Monday, June 4, 2012

Yard Sale Fun

Went yard sale-ing with the compound gals a few weeks ago...
just a few of our finds:

an old library edition of The Wind in the Willows

a set of Thomas engines and a carrying case, all for $6

vintage strawberry shortcake toys! agh! be still my heart!

mom, vicki, ann marie

the car I bought for $10.

the people who were trying to sell chow mein noodle microwave dinners.

another stop. 

we had the van packed full.

sam looks thrilled.

our last stop was the home of some old friends, scott and rhonda holley.
and lo and behold, guess what they had for sale? the precious smocked strasburg dress that their daughter, erin, wore in my wedding. it's a size 6 so mary ella can't quite wear it yet, but 
i'm so excited to have this now - so special for her to be able to wear it.

and here is scott acting like his crazy self, trying to sell me a beanie baby frog hooked to his fishing rod.

some folks we met on the road. just riding around in their golf cart with their granddoll.

I bought this cool corner desk for my laundry room... it's in there now and is a great space saver; my computer is in there so it's nice to have everything in a corner.

after being yanked outta bed at 6:30am and driving around for a few hours, these kids were worn out!

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