Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Funnies. And other stuff.

Last night I was printing off letters for the parents of Mary Ella's classmates, so they'd know what to bring for the Valentines Day party. Mary Ella was helping me by standing at the printer, and when a page would print, she'd take it and put it in the stack. Well, when I'd finished with my stuff, I decided I'd go to Disney.com and print her a coloring sheet. I printed a treasure chest from the pirate show, and when it started coming out of the printer she goes, "WOAH! MOM! YOU'LL NEVER BELIEVE WHAT'S HAPPENING! IT'S A TREASURE CHEST! FOR ME TO COLOR!!!" I guess she'd never paid attention to me printing things before so she thought the printer was just doing it on its own. So then I printed a rocket coloring sheet; same reaction. "MOM!!! LOOOOOK!!! LOOK WHAT IT'S GIVING ME NOWWWW! A ROCKET!!!" I wish so badly I'd had my video camera to capture her eyeballs and the look on her face. Next I printed a Mickey one and then a special agent Oso, and of course, same reactions for both, and with the last one she added, "This thing must think I'm realllllly special." Ha! It was hilarious. I was dying. She had no idea I was doing it and thought the printer just knew what she'd like. Anyway, it made me laugh so I thought I'd share.

And here's another funny... and I share this not to make fun, but to make the point that you can always learn something new while in the waiting room at the doctor's office just by listening to other peoples' conversations. Now, I don't intentionally try to hone in on what others are talking about, but sometimes there are people there who must want everyone to hear everything they say. Well, there was a group of 7 adults in the ultrasound waiting room yesterday (all there to see the same baby and find out the gender), and they were, um, extremely loud and if I had to guess had probably never been in a waiting room before. I couldn't tell which one of them was pregnant and was trying to figure it out the entire time I was listening to them talk about various things. Here are a few quotes I heard...

"Diddy, did you git the dawgs put up? I saw 'em runnin next to the fence when I was leavin."

"Yall have GOT to help me git another owner for Kit. I mean, number A: she's takin up way too much pasture space. And number B: she's psycho."

(At this point I may or may not have started writing all this down in my Notes app in my phone.)

"Yall will never believe my dream last nite. I dreamed I had shot 2 squirrels and yall it was so detailed. Like, I shot em and then I cleaned em real good and then I soaked em in a little bit of salt water and some of the blood like Mama used to do. Then I rubbed em down real good with Lipton Onion soup mix and made squirrel dumplins. And yall, I have NEVER made squirrel dumplins, I dont know why I dreamed that. Mama used to make em all the time when we were little. They look like itty bitty chicken wings."

"I know some people say they aint never gonna eat game meat, but let me tell you, the secret to any kind of game meat is Lipton Onion soup mix and a little garlic powder. I swear I've had people over that have said, I will NEVER eat deer meat, and then I tell em to come over and eat some chicken with me, and I mighta cooked deer, squirrel, rabbit, anything, and I guarantee you they will eat it up like it came straight outta the KFC bucket."

About that time, a young pregnant girl and her other half walk in to the waiting room and the ENTIRE GROUP OF 7 starts yelling at the receptionist, "SHE'S HERE! SHE'S HERE! CAN WE GO BACK NOW???" They had been there for 30 minutes before the patient was even there. Just sittin there waiting.

It was the most random and awkward situation ever.  There was an elderly woman beside me who was waiting to get her mammogram, and I wish you could have seen her face while they were talking about the squirrel. If she had a blog I'm sure she'd be writing about it right now too.

So anyway, back to life...

I was able to eat lunch today with Sara and sweeeeet baby Charlotte, who just absolutely adores me, I have to say. She was all smiles during our lunch. Sara and I are working the Giggles & Grace consignment sale next week in hopes of finding some steals during the shop early time next Thursday night. Although I should have everything I need for my third baby, there are few things on my list that I'll be hunting for, only if the price is right, of course. You know me and my thrifty self. Here's a few things I want to get:

  • a video monitor (more for my older kids than the baby)
  • a Moby wrap (I figure with 2 bigger munchkins I may need my hands to be freed up at some point)
  • some Aiden & Anais swaddling blankets (can never have too many, right?)
  • a high chair (ours was a $29 Walmart high chair and after 2 kids was DONE.)
  • a nursing cover
  • pj's and play clothes for the big kids
  • shoes, namely Crocs and Keens, for the big kids
  • smocked swimsuits for Sambo
Anything else you can think of? Maybe something new that's come out in the last couple years that I'm missing or won't be able to live without? And all of you with Moby wraps, are there any specific types or are they all the same? 
(Thanks Sara for convincing me to make a list. I'm sure this one will grow as I think of more stuff.)

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Amy said...

I did this exact thing at Ryan's one night (not my idea to eat there btw). UNBELIEVABLE! love it.

Julie Greenhaw said...

I found a nursing cover for 6.99 at TJ Max a few weeks ago. You might want to look there.

The Jordans said...

i love my moby wrap best thing ever...remember thats what we had jack in when we went to the zoo ?? my life saver with him you can even nurse with that thing on...hands free haha

The Jordans said...

i love my moby wrap best thing ever...remember thats what we had jack in when we went to the zoo ?? my life saver with him you can even nurse with that thing on...hands free haha

Jamie Grizzle said...

That made me laugh out loud! Funny stuff. That Mary Ella knows how to make for a good story - sweet girl!

Brown Paper and Strings said...

Great post! I have a k-tan sling/carrier, if you are interested in it. I loved it. I may have a nursing cover too. I don't need either any more. Let me check on the cover (my sister may have it). If you are interested in either, email me.

The Penter Family said...

HILARIOUS! And definitley get that Moby Wrap. It kicks a sling's butt! I can bend over, do cartwheeels, or whatever and baby doesn't move! She is sooo tight in there! We both love it.

Anonymous said...

I am selling my mobi wrap in a consignment sale at the end of the month if ur interested...


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