Sunday, July 8, 2012

Princess for a Day

A couple weeks ago Mary Ella spent the week at the Compound because she was supposed to have swimming lessons. Well, she didn't make it to swimming (as in, wouldn't go no matter how hard anyone tried to convince her), but she did make it to Princess Week at Dena Diane, a children's clothing store in Florence. During the summer, the store is hosting princess parties every afternoon; you make an appointment for your little girls and they get to pick out a dress, get their hair/nails/makeup done, and have a tea party. My sister Betsy and cousin Ashley took the girls one afternoon and they loved it! 
Addie Jane chose Cinderella and Mary Ella chose Jasmine (which is funny because she's never seen the movie. Guess she liked the costume? Or just wanted to show off the midriff.) They came back to the Compound all glitter-fied and glamourous. Mary Ella told me all about it when she got back. 
Thanks Betsy and Ashley for taking them, and for taking pictures!

(This has to be the most hilarious picture; you can tell she loves getting her hair brushed.) ;)

So thankful they have each other! They are making precious memories together.

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