Saturday, July 21, 2012

Home Improvement: Dining Room

If you've been a reader for a while, you know that I am no stranger to changing things up in my house. 
It's actually a chronic problem that I was seeking help for... until Pinterest was invented. Now my diagnosis has been deemed incurable. So I rest in the fact that I will have this ongoing need to change and re-do and undo and do again, and I take comfort in the fact that there are others out there who are battling the same problem. :)

My dining room for instance.
I loved it from the moment we moved in... something about the deep dark chocolate walls and that coffered ceiling to match. It was super pretty. Lots of natural light, too.

dining room before

We moved our furniture in and hung the curtains that my grandmother made for me.
Our furniture was dark brown too, so the curtains were really the only thing that brightened up the room. I tried adding lamps and vases and the white frame, but it still seemed like brown overload.

Here it is after we decorated a little bit (it's decorated for a baby shower, but you get the point. Brown china cabinet, brown table, brown benches, brown walls, brown ceiling molding.)

I explored a few color options that would still work with the molding on the ceiling (cause who wants to paint that stuff? Not even me.) but I really couldn't find anything I liked that would brighten up the space, so I ended up using the same color we used in our den and other upstairs living areas.
(Behr Mesa.)

So here's what it looked like:
(This is the decorated dining room again. Can you tell we only use our dining room for throwing parties? Ha...)

I never liked it. Blah. Gross.

So after 202 days of Behr Mesa walls and then a brief 12 hours of some hideous ice blue aqua (leftover paint + 10pm frappucino = not a good combo for a chronic DIYer. It was bad.), I knew I needed to get serious. But ya know, getting serious meant research.
And luckily for me, it happened to be Monday night.
And it happened to be the premier of Bachelor Pad.
And it happened to be back in 2010 when I had time to watch TV.
And they happened to have some awesome fabric in their pad.
So I used it as my inspiration.
Don't judge.

Here's the fabric (only picture I could find online):

The background was almost identical to the original color of my walls and the ceiling molding, and I loved the accents of bright blue-ish turquoise and the avocado green. So I went with it. And now I love it. I think the wall color I picked was called "Appletini" but I can't remember the brand of paint I used.

Here are the AFTER photos:

 Round mirror from Hobby Lobby; vases from Big Lots, spray painted white; place mats and napkins from Christmas Tree Shops)

White frames from thrift store and Christmas Tree Shops; turquoise frames from TJ Maxx; lamp was a thrift store find that I spray painted turquoise and added the drum shade from Target.)

Chevron rug from; Table and benches from World Market; buffet cabinet from Z Gallery.)

I love the chevron rug. It's my favorite part and it really added to the space.
Chad had the buffet/cabinet when he was a bachelor and it's such a great piece. 
I also love the turquoise glass bird and flying pig, both from Ross. TJ Maxx and Ross are my favorite places to find accessories for a room, especially picture frames and glass pieces.

Alright, there's my post for the week.
Thank you to Chad for watching the kids while I did this, 
and to my dining room walls for suffering so much re-doing.
I promise I am done messing with you.
For now.
blessed signature


jessica said...

Ooh I love it! When we get settled again, will you come redo something at my house?! =)

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