Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cast On, Cast Off.

The days of wearing a cast are OVER. Sambo is free, free at last.
In case you missed it, his second cast was red. 
He wore the red one for exactly one week and then they took it off for good.

Here he is at the park one day. Poor thing couldn't really do anything but swing.
Good thing he loves to swing.

The swings and the kitchen table were our go-to places to keep him confined when he was determined to put weight on his leg. So we did lots of coloring too. And lots of cheetoh eating. :)

There isn't a whole lot you can do with a cast on your leg, but little man managed to get around just fine. I was so thankful that he could crawl in it; I was afraid we'd be stuck in a high chair for 2 weeks so the fact that he was actually mobile was a blessing.
Here's a video of him at my parents' house with his first cast.

But the day we got that thing taken off, you better believe we were gonna celebrate.
We left the orthopedic clinic and went straight to Gardendale's splash pad. It was so much fun.
Sam actually couldn't walk for a day or so after his cast came off, so he sat most of the time, but we still had a blast. We will definitely be heading that way again soon.

And we broke out the pool again that afternoon. We had an all-day no-more-broken-leg celebration.

Sambo was in hog heaven.

The following Monday, our pool opened, so we hit that up too. 
Nothing like nonstop water fun to ring in the summer season. 

I feel semi-caught up now. 
So I'll go catch up on sleep. Night-night, everyone.
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