Tuesday, March 6, 2012

This week...

First of all I want to begin this post by asking for your prayers for a special family. Holly Beth Harris and her husband Blake lost their baby boy yesterday, the week of his due date. My heart is so heavy for them and I can't stop thinking about the shock and grief and sadness they are experiencing. I know this family from my summer internship with Mayfair Church of Christ in Huntsville; Holly's sister Mindy and I were interns together and their family is one of the greatest families I have ever met. I am thankful that Holly and Blake have such a wonderful support system and I beg for your prayers on their behalf... that they will feel God's arms wrap around them and they will somehow experience the peace that only He can give... I cannot imagine. Please lift them up in prayer.

Secondly, I want to just thank all of you for your prayers and sweet words regarding my posts in the last few weeks about sweet Emma Kate. I am so happy to know people are praying for her and for our family. I can't help but be even more thankful in the light of the news I have just shared. We truly cannot take one day for granted and I am trying to just savor every kick and nudge that this little girl is giving me from the inside, knowing that life is fragile and precious and that she only has life because of the One who gives it. Thank you, Lord, for this gift!
I received my c-section date today and I will hopefully meet my baby girl 5 weeks from today on April 10th. I requested a morning time slot and they have scheduled me for 7:15 am. Hard to believe I could be holding my baby girl before Mickey Mouse Clubhouse comes on in the morning! :)  That's how I explained the time to Mary Ella - ha! I am glad we have a date now and I can count down the days.
Please continue to pray for us, specifically for the pregnancy and for Emma Kate's continued health and well being, for me to be able to take it easy as much as possible and for little Sam to become a 100%-of-the-time walker VERY soon! He is so, so close! I will update on him soon, but we are up to about 10 steps at a time, sometimes even more depending on where he's going and what he's after.  :) 

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