Friday, March 2, 2012

Baby Girl's Name

We had a list a mile long of girl names that we liked... some were family names, some were not, but all sweet and southern... Caroline, Emma, Claire, Kate, Sara, Lily, Ann... just to name a few. (Our boy names, just for the record and my memory, were Harrison and Henry. It was gonna be tough deciding between those two.)

But after going back and forth, switching it up, changing it twice, 
we have decided to name our sweet baby girl...

Yes, we will call her Emma Kate. 
I decided why not just add another double name to the family, right?  ;)

Our original favorite girl name was always Emma. It was my choice from the start. Then we changed her name to Kate. They were gonna be stand-alone names, each with different middle names. But we finally decided to just put the two together and call it a day. A very southern day.

I do not pick names based on their meaning, but I do enjoy looking up the meaning of names that I love,
and the meanings I found behind Emma and Kate are pretty neat and special...

Emma means "whole or complete" and one website even said "healer." And in Hebrew, Emma is considered a form of "Emmanuela" which is the female form of Emmanuel, meaning "God with us."

Kate means 'pure' and 'blessed.'

I think her names pretty much sum up the way I feel right now! Complete, blessed, whole. I love them all.

She will share a room with her sister, and speaking of her room, it is also 'complete!'
I won't show you everything yet, but here is a small peek of the area between their beds.

I'll be sharing more pictures soon so check back!

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Perkins Family said...

Love the name!

jessica said...

So sweet! love the meanings! can't wait to see the whole room!

A said...

LOVE Emma Kate! Can't wait to meet her soooon!

Melissa said...

Love the name. Very sweet.
Kate is our name if we have a girl next. Of course, I'm hoping that is still a couple years from now. We are very much fans of classic names.
Addie Ruth
Rebecca Claire

plus, Ruth and Rebecca are both Bible names. So we're thinking something like Katherine Rachel or something like that, call her Kate.

Of course, this is if we have more kiddos (most definitely are) and if it is a girl.

If it's a boy I have NO idea what we will do. I would be shocked and wouldn't know how to play with trucks, trains, balls, the works. All we have is baby dolls, princess attire, hair bows, frills, lace.

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