Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Break a Leg. Literally.

Well, most of you have heard by now, I'm sure, but our lives just got a little more interesting.
I mean, I have a newborn. I need some additional excitement and some stress in my life, right? Right.

Wednesday started out as a typical day... breakfast, play time, etc.
After lunch I decided I'd let the kids come in my bedroom and watch TV while I showered. I put Mary Ella and Sam on my bed and turned on Disney and then went to get the baby from the den. Well, I never imagined Sam would try to get down from my bed; and usually big sister will call me if he even attempts to crawl on the bed. But big sister decided she needed a drink and got up to walk to the kitchen. I was only gone about 30 seconds but it was long enough for Sam to decide he was going to follow Mary Ella. He attempted to get down from the bed himself and ended up landing on his left leg the wrong way; he was coming down the same way he gets off the couch, which is the right way, thank God (feet first, sliding backward on his stomach), but I guess he just didn't realize that my bed is just a weeee bit higher off the ground than the couch. He was sitting upright on my bedroom floor when I came in and wimpering but not crying much; I thought he'd probably landed on his bottom. 

So I put the baby down and sat down to comfort him and then stood him up, and when he tried to bear weight on his left leg, it just buckled underneath him and he fell back down! 
I was like, "Oh. no. Please, no."
He stood up to try again. Same thing.
But you can't really tell a toddler not to keep trying, so he kept on and on and after a few times he was actually able to weight bear and walk on it. But I still felt uneasy about it so I called the pediatrician,
who suggested we come have it x-rayed later that afternoon.

So I called Chad, told him to go ahead and put in my nomination for Mother of the Year,
and then to meet me at the pediatrician's office so he could sit with the girls while Sam and I ran in to get it checked out. At this point, Sam hasn't cried once since he fell, hasn't acted like he hurt at all, and was walking with pretty much no problems; I did notice he still looked a little unsteady, but wasn't sure if that was just Sam or if his foot was hurt. 
They did an x-ray and the pediatrician noticed something odd about the tibia bone (which is the larger bone in your lower leg) but he couldn't tell if it was broken, so he set us up with an orthopedic appointment for Thursday morning at 7:15am.

Sam walked all night, played like his normal self, never even winced in pain.
So I was really thinking we'd go to the ortho doc, he'd tell us to watch him, etc, and we'd be on our merry way. Not the case, unfortunately.
Dr. E came in and told us Sam did have what they call a 'toddler fracture' and that he would need to wear a cast for it to heal properly. And that it would be the kind of cast that would not allow him to walk. Hahahahahahahahahaha. I really did laugh out loud. I'm sure the doctor thought I was nuts.
But I was really just laughing because, you know, of COURSE that would happen to me.
Cause a newborn ain't enough stress, right? Now I have a toddler who is not allowed to toddle.

They escorted us back to the 'casting' room where our new buddy Sam (the cast dude) gave us Dum Dums and put the cast on Sambo's leg. Sam never cried, never seemed scared, and I was so thankful. 
Especially since I was alone and had all 3 kids in tow. 
They were super nice and let us pick our color and gave us the instructions on how to take care of Sambo. They told us not to let him walk if at all possible and that he would probably get it taken off in 2-3 weeks, hopefully just 2 weeks! 

Anyway, here's some pictures...

I always wanted a cast when I was little. 
I'm a little jealous of Sambo. 
And I think he knows it. :)

After the appointment we took Mary Ella to school and Sam spent lots of time on the couch and in the high chair on Thursday. I tried to find activities to keep him busy. He was a little stinker though and kept trying to crawl off the couch. 

The cast never even phased him. 
There was one point in the car after picking Mary Ella up when he held it up and said, "Off!"
but he hasn't fussed a bit since then. 

At first I was afraid to put him down, scared he'd try to stand up and then fall and break the other leg. Ya know, cause that would be my luck.
But he adapted pretty well and was scootin' and crawlin' with ease by the end of the night.

He was in a pretty good mood too, despite having a 20-lb leg.

He randomly asked for Mary Ella's boy doll, Henry, before nap time and bed time, which I thought was funny because he really doesn't ever pay attention to her baby dolls.
 He wanted to sleep with a buddy I guess. A buddy with hair.

Little did I know, that 'buddy' would become an inseparable sidekick for the rest of the weekend. He would say "beebee" (baby) every time we went anywhere. 
So I decided to break Henry's leg too.
And give him a cast made from a napkin and some blue painter's tape. 
The two boys rode like this the entire way to Florence on Friday.

I know you probably think I'm nuts for going on a trip the day after my son breaks his leg, but I figured that would at least give us 3 hours during Friday AND Sunday where he would be contained (in his car seat) and we wouldn't have to worry about him. So we went on our trip as planned. And I'm so glad we did. Sam had a blast and of course we did too. I had lots of help and Mom ended up bringing home tons of learning activities from school to keep him occupied.

Sam and Gracie working on their fine motor skills.

We were actually able to get a picture of all 5 great-grandchildren!
And we'll have another baby to add to this picture in 3 weeks or less!

Jack, Sam, Mary Ella, Emma Kate, Addie Jane and Gracie
(don't you just love some good ol' southern names??)

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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