Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend at the Compound

We went to Florence for the weekend; this was my last full weekend up there before baby comes. :(
So we tried to have nonstop fun. And we did.
Friday night when we arrived, Chad dropped me off downtown with the girls - Mom, my 2 aunts, SIL Ashley and cousins Katie and Ann Marie. We ate at Ricatoni's - amen - then Chad and my brother joined Ashley and I for the 10:15pm showing of The Hunger Games. LOVED the movie! I've still only read the first book so now I need to read the last two.
On Saturday my mom, sister and aunt Amanda took the kids downtown; we ate at Trowbridges. Mary Ella sat at the counter and kept ordering and ordering whatever she wanted. As in, a milkshake one minute, a scoop of chocolate and a scoop of strawberry ice cream the next, then a grilled cheese, then "Can I have some of them chips please?" and so my bill was $34. Thank you firstborn.
Then we went over to the fountain at UNA and let the kids run around and see the lions.

We took some pictures with our phones so enjoy these...
It was such a joy to see Sam WALKING EVERYWHERE! He loved the fountain!
Kept saying "wah-wuh!!!" and "a BAAATHHH!" and tried to stick his face in several times.

Mary Ella didn't feel the need to work off her lunch like we did so she chose to ride her Dora four wheeler, or "four-liter" as she calls it. She's way too big for it now and it goes about 0.1 mph by the time her 37.5-pound self sits on it, but she acts like it's the fastest ride ever. You go girl.

I loved being with my niece all weekend! Gracie is so smiley and sweet and hardly ever fusses unless you walk by her with a bottle of milk or some baby food; she loves to eat! So fun to watch her crawl now and discover new things. She seemed to love Sambo and he had fun helping her fetch her paci and put it back in her mouth whenever she dropped it.

When we got back to the compound I whipped out the ol' DSLR camera. 
Oh, you didn't know I had a real camera? You thought I had just a camera phone? 
I don't know why you'd EVER think that. :)
Seriously, it probably had 8 layers of dust on it but I was determined to get some pictures.
March is my all time favorite time of year at the Compound. Weather is perfect. Grass is unbelievably GREEN! (Seriously! No editing here! The grass is really this green.) Everything just looks beautiful.

The clouds started rolling in mid afternoon and we knew we were in for a good rainstorm so we took the party inside. The kids played for a while then Sambo napped.

That night the whole gang joined us at my parents' house for dinner; we ate the Verde Chicken Mexican Lasagna from Pinterest - if you haven't tried it you've GOTTA make it soon. It is SO good.

My sisters and I ventured to Target, too, where we found our newest luxury wardrobe item:
You remember gauchos, right? They were in a few years back, in the cropped/capri form. 

Except 'they were in a few years back,' for me, means I will still wear them every day. Of course.
Elastic waist, wide leg, thin stretchy material - what's not to love?
Well, now they make a PANT.
Ok, ok, they are in the pajama section. So technically they are not everyday clothes.
Unless you are ME. Or one of my sisters. 
Because we don't judge based on where you're hanging in a store, Gaucho. Oh no we don't. 
My sister wore hers to church Sunday with a belted top and some wedges and you better believe she looked like something straight off the runway. 
So please go and get you some gaucho pants. They are only $14.99. Seriously.

I also found a cute robe at TJ Maxx. My grandmother bought me a Ralph Lauren robe 4 years ago that I've loved and worn the heck out of so I needed a new one. And I wanted something close to terry cloth; but do you know how hard it is to find a true terry cloth robe these days? You can't find them.
I settled on this thinner version (I wanted thick, bath towel material) and mom covered up the RL logo with an applique of my initials. Cause she's awesome like that.
So if you see me around town rockin my robe with my gaucho pants, try not be jealous.
 On Sunday after church I took some pictures with my for real camera AGAIN!
I know! Two days in a row! I'm on a roll.

These next 2 are my favorites; they found a ladybug on Sambo's arm.

 Before we left last night, we let the kids outside to roam. Again, so fun seeing Sambo walk around the Compound for the first time. He was loving the freedom and I'm so glad I caught it on camera! The kids got some golfing lessons from Poppa and a ride or two on the John Deere lawnmower too. Fun times!

This might be my favorite picture of Sam. Hilarious.

And don't worry, this handsome fella had some fun too. He and my Dad and brother fished all day Saturday and then again Sunday afternoon. I think he's pretty proud of his fish.

Can't believe I have finished this post and it's just Monday morning!
More to come on last week's 'spring break' and a recipe too.
Hope everyone has a great week!
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Ashley said...

THose pictures ROCK!
YOu are so good. I enjoyed the weekend with you. Especially, our chats in the smooth ridin' focus. OH and don't forget about the Mexican men that blew us kisses. We are just do desirable. ha!
Love you!

jessica said...

You are so talented, first of all! Love all the pictures of the compound property. I am officially inviting myself over for a visit next time! My favorite pic is the one of your two nuggets on the swing where Sam has his little hand on Mary Ella. Precious.

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