Saturday, February 4, 2012

Weekend Fun

We've had a good weekend so far... 
On Friday we ate lunch with Vicki and Addie Jane then kissed Vicki goodbye and came back to our house. The girls played all afternoon, changed clothes about 12 times each, went from room to room with baby dolls and purses and strollers and finally crashed around 10pm last night (Friday).

They made their own pizzas (aka lunchables) for dinner.
Mary Ella thought this was the greatest thing ever. It's the little things, I guess.

They sat on stools and watched a Baby Einstein movie while we cleaned the kitchen.

They helped 'make' cinnamon rolls this morning for breakfast (and by 'make' I mean they pulled them out of the Pillsbury can, put them on the baking sheet, then spread icing on them when they were done baking.) And yes, they slept in their clothes from the day before.

We got dressed after breakfast and a couple hours of playing. I was going through Addie Jane's bag to see what outfit she could wear today and found a dress that Mary Ella happened to have too; so I let them be twins for the day. 

We went to the 12:30 showing of "Happy Feet 2" at the $1.50 theater in Hoover. 
They were excited about their popcorn combos and so was I; popcorn + Diet Coke = my kind of lunch.
(Daddy stayed home with Sam so he could nap.)

After the movie we met up with Sambo and Daddy at Veteran's Park. Man, today was the perfect day! Slightly humid, completely overcast, a light breeze. It was ideal weather for pictures; unfortunately I have completely neglected my SLR since Instagram came into my life. I am sorry if you follow me on Instagram and my pictures take up your entire feed. I am a little obsessed. I just love the way the pictures look... and the best part is no getting home, putting them on your computer, then editing. It's a one stop shop pretty much. Anyway, enjoy the pictures. I couldn't resist.

Pep talk with Dad about going down the slide.


His smiles just eat me up.

The ice cream truck came to the park and the girls were thrilled. I never carry cash but I happened to have 2 one-dollar bills in my wallet so I gave the girls each a dollar and we got in line. 
Ummmm can we say the ice cream truck has totally jacked up their prices? I mean, good grief! When I was little, you could get a Choco Taco, which was basically the luxury item, for $1.50. Imagine my surprise when there were only about 5 things out of 37 that we could choose from that were $1 each. 
The prices went all the way up to $3.75!!!! SERIOUSLY, people! That is ridiculous.
So the girls were stuck with their choices of about 5 popsicle items. They didn't complain, of course; they were just happy to have a treat. But I seriously almost said something.

(This picture is my FEBRUARY 4th PICTURE: category is "a stranger." I felt awkward asking someone if I could take a photo of them so I just snapped this one. The stranger never even knew. Thank you, girl in the red shirt, whose mother apparently had more than $1 since you have a Choco Taco in your hands.)

 Chad managed to scrape together $1 in change for Sambo and he gummed that Astro Pop down in about 0.4 seconds. 

After the park, we ate an early dinner at Chuy's then came home and took baths and pulled out the ol' couch bed for the second night of our weekend slumber party! Gotta get to bed so we can get to church on time tomorrow. Chad is leaving to go out of town in the morning so it'll be a miracle if we make it, but I'm gonna try.

And before I quit, here's my February 3rd picture; the category was "hands" and this is a picture of Mary Ella handing Sambo a french fry in the back seat. She probably found the french fry in the bottom of her car seat and it is probably 3 weeks old. Thank you and good night.

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