Sunday, March 11, 2012

Busy week and weekend

We had a busy week and weekend. I'm thankful to have had last weekend to relax because this week seemed crazy. We celebrated my brother-in-law Jason's birthday last Sunday night with BBQ and all the fixins. The kids were able to get some cousin time in and Sam showed off some walking skills.

Sam had therapy on Monday and was actually in somewhat of a good mood, which is hard to come by during therapy because he's learned to seize any ounce of control that he knows he has; as in, we try to get him to stand, he acts like he's never stood in his life nor knows how. But Monday was a good day. We played outside, walked 6-8 steps at a time for Chantel, played with bubbles and balls and practiced walking in the grass a bit. Our next step is to practice walking on different textures; grass, concrete, over thresholds, that sort of thing, so we'll be working on that this week.

On Tuesday Mary Ella had "Purple Day" at school so she wore her only purple dress and sported the high ponytail. Love that her hair is long enough for the ponytail now; it has saved us a few tears on school mornings knowing I won't have to brush it all out. While the kids were at school I ate lunch with my 6-year-old nephew Brooks. I took him a Happy Meal and he didn't seem too embarassed to have his big pregnant aunt invade his lunch table. I don't think he'd act embarassed even if he was; he's just about the sweetest kid I've ever met. Polite, cares what others think, doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings or make anyone feel left out, and he's so smart too. He seemed a lot older than his first grade friends. Told me his entire schedule for a typical day at school, down to the minute (they eat lunch at 11:34 am.) He also invited me to the school's Book Fair which was going on in their library. Their class wasn't going until the next day so I wasn't going to be able to go with him, but I asked him if there was a specific book he wanted and he told me there was a Star Wars book that was $3.00. Then he said, "And I only have two dollars and sixty one cents in my wallet at home, IN CHANGE, so I'm gonna either have to ask my parents for money or try and lose another tooth between now and then. And I don't even have a loose tooth right now." Ha! I thought that was hilarious! And being the best-aunt-ever that I am, I gave him a few dollars so he could get his book. He told me 'thank you' about 50 times before I left him that day. He's just that kind of kid. Love him.
After school it was about 75 degrees outside so I let the kids play with the water table for a while and I read a book outside. Sam looovvveed the water table. Can't wait for summer!

Unfortunately Sam came down with a runny nose and cough on Wednesday morning so we stayed around the house for the most part on Wednesday and Thursday. This picture is gross. Just keeping it real. We give you the good and the bad here. Take it or leave it.

When I picked Mary Ella up from school on Thursday I also picked up my goodies from my bestie Wendy aka Queen of the Monogramming Machine. Ummm yeah, I might have gone a little overboard with the monogramming for little miss, considering this is probably only HALF of it. 
But hey, I already had all the clothes, and ya know, what the heck. 
I am pumped.

On Friday we played around the house and then that night Chad took me on a hot date. Well, you know, as hot as it can be when you're 9 months pregnant and pretty much willing to eat anyone or anything and are not embarrassed to have to be carted out of a restaurant because you are too full and bloated to walk.
Chad's parents kept our kiddos, and did you know my mother-in-law is a potter? Well, she is.
She has been taking a pottery class here in town and she is obviously super talented! Check out these pieces that she finished recently:
I don't know much about pottery but I think those are pretty amazing. I have already placed an order for anything that she is willing to make me!
Anyway, the Chadster and I went to P.F. Chang's for dinner thanks to a generous gift card we received for Christmas, and we ate everything on the menu including our waiter. Do you like P.F. Chang's? I LOVE it. I love it more when I have a gift card because we don't go unless we have one. But when we do go, we always order Kung Pau beef - and I would highly recommend that you order it the next time you are there. It is not on the menu so you must ask for it. It is divine. I'd also be interested in what your favorites are there, because we seem to always get the same things. (Chang's spicy chicken, lettuce wraps, sweet shrimp with melon, ginger chicken, orange peel chicken, dan-dan noodles... just to name a few things we've tried.) Here is a recap of our dinner...

And after dinner we drove up to St. Vincent's to meet this pretty little lady, Miss Allyson Grace! She was born Friday around lunch time! If you'll remember, a couple weeks ago I mentioned my friend Laura who recently lost her dad and was about to give birth. Well, this is sweet little Ally - all 6 pounds, 3 ounces of her. She has 2 older brothers so she will be the little princess in her house. Teeny tiny and perfect. 

And what's a good date night without a stop at Yogurt Mountain?  Can you guess which one is mine and which one is Chad's? And yes, this was our second dessert. Amen.

And finally, on Saturday we spent the first half of the day at the ballpark watching my nephews play baseball. I did not get any pictures, sorry, but one of these days I'll take my real camera like I always do and get some of them in action!
Saturday afternoon Mary Ella and I drove up to Huntsville for Addie Jane's princess birthday party.
Mary Ella wore her Belle dress and high heels and when we arrived and were walking up to the front door, she said, "Mom. I bet everyone will probably think I'm real." (As in, a real princess.) Bless. Love it. I told her I totally agreed and that she looked beautiful. She had a great time playing with the other girls and was amazed at the castle cake and loved helping AJ open her gifts (and also loved telling AJ what each of them were and what they were for.)

Sambo did not make the trip because his cough had gotten a little worse so he and Chad stayed behind. But Gracie was there and we had a blast watching her crawl!!! (At 6 months old, mind you.)

Poor baby - she busted a blood vessel in her eye earlier this week from coughing so hard; that is why her little eyeball is yellowish. Bless her!

I ended up stealing the birthday girl after the party and brought her back to Birmingham with me. 
I brought it up as we were leaving and as we were trying to think through the logistics and myself and her mom and my aunt Vicki were talking it over, I hear Mary Ella whisper to Addie Jane, 
"Come on Addie... let's just go get in the van! We're runnin' outta time!"
We all died laughing. 
But that's what ended up happening. We didn't even pack her a suitcase. No point, since they wear the same size. Just grabbed her a toothbrush and her pink boots and we were off!

On the way to Birmingham, the all too familiar skunk smell started floating through our car. 
I heard Addie Jane say, "Mary Ella, do you smell something?"
Mary Ella replied, "Yeah. I think we got skunked."
Never a dull moment with these two.

They played non-stop all day long today. And let me just say that these girlies can ROCK some high heels. I'm talking, all day long, running, walking, upstairs, downstairs, they never take them off. 

Baby boy still wasn't feeling well this morning, and I woke up with a sore throat myself, so we didn't make it to church. 

The girls were sweet enough to let him snuggle with them on the couch this morning after breakfast.

Whew! I'm exhausted.
Hope everyone had a good week and weekend.
By God's grace I've reached the 35 week point TODAY, and I am so thankful. I'll have an appointment on Wednesday so I'll update again then. Prayers appreciated for Sambo to feel better and for little sister's continued good health.
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