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I feel like spring has finally arrived and there is no going back; at least I hope not. I also hope that summer does not decide to invade Spring's rightful territory. I do not mind these 70 degree days we've been having, but today it is 84 degrees, and well, it's MARCH. Looks like we are in for a hot summer. Has anyone else noticed how our mild winter didn't seem to kill off ANY of the bugs? We've been swarmed with gnats already, something I'm not used to seeing until May or June, and they say the ticks and fleas didn't die off either, which is not something I'm looking forward to dealing with in the months to come. But I guess at least the cold days are gone, not that there were many to begin with. The trees in the woods behind our house are already blossoming and we've had several blue birds and even a couple hummingbirds this past week. Crazy Alabama weather.

We had a good week and I hope you did too. The kids were able to play outside almost every day. We broke out the ol' water table and the pool toys in the afternoons and they wore themselves out. Sambo is hopefully on the last leg of this nasty cold he's had (and I probably haven't helped things by letting him be outside in cold water, oops) but I appreciate the prayers for him to get better! We made it to church this morning and I had not given him any medicine and I never even had to wipe his nose. He went to worship with me and then we left afterwards because I didn't want to put him in the nursery until this is gone completely. No reason to ruin some other kids spring break by giving them the snot germs. Mary Ella has managed to stay well although there were a few nights when she coughed all through the night. I think a lot of this might have to do with the pollen and being outside. Thankfully they've both felt fine which has been a blessing.

A few pictures from the week...

Sam singing with Annie on Little Einsteins...

Enjoying some fruit after being outside for a couple hours.

One night Mary Ella brought me a cup and told me she'd fixed herself some strawberry milk, and asked if I'd help her get the lid on her cup. I noticed right away that the lid and cup were mismatched, but when I opened the cup I realized she'd been slightly misinformed on how to make strawberry milk...

an entire cup full of strawberry syrup. 

She enjoys her brother so much and has been helping me a lot around here.

She has also been providing endless entertainment on the nights that her Daddy is out of town, which has become more and more common thanks to his schedule at work picking up.
One night I decided to take a bath and so I let the kids play in my room and when I came out, she was dressed in her daddy's Air Jordans and singing into my hairbrush/microphone. 
(If you knew me as a little girl, this would not surprise you.)
And I love how Sam is just watching in awe. Bless.

We went to Sonic one night while Chad was outta town. 
We all ate corn dogs and tater tots and drank cherry limeades. 

Sambo loves him some tay-tots, as he calls them.

And Target is always a great place to go when you need to waste time.
Speaking of a waste of time, check out these $4.99 "Crystals on a Stick that Glow When you Shake Them" toys. Seriously. This kind of stuff is just ridiculous. 
No we did NOT purchase anything of the sort.

Mary Ella did try on the t-ball helmet, glove and attempted to swing the bat. 
Let's just say she needs a couple more years before she gets into sports. :)

Mary Ella's teacher's birthday was this past week and so we sent her a little happy:
the ingredients to make cowboy cookies, packed tightly in a jar (from Target).
We added a fabric scrap and some string along with a cute label with baking instructions.

The idea is from Pinterest, via Bakerella, and you can find instructions here.
We used the Easter M&M's to make it more spring-ish.

Another day after playing outside (and a trip to Publix for milk and balloons.)

Saturday morning the kids woke up early so we let them play around outside and then ate breakfast at Chick Fil A. Then we came home and decorated our tree with some Easter eggs and they played in the kiddie pool for an hour or so before coming in for naps.

Mary Ella took her nap on the screened porch. I had the fans on full blast - isn't that the best kind of sleep?

And here's the two cheesers after church this morning.
Wishing you all a happy and blessed week!
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