Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Things to Do.

Since Mom was brave enough to take my kids for the rest of her spring break, I definitely need to use this time to get some stuff checked off the big ol' To Do list. 
The nesting syndrome hits me the hardest 2 weeks before baby is born; 
I guess that's when you realize, "Oh crap I'm getting another human and don't have ____." 
Yes, that's me. 
There are things to do around the house as well as things I need to pick up from the store. 
And I'm gonna blog it alllll here because that's what I do; I like to remember. 
This isn't everything but here are some priorities:

1. Baby Equipment. There are several baby items that I don't have anymore because my first 2 kids wore them out. For instance, an infant bathtub. A high chair. An activity mat  (one of those mats for the floor that the baby lays on and looks up at the hanging toys.) Now, these are obviously not things I will buy; luckily my friends and family have most of these things on hand and I'm gonna be a borrower (well, maybe not for the highchair since I'll need that for a longer period of time, but you won't see me paying full price for one, that's for sure!) At least I won't need the highchair for a good while.

2. Baby Bottles. I've got exactly 4 bottles. My friend gave me a Target gift card a few weeks back and I bought a 4-pack of pink Tommee Tippees. I love those things. And my other favorites are the Parents Choice WalMart bottles so I can pick some of those up soon if I feel the need. I'll be nursing anyway so those aren't a huge necessity right off the bat.

3. Diapers/Wipes. My sweet friends are giving me a diapers/wipes shower next week. Much needed! I have zero diapers at this point. I also need to figure out how I'm going to organize them/keep them in the nursery. Still don't have a plan for that yet, and when I post pictures you'll see what I'm talking about. Gotta find my wipes warmer too. It's somewhere around here.

4. The (First) Great Toy Extermination of 2012 is today. That's my number one to-do item while I'm waiting on Chad to get home before we go to Atlanta. I will be purging the kids rooms and playrooms of anything not played with anymore as well as anything with missing pieces/parts or any sort of McDonalds happy meal toy. BuhBye.

5. The Sippy Cup/Bottle/Kids Plates&Bowls Drawer is out of hand. I need to organize it pronto, and get rid of all the cups with no lids, etc.

6. Set up Pack n Play and bassinet. 

7. Get batteries for the baby swing. (After finding the baby swing in the jungle known as our garage and dusting it off, cloroxing and washing the cushion.)

8. Small things needed for baby: rubbing alcohol and cotton balls for her belly button (I'm assuming that's still the method of treatment? Let me know if they've changed the rules!), baby medicines, travel diaper trash bags, bottles, sleeping wedge (I have one, just need to find it.).

9. Fix the van seats to accomodate the baby's car seat. I swear I am gonna forget her car seat if I don't do this soon and get used to the new arrangement! Right now the kids are in the captain seats. We have a middle seat too but I don't think my car will fit 3-across the middle seat, so someone is gonna have to sit in the back. I'm thinking it's gonna be Sambo because Mary Ella will be able to help put EK's paci back in, etc, when we're driving. The good thing about the van is that we can actually slide one of our captain chairs to the middle so that Mary Ella and baby can be right beside each other and I can have easy access to the third row/Sambo's seat. I need to do this soon.

10. Make a Sam's Club run and stock up on necessities. Drinks, juice boxes, easy lunches for the kids, snacks, cereal, etc.

11. Convince Chad that since I'm saving so much money by shopping at Aldi, I can afford to hire a cleaning lady. 

That last one might be a little difficult.

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Anonymous said...

I have a nice high hair that you can have so let me know if you want it. In also have a baby gift for you from my family. I can't get you on
Your phone!!! Lindsey

Melissa said...

they say no alcohol anymore on the belly least that is what they told me when Claire was born. I was suprised., I recently cleaned out ours. Ridiculous. Seriously. I threw out a lot of things. Of course, this must be done when kids aren't around or they say, "Not my huge lion stuffed can't give it to kids that don't have any's the only big lion I have..." *eye roll* Have I mention how much I hate stuffed animals? Seriously...they multiply. Why does family think that's the best thing to buy my girls? 2 huge stuffed animals? Like life elephant as tall as me for Addie and a puppy the same size for Claire. Thank you Dad. This is exactly what my kids need for Christmas.
All of it is gone. I feel refreshed by it, too.

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