Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day Love.

Last night I gave the kids an early Valentine treat after bath time - character PJ's. 
(I'm not a 'character' person, obviously. But sometimes you just do what you know will make them the most excited. And it didn't hurt that they were $5 at the Walmart.) 
Sam just kept pointing to his legs and saying "Chooo chooo!!!!" 
Then he'd pretend to count them... which consists of him pointing to one at a time and going back and forth saying "two" and "eight." Ha! 

And yes, I cut Sam's hair. We're going for the 'bowl' cut. 
I want it to be longer and thicker and still in a the bowl shape like so many cute little boys I know; I just love this cut on little baby boys. So precious.
He is obviously super excited about his hair. 

This morning we ate breakfast then got ready to head to school.

I cut Mary Ella's toast and strawberries into heart shapes and for the first time ever she ate ALL of her breakfast. Maybe I should exercise my knife skills more often.

As for our Valentines...

Mary Ella and I started making her Valentines early last week, since I knew she was going to be out of town for a few days. We chose robots, of course, and the idea is from Pinterest, of course. They are mini candy bars wrapped in scrapbook paper and then we added arms, legs, and a robot head, complete with googly eyes and glittery robot shoes. (All supplies were from Hobby Lobby and Target.) And I am glad we got a head start, because these little robots took FOREVER to make. It was worth it of course, and I'm so glad I let her do most of the work because they truly look hand made and some of their faces are so funny because of where she placed the eyes and mouth. I just let her do her thing. 

Since Sam is in a class with much younger kiddos (I put him in a younger class at the beginning of the school year since he was a little behind and would get intimidated if other children crawled/walked around him), I knew that candy was probably out of the question and some of them are truly babies and do not even eat real food yet. But all babies, at some point, grow fond of bubbles, so when I saw these at Walmart I knew exactly what I was going to make. And they turned out pretty cute!

Here's a closeup...

The card opens up and here is what you find on the inside...

We baked some sweet treats for our teachers and packed them into red paper bags tied up with string.
The black hearts are cut out of chalkboard contact paper (which I found on Amazon) and then I wrote the teachers' names in chalk.

Here they are in the carpool line... (no, Sam did not go barefoot.)

We had Mary Ella's class party at school, complete with ice cream sundaes for a special treat.

I found the cutest little plastic ice cream bowls at WalMart for $1 each. They hold right at one large scoop of ice cream so we'll definitely be using these again for future parties.

And here are the monkeys after school. 
Had to give Sam a cookie so he'd cooperate.

I ended up breaking the cookie in half for them to eat because Mary Ella was asking for one too. 
I didn't want them to have too much sugar right before afternoon naptime. 

Wellllll... that little plan kinda backfired. 
The kids went to sleep and I decided I'd lay down on the couch for a 'few minutes' which turned into a longer nap, as usual. When I woke up, Mary Ella was already awake. I walked into the kitchen and noticed the EMPTY cookie container on the counter. Now, when we got home from school there were at LEAST 10 cookies left in the container. AT LEAST. And likely more than that. 
I immediately asked her where they were and she gave me her signature look of "Uhhhh...," knowing that she was in big time trouble. She admitted to eating them and was sent to her room.

So we went on about our afternoon; Sam woke up, I did some cleaning, and then Chad came home.
With donuts. Heart shaped donuts. Oh yes he did.

We ate dinner and then Mary Ella went through each Valentine she'd received at school and proudly showed off her V-day crafts to Daddy and Sambo.

She received loads of candy at school but we didn't let her eat any of it since she was in trouble for eating all the cookies. In fact, she didn't even get to sample a donut. 
But she really didn't seem to mind all that much.

Then we all exchanged small gifts... cards and little happies.
I bought Chad a new spring polo shirt and a Starbucks gift card and he totally broke the rules and bought me a nice gift, which we never do, for any occasion... this massaging seat topper from Brookstone. 
My back has been seriously hurting lately, so much that I was in tears one night this weekend. 
The combination of being pregnant and having no other choice but to pick up Sam throughout the day (to put him in the car, in the crib, carry him downstairs, put him in his highchair, etc) has really taken its toll! I guess Chad was tired of my complaining - ha! - so this was his gift to me. 
It made me feel so much better just sitting on it for a few minutes.
Now I need to go buy him something more substantial, I guess.  :)

Finally we put the kiddos to bed and just as we were getting into bed ourselves, we heard a panicked scream come from Mary Ella's room. Chad rushed in to find this:

Yep. That would be pink vomit. 
All. over. the. floor.

And it looks like a lot of it in the picture, but trust me, there was more to come.
All. night. long.

Luckily she's become a pro at aiming into the garbage can so she was able to manage with only a little bit of help from Mom and Dad. I slept on the couch and she slept in the recliner on top of a bunch of blankets and beach towels. 

And I think she's learned her lesson in regards to secret binges on sugar cookies.

And that, my friends, was how we spent our Valentines day! :)

And finally, to avoid ending with vomit talk, I'll post this old video. This is Mary Ella at Sam's age a couple years ago. Chad brought her a bag of Valentine goodies and we were letting her open them. It's hilarious because she keeps saying, "Oh goodness" every time she takes something new out of the bag. 
It still makes me laugh.

blessed signature


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