Tuesday, April 24, 2012

One of those days.

Today has been... well... one of those days.

When you kinda just wanna crawl back into bed.
It actually started last night. The big kids were distraught at bed time, simply because it was bed time.
It was a school night, too, so we were adamant about them getting into bed. They were mad. We were tired. We had already been rushed through dinner to make it to Mary Ella's art show at school and then once we got back home it was one thing after another...

 8:02pm Blowout # 4 for Sam. Diaper changed again.
8:30pm Kids tucked into their beds.
 8:32pm "I don't like these pajamas." 
Heard it about 4 times. Finally found some she liked.
8:37pm "My bed is too hard." 
Heard that one about 6 times. Nothing we can do for that.
8:42pm "My finger hurts." 
Princess bandaid wrapped around finger.
8:43pm "This bandaid is too tight."
Adjusted bandaid.
8:46pm "I can't sleep in here cause its too dark." 

Insert Mommy screaming her head off.
Insert Daddy going to lay in bed with my 3-yr-old until she finally fell asleep.

And it didn't stop there.

9:52pm Nurse Emma Kate for the last time
10:30pm Finally lay my head on my pillow
10:31pm "Mommmmmmyyyyyyyyy" (from Sam's room)
10:32pm "Daaadddddddyyyyyyyy" (again, Sam)

(and you can repeat this pattern for the next 10 minutes.)

10:42pm Go into Sam's room. He is distraught.
Feel sorry for him so instead of letting him cry I pick him up and take him into the den to rock him.
11:01pm I'm falling asleep. I'm sure Sam is asleep so I stand up to take him back to his bed.
11:02pm "Buzz? Jessie?" (pointing at the TV, wanting to watch Toy Story)
"No buddy, we have to go night night."
Hysterical crying.
11:03pm Take him to our bedroom. Put him in the yellow sling (which is for INFANTS), give him
his blankie, tell him good night. Turn on Nick Jr and turn volume to ZERO so we can all sleep.

12:01am Chad wakes up, hears Sam walking around the house. (Because he can get out of the sling.)
12:02am Chad finds Sam, takes him to couch, Sam cries.
12:03am Mary Ella wakes up crying, comes into the den, Chad puts her on the couch too.
12:04am Chad lays on the couch with the kids, falls asleep.
12:05am Emma Kate wakes up, has spit out her paci, crying.

12:06 - 3:00am Put Emma Kate's paci back in her mouth 562 times.
3:00am Feed Emma Kate
3:35am Change and swaddle Emma Kate and put her back to bed (beside me, on her pillow)
6:22am Emma Kate hungry again, feed her in my bed, we both fall asleep.
8:05am WAKE UP, frantic, because it's a school morning and I have to get 2 kids ready, 2 lunches packed, and get all 3 kids in the car and out the door by 8:45 am.
8:06am Find kids still on couch (Chad already at work), Mary Ella has stuffy nose, Sam is in an ill mood.
8:08am Get kids dressed. Mary Ella keeps coughing.
8:09am I decide Mary Ella is not going to school because she's getting a cold.
8:10am I decide Sam is not going if Mary Ella is not going.
8:12am Frustrated and knowing I will have my 2 oldest ones today instead of having them at Mothers Day Out, I grab 2 chocolate chip cookies and a Diet Mountain Dew from the fridge and eat/drink them like I've been starving for a decade.

Ahhhh. That's better.
And then...

8:30am - 10:29am 
Spend most of the morning breaking up fights between M.E. and Sambo.
Try to get them to do their own activities - coloring, iPad, reading books, counting the money in her new piggy bank, etc. 
Nothing is working. Because they are both EXHAUSTED from having NO SLEEP.
Consider calling Nanny 9-11.
Then consider it again after finding maple syrup all over one of my couch cushions because a certain little girl did not wipe her hands after breakfast like she was told.
Sam screams and points to candy jar on top of the fridge and cannot for the life of him understand why he is not being given any candy.
Sam stands at the gate at the top of the stairs and screams because it will not open. 
Because it is child proof.

10:30am Chad calls and tells me he forgot to remind me that I needed to go sign some papers at the lawyer's office for our home refinance. And I need to be there by 11 am.

"Ok honey, will do."

Cause that'll be just easy peasy.
My kids are in their undies/diapers. My hair is a wreck. My house is a wreck. 
I don't have time to do anything.

10:31am Get the big kids loaded up in the van. In their undies/diapers. No shoes. 
10:35am Head back upstairs and throw on some jeans and a t-shirt and pull my hair back into a pony. 10:36 am Head back downstairs.
10:37am Oops, I forgot to grab the baby. Yeah, you know, your OTHER CHILD.
10:38am Grab the baby, put her in car seat, head downstairs.
10:39am Pull out of driveway.
11:03am Arrive at lawyer's office, sign papers. His secretary generously watches my kids.
11:08am Leave office. Decide that the only thing that can make this day better is...
a DIET COKE. From McDonalds.
11:20am Arrive at the McDonalds at our exit. Wait in line forever.
11:30am FINALLY get to order:

"I'd like a large diet coke, please."

"I'm sorry, we're out of Diet Coke. Can I get you something else?"



Thankfully, by God's grace, they did have Diet Dr. Pepper, and I politely apologized for my incessant screaming and agreed to have a Diet DP instead. 

11:50am - 12:30 pm
Arrive at home. Fix kids lunch. Drink my Diet DP after nursing Emma Kate again.

And now, at 2:12 pm, they've all 3 been asleep for a good hour,
and I'm guessing the big kids will sleep at least 2 more.
They need it.

 I'm thankful for naptime today. More thankful than usual.
I needed it, but my kids needed it even more. Being tired just makes for cranky ol' kiddos.
And a real cranky ol' mama.

Hope I didn't sound too much like a Debbie Downer here.
Just giving you the scoop on our day.
Sometimes we gotta blog about our bad days, ya know?
Cause life ain't always full of home improvement projects, crafties, fun recipes and great photographs.
Sometimes it's about poopy diapers and syrup-soaked couch cushions and whiny children.
Sometimes it's about mommies who get ill when they don't have their Diet Cokes.
Hope I didn't rain on your parade by writing all this.
And if you made it to the end of this post, well done, my friends.

Now I'm going to lay down!

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Krista said...

Hope your day gets better and they took a nice long nap for ya!

Kristy said...

Love you. Love this. Love the way you keep it real. :)

Jamie Grizzle said...

I swear they must put some kind of subliminal messages in the Toy Story movies to make kids NEED to watch them over and over again. I just read that part aloud to Ben so he could see that Asher is not the only kid that throws fits over that movie. We have been fighting the same battle non-stop for the past 3 days.

Lindsey Kenwright said...

Don't you remember when my life was exactly like this? It goes by fast & it is sooooo much easier now! Enjoy it because before you know it they will be pretty much doing everything by themselves! I miss mine being 3,2 & newborn, but it is a lot of fun now that we all have so much fun together as a family.

The Penter Family said...

I totally get this! My life is much the same. Hard days sometimes...but thankful for them!

Anna Sue Moss said...

Love you friend!!! And I love your honesty! You are a great momma. I will bring you a diet coke soon.

Kayla said...

Loved it!! Don't know how you do everything you do:) Emma Kate is precious!!

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