Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Last Week: Visits from Family, Sick Kiddos and Junkin Finds.

Yikes! Didn't mean to leave you all with a horribly negative post to look at for 5 days straight. Sorry.
We finished out this past week a LOT better than we started it. Thank you Jesus.

First I need to rewind a bit...

On Monday night (the night the madness began) we attended Mary Ella's Art Show at school.
Basically a showcase of all the artwork the kids have done throughout the year. She was proud to show us everything she'd colored and painted and put together. She even won a first place ribbon.
(I posted more of her work yesterday so I could catalog it in case I don't keep up with the actual art.)

I already blogged about Tuesday. I think you get it.
Mary Ella woke up with a cold. Sam eventually ended up with the cold and they both still have it.

Wednesday morning we took Emma Kate to her 2 week checkup. Take a look at these awesome stats...

Yep, that's right. 10 pounds, 1 ounce and 22.5 inches long.
That puts us in the 150th percentile. No not really. But pretty much off the charts.
Dr. A said she was the height and weight of a 2.5 month old. Yay for chubs.

After her appointment we went over to Aldridge Gardens.
I fed the baby while the kiddos ran around and threw pine cones at each other's heads. 
I did manage to catch this sweet moment with my phone. Sam's all about a hug from Big Sis.
And she's usually happy to oblige.

Sambo helped me push baby girl in the stroller.

After playing at the gardens we met up with our cousins! They came in town to see the baby.
We ate lunch at Ragtime then headed back the house for playtime in our underwear...

Jack, in his boxer briefs and shades. Hilarious.

The kids played and then rested during the afternoon, and that night we were brave enough to take all 5 of them to O'Charley's for dinner (Ashley and I were craving their pecan crusted chicken salad). We only managed to lose one child (Sam) at one point, when he walked out the restaurant doors as we were waiting on our table. Thankfully a kind gentleman escorted him back inside. 
After dinner we made a pit stop at Old Navy and then Yogurt Mountain.
By that point the kids were melting even faster than their yogurt in the 80 degree weather, 
so we called it a night and headed back to the house.

The kids think our couch is magical because it transforms into a bed. 
We let them all watch a movie together and they looked hilarious.
Can't wait until Addie Jane and Jack have a baby brother to add to this mix. Hudson will be here in about 4 weeks (maybe less!) I don't think we'll be going out in public much once there are only 2 adults with 6 kiddos. Not without the husbands, anyway.

Our cousins left Thursday morning and we spent the day inside in our underwear again.
Wiping our snotty noses and counting our piggy bank money.
(In all seriousness, this is one of Sam's favorite activities now. Keeps him occupied for-ev-er.)

Emma Kate thought about several important things like when she should eat next and when she should poop next and how many times she should spit out her paci during her naps in order to get Mommy to hold her. No, she really is a good baby.

Sam thought about ways to climb out of his crib.
I watched him walk from end to end about 46 times and try to step up onto the bumper pad, which of course just squished flat underneath his foot, but he'd just go to another spot and try it again. Bless.
Lord, pleeaase give Sambo another year sleeping in his crib. Or two. Or three. Amen.

Sick kiddos enjoying some lunch.

Hello, it's 7pm and I'm still in my night gown.

My parents came for the weekend and we were finally able to get out of the house yesterday afternoon. We ventured to the outlets in Leeds but didn't realize it was going to be 85 degrees. Five minutes of walking around out there and we knew we'd made a big mistake (especially with 3 kids in tow, 2 of whom were already battling colds and not feeling 100%.) So we left and went to Bass Pro Shop, where at least there was some air conditioning.
Emma Kate wins the award of the day for being the most compliant.

I'm sorry, but if she's not cute, I don't know who is. Dumplin cheeks. I could just eat her up.

I wasn't a very good picture-taker this weekend, but Mom and I also managed to get in a few junkin trips. On Saturday morning we went to about 6 yard sales in the neighborhood below mine, and on our last stop I hit the JACKPOT. I know I have to be like the luckiest person ever when it comes to finding stuff at thrift stores and yard sales. Because I literally walked into Smocked Paradise... this lady had at LEAST 30 smocked outfits for girls, all sizes 5/6/7 and just a few in smaller sizes, in her garage, and just about every one still had TAGS.
They were all name brand - Zuccini, Strasburg (sp?), Castles & Crowns, etc.
 And her prices? Oh, you know... $10-15 per outfit.
Did I mention they had TAGS?? And had never been worn?
I was like, "Ummm are you sure??"
yes she was sure. and I was sure pulling out my cash.
And so there goes my yard sale money, and I was so glad I had found absolutely nothing at the 5 sales before that one, because I straight up bought that lady's entire rack.
No, but I did get about 8 outfits, all to the tune of $69, amen.
(Sorry to those of you who do not live in the south and do not understand the necessity of having a smocked outfit on your child at all times. It's just the way we are.)
(And I'm sorry to all of you who are jealous right now because I scored big time. Yah.
She has about a million things left though so I'll give you her name if you want it. For small fee. Ha...)

Anyway, the yard sale-ing was fun.
We also went to the thrift store and I scored a few more robot toys for Sam's collection,
including an Alphie from the 1980's, just like the one I had when I was little.

(All 5 of these robots are from America's Thrift... the 3 on the right are the ones we found Sat night.)

This week it's back to the grind... except the kids are still sick with colds (Sambo more than Mary Ella, although she still has a horrible cough so I'm keeping her out of school).
Be back shortly with a 3 week update on Emma Kate.

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