month, or every couple months.

Anything to do with our cars.

List of people who have bought me gifts and lists of gifts I need/want to get people.
Yes, I am behind on THANK YOU NOTES and honestly if you receive one you can just go ahead and thank the good Lord for a miracle because I'm way behind. Most of them I included on the birth announcement. But I DO have a list and I WILL send out thank you's. One day.
This folder also contains invitations we get in the mail for birthdays/weddings/graduations and that way I know that I need to buy gifts for people.
And yes I'm behind on the gift buying, too.
Whew. I need a day of catch up.

Lucy's information - her AKC stuff and her medical info.


I still have 3-4 dividers left and I'm sure I'll find a purpose for them soon enough.

This has seriously been such a great project - one that I literally use in some way every single day.
Love that my schedule, my to do lists, etc, are all in one place!
Happy organizing!

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Friday, August 24, 2012

pictures with my real camera.

Now that you've picked yourself up off the floor after reading the title of this post, I shall continue.

I. actually. took. pictures. of. my. baby. with. my. real. camera.
Like, not the camera on my iPhone. 
My for real, look-thru-the-hole-and-push-the-button camera.

I decided since little miss is sitting so well in her Bumbo seat that I'd try to get some pictures of her this afternoon. 
With my other two kids, planning 'photo shoots' was an ordeal. 
Not with the golden child. Oh no. 
You tell her you want pictures, she says "Ok mom. no problem. I'll even smile and make the cutest faces ever." And in about 10 minutes, I have about 25+ photos to choose from. Ahh, bliss.

I love third babies. I need another third baby. 
Ok maybe not. 

Enjoy these photos of my littlest little.

And then, just when I was finishing up, here comes brother asking to get up on the bench with Emma Kate. I was thinking, "Ok let's see how long this lasts." I sat him up there and told him to kiss her. His kisses involve leaning in and making a smacking noise, so he never really 'kisses' her, but I thought it was sweet how he closed his eyes and leaned in... makes my heart melt!
He really is a sweet brother. God love him.

Kiss your babies today. 
They are only little for so long. 

(emma kate's 4 month update is below.)

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Emma Kate at 4 Months

Remember that time my daughter turned 4 months old, like, FOREVER AGO?
Actually it was just 14 days ago. But still, that's like, half a month ago.
And this post has been in the works for that long. So by the time you read this, some of these things will have changed. I'm trying my best to be on time, but ya know, I got other things to do! 
(If you could see my kitchen right now, you'd believe me and tell me to get the heck off the computer.)

Emma Kate, you are 4 months old! Can't believe it, sweet girl.
Which is why I will continue to swaddle you, pick you up every time you whimper, and refuse to let you start solid foods. :) You're the baby. And I want you to be the baby as long as possible.

"Hello, I'm cute." yeah you knew that.

Here's what you're up to at 4 months old...

You refuse to poop on anything except smocked bubbles.
Lesson #1 in our house: Poop on anything you want. EXCEPT a smocked bubble.
You're gonna need to learn that. Mama can't be changing you in to a onesie on every outing.
Ok, moving on...

You weight about 16 pounds and are 27ish inches long.
You wear 6-18 month clothes and size 3 diapers.
Butterball turkey. Yup.

You sleep all night; you are still sleeping in your crib, on the boppy lounger, although those days are about to be over, I'm afraid, because you're getting long! 
You always start the night in a tight swaddle but most of the time you end up like this:

 (These are from my video monitor, but were taken on 2 different nights!)

You are the master of breaking the swaddle; those fingers find their way out every time.

You still refuse a paci unless you are just absolutely starved or so tired that you can't calm down.
And even then you'll only suck on it for a few seconds.
Other than that, you don't care for it at all. You gag and spit them out immediately.

You're nursing every 3-4 hours during the day. I have said all along that I would wait until 6 months to start solids unless the doc tells us otherwise; however, you've already had a breadstick and a rice krispy treat, so I guess that thought is out the window.  I let you hold them and you gummed them until they were soggy. Niiiice. Typical third child, I guess. With the first baby, you start with rice cereal, then veggies, then fruits, waiting a careful 3 days between each food to check for allergies; with the second child, you go straight for the fruits, skipping the rice cereal completely, and hoping the veggies will taste great; with the third child, you start with breadsticks and rice krispy treats. Isn't that the way it goes? Here's a video showing you and your breadstick. Hilarious.
So yeah, I'd say you're probably ready for some solids. You are, after all, in the 150th percentile.
Bring on the good stuff!

You actually took a bottle this past weekend at Mimi's house. The Walmart brand! Wahoooo!
Here's to babysitters!

You are a very content baby and will lay in your yellow rock n play or on the floor or in your swing as long as we will let you. You also do well in the car.

You have begun to bring your hands together more and grab onto toys and pull them to your face and mouth. You are contantly putting your fingers in your mouth too. You are drooling a lot and blowing bubbles so you may be an early teether like your big sister. You've also found your feet recently.

You laugh out loud when tickled and you have the biggest grins when we talk to you or tickle you!
Your brother and sister love you. Sam calls you "Kate" or "Ah-Kate."

I'm pretty sure you are growing hair... which is kind of unheard of for my babies, but I'm almost positive you are; you have all this new baby fuzz all over your head. I'm not getting my hopes up but I'm almost certain it wasn't there before so maybe you will get some hair before you are 18 months old! 
I still think it may be curly like Mary Ella's. We will see!

You have started sitting in the Bumbo seat and you seem to like it a lot. You pay lots of attention to Mary Ella and Sam and you love watching them play.

You love books and watching the iPad and looking at yourself in the mirror.
You also love riding in the stroller and you've been to the zoo, the splash pad, the water park, the dog park, the mall, and everywhere else in that thing. We bought you the clip-on fan recently and it's helped to keep you cool on these hot summer days.

You watched your very first Olympics this past month. Go USA!
You and Daddy were nervous about the gymnastics event finals.

But your sister reassured you that she would teach you all her tricks.

You weren't so sure about the balance beam, but we're hoping you'll get used to it.
Because we're counting on you and your sister to bring home the gold in 2028.

You are the perfect little dumplin baby and I love you more than you'll ever know!
I thank God for your health and how well you seem to be doing. 
I hope I never take it for granted.
You are precious in His sight, baby girl. 

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