Wednesday, March 14, 2012

35 Weeks

I'm 35 weeks.
I am definitely feeling like I'm 35 weeks, too. Maybe even further along.
My belly is big. It can hold a cereal bowl with ease.
I am uncomfortable at various points during the day and night, but mostly at night. I toss and turn.
I've had several waves of nausea over the past week or so; can't decide if it's reflux that is causing it or if I'm just getting nauseated for no reason. Usually I am fine but occasionally I've had to take a Zofran for it.
I've begun feeling some twinges of pain and pressure down low, almost as if the baby has dropped. And I've never had a baby drop before, so I'm still not entirely sure what that feels like.
I've had a couple days where I've noticed my feet and ankles were swollen at the end of the day.
I have also begun having pretty heavy nosebleeds 2 and 3 times a day. I usually keep a somewhat stuffy nose while pregnant; and usually if I blow my nose there is always a little blood. But over the past 2 weeks I'll suddenly just have a downpour of blood out my nose and am always running for tissue. It's happened on the road, during the middle of the night, even at the grocery store - not fun. Apparently it is still fairly common and nothing can really be done for it. Just an inconvenience.
I have contractions after walking long distances and after picking up things like toys or trash or my 28-pound son; nothing painful, just BH contractions I guess. Who knows.
I've had a knot in the left side of my upper back, between my shoulder blades, for almost 3 weeks now.
It gives me fits on some days and I probably need to go have one of those prenatal massages and have it worked out; maybe I'll get around to that before delivery, who knows. 
I have no specific cravings that I can think of (well, a McDonalds diet coke is just a mere beverage; not a craving, right? Ha...) I'm still enjoying a daily apple-and-peanut-butter combo and am trying to drink a lot of water too to keep myself from swelling too much.

And my most pressing issue of the moment:
My black yoga pants are about a week away from being too small. 
All 17 pairs of them. 
Even the maternity ones.
So now what???

It's sad I depend on those pants so much. I know this.

Anywho, went for my checkup today and here's the skinny...

Well, before I give you the skinny, let me just say that I jinxed myself talking about how great it was to be able to go to the satellite office. Because today I was there for 2 hours. Granted, it's no fault of my doctor's; he works for a big OBGYN and is therefore not his own boss, and they have made him go from working one day EVERY week at the satellite to one day EVERY OTHER week, which means he has to squeeze in double the patients on the 2 days a month that he is actually there. So today, there were a million people in there. I, of course, had my kids with me, making it extra stressful; thank God they were not too restless and thank God I had suckers again. But anyway, we waited FOREVER. My appointment was at 8:45am and when I signed in, I was already the 22nd patient on the list. Ridiculous. I feel sorry for Dr. H, but he was super apologetic and said it is definitely about to change and go back to him being there once every week. I might as well go downtown for appointments. But enough complaining; not his fault.

Ok, the skinny...

Funny I wrote "the skinny" because skinny is something I am definitely NOT right now.
I've gained weight! Like 38 pounds - what the crap. I've never ever ever ever gained that much. Ever.
Hence the outgrowing of the yoga pants. Whatever.

Baby girl's heart rate was 150.

I'm measuring at 36 weeks. That's one week ahead.

I was supposed to be tested for Group B Strep today. But after the long wait in the waiting room and then another long wait in the actual exam room, I asked if we could wait until next time to do the test, and he agreed. I was just exhausted by that point.

I also asked if I could wait 2 weeks instead of one week to see him, since next week is the kids' spring break and I do not want to have to take them to these appointments. Especially now that I'll most likely be 'checked' at every visit. I can just hear Mary Ella talking about that and telling strangers... Oh Lordy...

So I'm going back in 2 weeks, sans kiddos, so I'll only have 2 more blog updates regarding the pregnancy and doctor's visits, and then hopefully she will be here! I will not complain if she decides to come early. But judging by my previous two pregnancies, my cervix knows nothing about dilating or thinning out, so if she comes according to Dr. H's plan, she'll be here 4 weeks from yesterday. 

In all seriousness, I really feel blessed to have reached this point and I'm actually feeling pretty darn good to be 35 weeks pregnant and have a 3 year old and a 21-month-old. And in spite of the discomforts and the pains and the nosebleeds and the ill-fitting pants, I know I am in a good place and I know there are people who would gladly trade places with me right now, so I am thankful. I really do thank God every time I feel her kick and move. I am also thankful for all the encouragement you've given me through e-mails, messages, comments, etc. It has made this pregnancy so much fun and I am feeling the love for sure!

Hope everyone has a great rest of the week.

blessed signature


A said...

I'm so not used to reading "she". Can't wait to meet this cutie! Has anyone set up a meal calendar for you, Haley? If not, let me know and I'd be happy to organize one! (um, you may want to email me, though-- I'm not sure I'll see a follow-up comment).

Kristin said...

Cute cute belly I emailed you one day last week just wondering if you got it. I didn't know if it went to spam again or not

jessica said...

You look gorgeous - Mom and I both think so. =) Can't wait for Baby Girl to be here! She and Baby H will have to be introduced for sure. Hang in there - not too much longer now! You have a great attitude. That will get you through the rest of the way just fine. Thanks for the update!

Perkins Family said...

You look so cute, definitely not looking 35 weeks!!! :)

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