Monday, June 18, 2012

Emma Kate at 2 Months

(EK turned 2 months old on June 10th. Let's face it, these posts will never be right on time.)

Emma Kate Morgan, 2 months have flown by so fast.
You are turning in to a real human being! You can see us better, interact with us and stick out your pouty lip just enough to make us do whatever you want. :)

I still think you look a lot like your sister. Here is a good comparison shot.
Mary Ella on the left and you on the right.

Mary Ella, 2 months
Emma Kate, 2 months

You are growing so fast. We haven't had your 2 month check up, and actually we aren't even going until you are 3 months old, but according to our scale at home you weigh somewhere around 13 pounds. You're a growing gal. You wear mostly 3 month clothes, with the exception of some 6 month bubbles and dresses. I love to dress you up. You wear size 2 diapers. 

 Here you are doing your morning crunches. Or maybe you are making a poopy diaper. 
Either way, I love your rolls.

 I think you're used to your siblings now. They love you a lot.

And so does your daddy.

 This is what you look like if you eat after Mommy drinks her morning coffee. :)

You're sweet as can be - smiley when you're awake and pouty when things aren't going your way. You still squint your eyes a bit when you smile (or maybe it's those chubby cheeks pushing your eyes shut), but we love it either way. You are starting to 'coo' and talk to us some, which is fun to watch. You are definitely happiest in the mornings, like all babies, and after you've been fed. 

This past month you experienced several things for the first time. Your umbilical cord finally fell off around 6 weeks so you had your first tub bath. You seemed to be a bit unsure at first,

but then after a minute or two you were smiling and kicking away. Then you started stretching your legs out as far as they could reach and 'grabbing' the end of the tub with your finger toes. Your long toes seem to work just as well as your fingers; you can wrap them around just about anything.

You love to have your legs 'bicycled' and your feet clapped together. You smile a lot when we do this.
You also enjoy kicking your feet 90 mph and you do this a lot in the mornings.

You took your first zoo trip this past month. Mimi was there with her summer school kiddos. We met them there and I had lots of help pushing your around. 

You still have an undying affection for ceiling fans, gallery walls, art, anything that is interesting and big and has lots of contrast, it seems (like the star above Mommy's bed.) You are enjoying your activity mat a little more. You also have started to focus on the TV, I've noticed, and sometimes you'll crane your neck to look at it.

You are a good sleeper for such a young baby. You will go down around 10pm usually and usually sleep until 4:30 or so, then eat and go back to sleep until 8ish. You aren't consistently sleeping in your crib, which is my fault. At night you sleep in the bassinet in our room, in your crib, or on our bed. You usually nap on our bed or in the swing. Just depends on the day. You definitely sleep best on our bed. 
Go figure! :)

You are eating 5-6 times a day, usually every 3-4 hours. Still nursing like a champ. You rarely take a bottle but you will if you have to. You like the Dr. Browns and Gumdrop brands, but won't take any of the other brands we've tried. 

You went to your second wedding this past month and you played with baby Brantley and Mason at the reception. You also met Kristy, Lindsey, Savannah and Addison. :)

You are also picky with your pacis and so far will only take a latex (not silicone) Nuk brand pacifier.
We've tried the others and they just don't seem to cut it. Your favorite is the one we received at the hospital (pictured below) so I'm hoping we can hang on to it as long as possible.

You've had several trips to the compound over the last month and you did well on all of them.
This past weekend you dipped your feet in the pool and hung out in the shade while everyone went swimming. I think you got too hot because you started crying - screaming, rather - at the top of your lungs like you were miserable about an hour after we got there. I'm not sure if your tummy was upset or if you were just overheated; either way you did NOT like whatever was bothering you. Finally we stripped you down, put you in the stroller and Grandaddy Ike pushed you around until you fell asleep. Poor baby. Maybe you are hot natured like your aunt Betsy. :)

You do well in the car seat unless you are starving. Your Daddy drove you home one night this week after eating out and it was almost meal time and he said you sounded like a honey badger the entire way home. Your hunger cry is a very desperate, wild-animal-like cry. Gotta keep you fed.

You are strong and do very well on your tummy. You love to stare at the PB Kids owls and you smile and 'talk' to them. If I put you on your stomach you will raise completely up to see them, for as long as your little muscles will let you. I think you'll be an early crawler!

Your cousin Hudson was born this past month! We met him on Memorial Day weekend. I am so glad all three of you have a cousin that is your age. You, Gracie and Hudson will all be in the same grade. (Your first time together with aunt Manda is pictured below.) This past week we went up to Aunt Vicki's; it was your first time there. You shared the nap nanny with Hudson. At first you were happy but then he squeaked and you freaked out a bit and started pouting about being next to him.

You also met your aunt Larissa for the first time and you were quite comfortable nestled up on her chest for about 3 hours straight. Not sure who was happier about that, you or her. :)

Emma Kate, we love you so much. We're thankful for these two months we've had with you so far and we pray that God will bless us with many, many more. You bring us so much joy and I look forward to kissing your sweet cheeks every morning. I love you, baby girl!

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Kristy said...

Such a doll. My favorite picture is the one of her with that ice cream (I think) in front of her. She is a cutie!

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