Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Emma Kate at 3 Weeks

 Emma Kate, you are 3 weeks old.

You are becoming more and more alert every day.
You have more 'awake' time now, although you still sleep a LOT.
Sometimes your Mama is jealous of all the sleep you get.

Speaking of sleep, you can sleep almost anywhere during the day --
on your boppy lounger, in your bassinet, in the pack n play, on the concrete driveway... 
but at night, you are most comfortable on my bed. You will fall right asleep the minute I lay you on my bed. I think we're going to have to put you in your crib soon. :)

You seem to have a hard time settling yourself down when you are super tired.
The paci won't stay in your mouth and you get frustrated at that. 

You had a 2-week check up this past week and you are a big healthy baby.
You weighed 10 pounds, 1 ounce and had already grown an inch since you were born.

You are still eating every 2.5-3 hours during the day and usually go 4 hours at night.

You're wearing NB/0-3 month clothes depending on the brand and size 1 diapers.
You belly button cord is still hanging on tight.

You prefer your arms to be free instead of swaddled and you sleep with your arms up by your head; 
I think you must've been like this in the womb.

You are learning to deal with the noise that comes with having an extremely loud brother and sister.
It doesn't really seem to phase you at all.

You will stare at the ceiling fan forever. I think you are even following it with your eyes a little bit.

This past week you met your cousin Ashley for the first time and you enjoyed your first trip to the outlets malls and to Bass Pro Shop and a restaurant. You were a good baby on our outings. 

You love getting bathed and having your hair washed.

 You must have some seriously intense dreams, because I can always hear you making noise when you are in a deep sleep. I was finally able to video you sleeping this week and making some of your crazy sounds... this is so sweet and you sound so girly...

Baby girl, you are such a blessing to our family and we fall more in love with you every day.
We love you, sweet Emma Kate.

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Kristy said...

Oh my word. I have banked my life on being 2 and through, but those sounds... Those sounds... What a sweet sweet baby!

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