Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sambo and Toy Story

I've mentioned before that Sam is IN LOVE with Toy Story.

So in love, in fact, that I've completely changed my mind on his birthday party theme and decided to go all out Toy Story. We were going to do a farm/barnyard theme up at the Compound, so it won't be too terribly different... some bandanas, cow print, boots and hats for Woody, and then we'll have to throw Buzz Lightyear in there somehow too since he's Sam's favorite character of all (he chants "Buthhhzz! Buthhzz!" - that's BUZZ with a lisp, people - when he wants to watch the movie.)

One day we were sitting in the den and he pointed to the ceiling fan and kept saying, "A Cawwwhhh" and I had no idea what he was saying until we watched Toy Story for the 83rd time that day and during the Pizza Planet scene with the little green aliens in the claw machine, the aliens said, "The claaawwww" and Sam once again pointed to the fan and repeated it... so hilarious. So now our ceiling fan has been affectionately deemed "the claw."

Anywho, back to party planning... I ordered his invitations on Etsy and they are soooo cute. I'll keep you updated on the party planning but if you're interested just go to my Pinterest "Party Planning" board and there ya go, cause you know all my ideas will be straight from Pinterest, amen.

And to get you super duper excited, here's a video of Sam and how super duper excited he gets when he sees that I'm about to turn on his favorite movie. (We have it on DVR so when he sees the icon pull up he knows it's coming.) You'll see he has a screaming fit and then follows that with "BUTHH!!! BUTHZZ!" while pointing at the television. It's like my friend Jamie says, that movie must have some subliminal messages! My kid is addicted.

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Jamie Grizzle said...

I am so excited! 1) because seeing sweet Sam get so excited was pretty much contagious. and 2)because I just got quoted on my favorite blog! I taped Asher doing the same thing last night. He starts yelling "Hat! Woooo-ey!" when he sees the Pixar emblem logo on. These kiddos - what did we do before them???

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