Sunday, July 8, 2012

4th of July Fun

Hope you all had a great 4th of July! We had a good week. Daddy was off work on the holiday as well as the rest of the week so we were able to celebrate all week long. 

My girlies wore their red, white and blue dress and bubble to church on Sunday.
(These are from SweetBaby Tutu - a super cheap smocked dealer on Facebook.)

This year we celebrated the 4th of July up at the compound.

It's been a while since we've been to the annual 4th of July fish fry (I think Mary Ella had just turned one the last time we went.) The entire compound gang was there along with the Huntsville clan and  our extended family as well. Kristi hosted everyone at her house.
We enjoyed time around the pool and spending time with all the cousins.

Emma Kate and cousin Hudson 

Believe it or not, they are only a month apart. This is the difference in size you get at one month apart when you have an extra large baby and an extra small baby at birth. (EK was 9'9 and Hudson was 6'14.)
 Please take a moment to compare their legs. Umm yes.

Poppa and Emma Kate

No shame in the 2-piece.

We ate LOTS of food, none of which was good for us, because after all, what's a compound feast without a few carbs, right? I should probably rename this post "Carb Fest 2012." It was that awesome.

We also had a parade this year - we brought our rides and decked them out in red, white and blue and the kiddos followed Charlie and Grandaddy on the tractor. Gracie rode in the stroller and she loved going fast to catch up with the speed demons. We only had a few near-death run-ins with the tractor, causing only a handful of minor heart attacks, but other than that it turned out ok! :)

Mary Ella and Sam enjoyed the fireworks later that night, but Emma Kate was not a fan. 
Grandaddy Ike rocked her inside the house until she fell asleep. 

Hope everyone had a great holiday!
(Oh, and Mary Ella turned FOUR on July 2nd so I'll post soon about her birthday.)
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