Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sam is 2.

Sweet Sam Ellis, I cannot believe you are TWO!
I will never forget the day you came into the world - there is nothing quite like meeting your precious little boy for the first time and discovering what everyone means when they say that a mama and her boy have a special bond. Yes we do, sweet boy, and I love you to the moon and back.
You've had quite the year, and I want to highlight it so that you can know how far you have come and what all you've accomplished. I'm so proud of you, buddy.

First of all, look how much you have changed! Here are a couple of your one-year-old pictures, taken last year right around your first birthday.

Other highlights from the past year...
Mommy gave you your first 'big boy' haircut.

You had a bazillion doctors' appointments due to your low muscle tone and gross motor delay.
Here you are at Children's Hospital on one of the hardest days - you were getting tested (i.e. one million blood draws) for all kinds of genetic conditions that could possibly make you have weak muscles. Thankfully everything tested negative; we thank God for that every day.
You were a great sport despite the fact that Mommy was distraught most of the day. You kept me laughing and smiling. You're super good at that.

And here you are again at the hospital getting your second surgery. You did so good, big boy!

You attended your first big league baseball game.

You went to the beach for the first time.

You started going to Mother's Day Out one day a week; 
we thought it might help you get caught up on your motor skills.

And sure enough, your first day of school was also your first day to CRAWL! At 15 months old you became a mobile baby for the first time, and we were so thankful and excited for you.

You took your first trip to Atlanta with the family.

(I love your dimple, by the way.)

You went along with your sister's wishes and played the helpless dalmatian for your 2nd Halloween.

Throughout the fall and winter, you continued to improve in your motor skills; I never thought I'd be thrilled to have a baby who could pull toys off the shelves and mess up an entire room in minutes, but it has been so much fun watching you grow and discover new 'tricks' and how to get around.

You met Santa twice and you loved him.

You enjoyed time with your buddies during the unusually warm winter we had this year.

And after Christmas you began walking behind your push toys! 
This was super exciting, for both you and everyone else.

And soon after that - well, on February 8th, 2012, to be exact - at 20 months and 6 days old - you took your very first big boy STEPS. I couldn't have been happier. See the videos here.
We were so happy for you and it was fun to see you enjoy walking everywhere. You were able to enjoy the neighborhood, the compound and the park in a whole new way.

You became slightly obsessed with glasses and began wearing them around the house on a regular basis.

You celebrated your second Easter and experienced the fun in dyeing and hunting eggs for the first time.

And two days after Easter, you became a BIG BROTHER!
I was worried about how you'd accept Emma Kate, and although you were a bit apprehensive at first (and you've shown your jealous side a few times,) all in all you've far exceeded my expectations. 
You are super sweet and loving and gentle and you have learned to talk to her in a 'baby voice' like Mommy does which is so funny to me. You call her "Ah-Kate" and point to her all the time. You enjoy forcefully shoving gently putting her paci back in her mouth when it falls out. You tell everyone to "Shhhh" when you know she is sleeping. You play "This Little Piggy" with her toes and you give her smacking kisses.
You are such a good big brother, Sam.

You wore a cast for 2 weeks after suffering your first (and hopefully last!) broken bone.
The cast didn't slow you down too much.

After breaking your leg, you became attached to little Henry, and you two have been buddies every since. Not sure if it's Henry or if it's his killer hair that you love the most, but either way you take him everywhere you go. :)

Some of my other favorite pictures:

You are mama's sweet boy, daddy's little buddy, Mary Ella's best friend and number one fan, and Emma Kate's sweet big brother. You are strong willed yet oh so sensitive. You are adventurous and ever curious and you make me smile every single day. I love you, big boy. 

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Jamie Grizzle said...

Extra special post - made me tear up. That mother/son bond is somethin' else indeed! Can't wait to see Asher turn into a big brother. I hope he does as well as sweet Sam.

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