Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Emma Kate is 1 Week Old

My sweet baby girl turned one week old today.
She is as precious as precious can be. 
She has captured our hearts, for sure.
I am so amazed at how the Father increases our capacity to love... just when you think,
"How can I possibly love another child as much as I love my first two?"
He makes it possible... and makes it so easy and natural.

And from the moment you lay eyes on this tiny human that has been wiggling around inside of you for the past 10 months, you are in love. It is instant and it is indefinite and it is truly a gift from God, 
this ability to love someone so much. What a precious gift.

My precious Emma Kate, I cannot believe you are a week old already!
You are still a newborn, but we think you will be a pretty laid back baby.

You are already an excellent eater. You are nursing every 2-3 hours if I had to guess, 
although with you I have chosen not to look at the clock this time.
I have a feeling it will be impossible to be on any type of semi-schedule since you have older siblings,
so I'm letting you eat whenever you want - how's that? Seems to be working for you so far.
I do pay attention to the clock at night, and so far you are giving me 4-hour stretches of sleep,
which is way more than any new mommy could ask for or hope for. 

This past weekend wee stayed up late together watching new shows that Mommy has discovered, such as "Moonshiners" and "Duck Dynasty," and "My Strange Addiction."
You know, good wholesome television. Where people make illegal liquor and kill beavers and drink fingernail polish. My, my, little one, I fear you growing up in this crazy world. :)
We've also caught up with the Kardashians and have enjoyed Hoda and Kathy Lee on the Today Show,
although now that your brother and sister are back in town we may have to DVR it and watch it while you're getting your middle-of-the-night snacks.

(Mommy doesn't usually have much time for TV so it's been fun discovering some new shows while your big brother and sister have been away.)
One night this week your Daddy was watching "War of the Worlds' which was loud and very action filled, and you laid on Daddy's chest and, with eyes open wide, watched the entire movie with him.
You are sleeping sound most of the day.
When you do wake up, you really wake up. You are wide eyed and alert and you look around a lot.
You seem to fixate on our ceiling fans, just like your brother and sister used to do.
After you've eaten you go into a half-asleep state, and if I talk to you, you make the funniest faces. 

You get a horrible case of the hiccups if you are laid flat on your back, for some reason.
They go away if we hold you on your stomach and let you suck your paci.
You seem to love the paci, by the way, and have even managed to find your thumb a couple times, 
so I'm curious to know which you'll end up choosing as your #1 soother.

You seem to love the Moby wrap so far; I put you in it in the mornings after your first feeding and let you snuggle close to Mama while I drink my coffee and do my morning stuff.

Emma Kate, you are already such a blessing to our family,
and the Lord truly knew what He was doing when He created you just for us.
We are so thankful for your life and we already can't imagine life without you.
Happy One Week, baby girl.
blessed signature


Krista said...

She is precious! Love all the faces she makes!

Ashley B said...

Love Newborns! I am so glad she is here. Welcome to the world of a family of 5, really not much different than 4 :)

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