Monday, June 25, 2012

What's Going On.

I am not a very good blogger anymore. Just so you know. So this is going to be one of those list form blogs, ya know, where none of my topics relate to each other but just kinda give you the gist of what's going on... hence, my creative title: What's Going On.

1. Last week I cooked a meal. 

Go ahead and take a moment of silence for that one. Amen.
(In all seriousness, I don't know how people with 3 or more kids even attempt to cook. I know this will get better when they are not so little any more, but I'm doing good to make a PB & J and whip out some cheez-its these days. I told Chad when he came in and saw me cooking to just sit back and take it all in, because it is no doubt a sheer miracle these days for him to get a home cooked meal. I'll get better.)

2. We've been so fortunate to have meals provided to us by friends. This has seriously been such a blessing, because, well, see #1. To say I'm thankful would feel like a huge understatement. 

3. Mary Ella will be 4 one week from today. FOUR. Insanity. I'm working on party stuff. Well, 'working' as in looking at stuff on Pinterest. Mostly I'm putting it off. Because I may be in denial that my firstborn is about to be four. Ugh.

4. Speaking of Mary Ella, she's at the Compound this week and is supposed to be taking swimming lessons from Mrs. Denise. Dad called this morning and said she was not happy about it and said Mary Ella wants to "keep her floaty on forever." Wellllll that ain't happening. Hopefully she'll give in and want to learn how to swim with the other kiddos. There will be bribery involved, believe me.

5. I have a chronic can't-unload-the-dryer-or-dishwasher problem. If anyone wants to come do this for me, you are more than welcome.

6. I did a little switcheroo in the girls room this weekend. I switched their beds. I felt like the crib was preventing a lot of natural light from coming in, and there is also a vent over by that window and every time I would go pick Emma Kate up after a nap, whatever part of her was not wrapped would basically be ice cold. So I switched their beds and also rearranged the shelf in the middle.

Here's the before:

And the after:

I also felt like the little window nook was wasted space with the crib being over there, so I used it to make Mary Ella an area where she can keep her books, keepsakes and dolls. Not sure why I didn't think of this before! 

 7. I am also working on making the sewing/craft room a more functional space so that when I actually have time to sew and craft, I won't be overwhelmed with the hoarders-esque room that it has become.
But of course I don't have a picture of the hoarders-esque room because I forgot. 
So here's the before shot before it became hoarders:

The arrangement wasn't all that bad except I realized pretty quickly that having my computer downstairs wasn't going to work. I don't have time to go down there every time I need to update my phone, transfer pictures, edit my pictures, update my calendar, etc. So my computer is now upstairs. 
I also didn't like that fact that I only had one sewing area; when I make appliques I have to iron, cut, piece together, etc, so I needed two separate spaces; one to iron/cut/make appliques and another area to sew. So I made myself an L-shaped sewing area by adding a $20 craft table from Christmas Tree Shops and covering it with a tablecloth (also from CTS) so that I could have storage underneath without causing an eye sore. 

I still need to organize my supplies and that will come in time.
I did organize my fabric last Friday night while Mary Ella and I watched "Tangled" downstairs. 
(And yes it took the entire 2 hour movie to get all my fabric to look like this. Ex-haus-ting. But worth it. Although now it looks like I hardly have any fabric! Guess that's a good thing though.)

8. I did have time to do a little sewing the last time I was up at the Compound and I made these cute shirts for all my kids. I like the stacked monogram. (The fabric is just a fat-quarter packet of coordinating fabrics from WalMart.) 

By the way, all this applique madness happened after midnight. I'd like to dedicate these shirts to Crystal Light Energy packets, the peach mango flavor. Thanks Dad for introducing me.

I also made these flower shirts with rick-rack and buttons. I love the way they turned out.
And I love the way Mary Ella has a Snooky poof in this photo.

9. Since we got back from the Compound I've been stuck here at home due to our backyard makeover. 
Did I ever tell you we have a not-so-great backyard? Well, we do. It's basically not functional AT ALL. Due to a huge mountainous slope that goes straight down hill and absolutely no level ground anywhere in the entire yard whatsoever. So using a sandbox, baby pool, etc has always been a challenge. And getting a swing set is completely out of the question. (We bought our house before we had kids so a level backyard wasn't all that important to us then. Oh how you learn!) 
Our under-the-deck area has pretty much been the only area for outside play. But it's a basically a big mud pit that is occasionally infested with man eating black widow spiders. So, ya know, my kids weren't exactly allowed out there... um... ever. 
But NOW - finally! - we are getting something done. A patio, to be exact.
I will post about the entire project soon complete with photos. 
But for now I'll show you the ghetto before pictures:

You can't really tell by this photo but this goes straight down hill. Hopefully it will make for a killer slip-n-slide party one day when the kids are older. 

I'll post the after pics when they're all done and we have a somewhat functional space!

10. Have you ever in your life seen anything more scrumptious than this child?

I didn't think so.

And remember when I told you in the last post how she likes to 'coo' at her owl?
Well, I took a video. This is the sweetest thing ever. Enjoy.

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A said...

Those Energy packs are no joke. I wrote Crystal Light to praise them (and also hope for some free samples). No dice on the samples, but I'm hoping to at least keep them on the shelves for a while longer!

Laura Rogers said...

Thank you. I needed an update. :) I'm also quite tempted to drive myself down there and a) hold that baby, b) unload your dishwasher.


Ramona Cody said...

Love your blog! Children are precious, just precious! Do you have a fancy machine that does all the appliqued clothes? I would love to learn how for my grandbabies.

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