Saturday, April 7, 2012

Getting ready! Yesterday and today.

The days are passing quickly!
My little guy went with me to BuyBuy Baby yesterday while sister was at school; I had a gift card and some coupons (thanks, Leslie!) and decided to do another diaper stock up.
Speaking of diapers, my sweet friends hosted a diaper and wipes shower for me at Cheesecake Factory on Tuesday night of this week - SO thankful and blessed to have the best friends in the world. 
I really don't know what I'd do without girls like that in my life. They are so authentic and real and selfless and hilarious and they just make me a better person, really. I love all of them.
So now I have at least a few packs/boxes of diapers in just about all sizes! What a relief!

Anyway, this little ham accompanied me on my last minute errands on Thursday.
We were going to try to make it to Kindermusik too but the rain started around that time and I decided at the last minute to pick Mary Ella up early from school and just head home for rainy day naps.

Why does rainy weather make kids so wild? Or is it just my kids?
When we got home and ate lunch, they were maniacs afterwards.
So I put on Toy Story to settle them down a bit.
Sam has become a little bit obsessed with this movie. He will sit through the entire movie without moving a muscle. He can say "Woody," "Buzz" and "Jessie" (even though Jessie is not in the first movie) and he will roar like the dinosaur and say "and BeYOND!" like Buzz. Little boys are so funny.

After they finally both fell asleep around 2pm, I caught up on some stuff around the house then I slept for about an hour. And believe it or not, at 6pm I ended up WAKING my kids up because they were still sleeping. Gotta love rainy day naps. We were supposed to go to my nephews' baseball games, but they both ended up getting cancelled, so we decided to go walk around WalMart and Target. Easy way to pass the time. Did you know Walmart and Target are gold mines for Toy Story stuff?
Sam was in Toy Story heaven.

Until it was time to pry him away from it all. Then he had major meltdowns. And they are MAJOR these days, let me tell you. But I'm sorry, Sambo, one day you will realize that your mama is a thrifter and that I will not pay retail price for any toy. ($39.99 for a talking Woody is absolutely ridiculous.)

Here are few things I worked on during nap time...

This is a 5x7 inch card that will go in the hospital bassinet to display her name. 
We had one for Mary Ella so I thought it'd be cute to make one for Emma Kate too.
(Just card stock and some stickers from Hobby Lobby.)

Found these headbands at Buy Buy Baby. I love the knit material on the actual band. 
Most stuff I see is lacy or looks itchy; these look comfortable, and I'm all about comfort on a newborn.

These canvases and a combination of all these ribbons will go on her hospital door wreath that Sara made. Mom is going to do the bow because I do not do bows. We'll put her name on the aqua canvas and then fill in the one below it with her stats soon after she's born. 
(I copied the birdie canvas from one I saw on Pinterest.)

Mary Ella loves putting on her Dad's shoes.
Last night she tried out some of his socks. Nice.

 When we got home from our Target/Walmart runs, they were wild again (hello, they napped until 6pm!)
so I just let them stay up; we had nowhere in particular to be today so we all stayed up past 11pm. Here they are in the playroom still going strong.

Fortunately, we all slept until after 10:30 this morning! The rest was much needed!
Here is Sambo after wasting half his lunch. 
Thank you Lucy, our resident floor cleaner-upper. So nice to have a dog when you have toddlers! 

Tonight we ate some Mama G's for supper; Mary Ella and Sam both devoured my nachos, which I never thought they'd like because of the hot cheese. Nothing like Mama G's. Love it.
And love that pose. She is so crazy.

After dinner we went to Star Lake. 
It was Sam's first time to walk there and he LOVED it.
Pointed to every duck and said "Wha dat??" 
And I'd say "duck" and he'd say "QUACK QUACK QUACK!" and then point to the next one.

We fed the duckies some cheerios and even saw some turtles.

Then we drove around for a while before meeting my brother Adam (Uncle Buzz) and my SIL Ashley at Yogurt Mountain for dessert! And Chad met us there and surprised the kiddos. (He was gone last night and all day today.) It was fun getting to hang out with Uncle Buzz and Aunt Ashley while they are enjoying a getaway here in town. They were happy to get one last look at my HUGE belly, too, I'm sure.

Now we're ready to enjoy our last weekend as a family of four!
Our countdown chain is getting shorter and shorter!

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