Saturday, March 3, 2012

A break.

I am taking a break this weekend. A much needed break.
Chad took the kids to Florence for the weekend for a visit with the compound crew. Kind of a win-win situation for us both; he gets to fish and I get to relax. And my mama gets to babysit :) Luckily she has plenty of willing helpers up there.
It's been a good weekend so far; this morning I helped host a sweet baby shower to celebrate my friend Courtney and precious baby Mason, who is due a month after Emma Kate. I was also able to see Wicked here in Birmingham with two of my aunts and my cousins.
But now my activities are finished and I'm home. My usual 'gotta-get-this-done' mentality has been overridden by my voice of reason, and so I've spent the weekend doing nothing. Sitting. Reading. Sleeping. Taking long baths. Enjoying the quiet. I will get back to the craziness of every day life soon enough, but for now, I am taking the opportunity to rest.

The only thing that could make this weekend better is if there were a delivery service for a McDonald's diet coke. Really - is there anything better than a fountain drink from the one and only McDonalds?
No. There is not.
Happy restful weekend to all.
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Ramona said...

I totally agree about the diet coke from McDonalds. I'm a senior, so I can purchase one for $0.63! Glad you're getting a well deserved break. Love your blog!

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