Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

Happy Easter!
Hope everyone has had a great weekend celebrating our risen Savior. 
What a gift we have in Him.
We sang "In Christ Alone," my all time favorite song, at church this morning. 
My favorite lyrics:

"No power of hell, no scheme of man
Can ever pluck me from His hand
Til He returns or calls me home,
Here in the power of Christ I'll stand."
Thank you Father, for the gift of your son and for the miracle of His resurrection so that we, too, do not have to be slave to sin and can conquer death! What a powerful story you have given us to celebrate this Easter Sunday! I pray all of you were blessed by our Lord today.

We've enjoyed our last weekend as a family of four so far, and managed to do a little egg dyeing and decorating yesterday for Mary Ella's sake. Poor thing, we've yet to go to one single egg hunt and I didn't even take them to the mall to see the bunny this year. Hopefully she won't hold it against me. I know Sam won't; but I would've loved to have the photo of his meltdown in the Easter bunny's arms.
Oh well, there's always next year!

I let Mary Ella paint my belly like an Easter egg yesterday.
I've done this with all 3 pregnancies; the first time, my cousins Annsley and Ann Marie did it, and then I think Charlie helped out with Sam's belly egg. Such a fun way to remember how big I was when I was preggo. (Keep in mind, my first 2 babies were born in June and July, so Emma Kate's egg is extra large.)

Mary Ella (2008)

Sam  (2010)

Emma Kate (2012) 39 weeks!

And even though we didn't pay him a visit, we were fortunate enough to have the Easter bunny visit us last night... even little sister got a few things.

The kids didn't have much time to look through their baskets because our church service was scheduled earlier than usual today, but they seemed pleased with the loot.

Glasses, his favorite.

And a Mr. Potato Head! Yay for fine motor skills :)

Here's a family picture from church this morning (thanks Wendy)
Notice the HUGE belly.
Chad said "Well at least you had on that geometric print; it's kinda disguised."
Ummm is that a compliment? Or a "thank God it's disguised?" Still not sure.

And here is Wendy and her beautiful family.
I told her I was going to take her picture with Chad and my kids then photo shop my head onto her body. That way I'd be skinny and I'd at least match my family. 

Sweet Tatum. (a.k.a. future nanny for the Morgan children)

Too bad she has zero personality.

Here are all 5 of our kids. Sambo is running away of course.

 the pretty girls

Mary Ella and Tyler, her partner in crime.
(I have a feeling he will be Sam's partner in crime soon enough. Our boys are WILD.)

It's been a beautiful day so far and we ate lunch at Cocina Superior after being told at Brio that we could get in to eat around 2:45 this afternoon! Um, no thanks!

 My kids will never complain about eating tacos and cheese dip though.

And we discovered that apparently Sam will never complain about eating pico de gallo.
Watch here as my 22-month-old SHOVELS (literally) some pico into his mouth. 
Guess you just never know what they're gonna love.

We are headed to MeMama and Grandaddy's this afternoon for some more egg dyeing and hunting with our cousins Brooks and Case. I'll post pictures tonight.

Happy Easter, everyone.

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Ramona said...

Our three children are 31, 29, and 26, and they still get a basket of goodies for Easter!
Best wishes for a happy and healthy baby girl!
Love your blog!

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